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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Miracle Cure......

What if there was a miracle cure, that if you took it each day would give you a less chance of getting breast cancer, and less chance of getting heart disease, and a less chance of diabetes, and could ward off osteoporosis and hypertension?

And not only that,  it would help you live longer and be a whole lot healthier into your old age.

And there are no bad side affects at all! Only good ones - better skin, a greater alertness, a general sense of well being.

Plus, it helps you lose weight!

Bring it on!

How much would you pay for it?

And here's the thing - this cure is available, right now.

And it's free.

Any pretty anyone can get it.

The miracle cure?


That's it. That's all.

No drugs. Just walking.

 Here's the simple deal -

Walk for a total of 7 hours a week.

(That's an hour a day. That's all.)

At a decent pace (about 6.5km or 4 miles per hour.)

(Please note, that this pace is not hard, at all. Even at 125kg heavy, I could manage this pace.)
So if you want to do something simple, JUST WALK.

It's that simple.

Get a friend or an iPod, and walk, an hour a day.

Stroller if you have little kids.

If you are going to tell me you can't find an hour a day - you can, I promise.For me, I just schedule it in, around school pick ups and drop offs and pick ups, around early mornings or early kid bedtimes. Just find an hour. Get up early?

Most days, I just walk.

And if you are feeling crappy, about anything, anything at all, in your world, in your heart, or in your mind, walking fixes that too.

Feeling sad? Lost? Insecure? Pride taken a beating? Feeling lonely or left out? Overlooked or taken for granted?

I promise, walking can fix those awful feelings.

Just walk.

Walking truly is a miracle cure. I am glad I do it.

If you know any other such simple miracle cures, let me know?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Who knew downsizing could mean upsizing?

Hi everyone, Allison from Life In a Pink Fibro here. Lucy has graciously invited me over to visit, and I'm thrilled to leave my own four walls and swing by for a guest post...

One thing you don’t expect when you move to a country town is that you’re going to exercise less. Fresh air, check. Wide open spaces, check. Quieter roads for cycling, check. Beach up the road, check. It’s all here and I’m not using it. In my defense, it is winter – beach action tends to ramp up around the end of October. But the rest of it?

I have only one explanation. The pram. I never thought I’d say this. I can’t imagine any mum in the world imagining the day would come when she’d say this. But. I miss the pram.

When Mr6 was born, we lived in an inner-city Sydney suburb where it was too painful to drive. If you moved the car, you’d never get another car park. If you drove the car elsewhere, you’d never find a car park when you got there anyway. So if my destination was within, say, a 45-minute walk, then I’d walk. I’d time it with a sleep, slot him in with a cosy wrap and, later, a drink, a snack and a book to ‘read’ and off we’d go. I walked for miles. Weight loss after baby number one, not a problem.

When Mr3 came along, we were still in the same house and I just bought myself a Phil & Ted pram, put Mr6 (then three) in economy and Mr3 (then 0) in first-class and off we’d go. Later, I swapped them over, with Mr6 (then three) loving the front row and Mr3 (then six months or so) unable to speak to tell me any different.

This arrangement worked well for us for nearly two years. Weight loss after baby number two, not as effective (harder to time the sleeps together) but still not bad.

Eighteen months ago, we moved to the Pink Fibro, on the south coast of NSW. We live about a kilometre from town and 1.5km from the school. Last year, when we had one car and Mr3 was still small enough to push and happy enough to be pushed, we walked Mr6 to school every day, and back – nearly 6km a day for me and Mr6 on his scooter.

But things have changed. Mr3 is getting too big and heavy to push. Besides, he wants to walk. Unfortunately, he’s not up for the round trip to school. And now we have two cars. So I walk less and less. I have to go out of my way to fit in a ‘walk’, which is new territory for me. I’ve always been a person who likes to incorporate exercise into my life. Fitting it in feels like extra work.

The other downside is that when I get into town and find myself at the supermarket ‘picking up a few things’, I have to carry them home. All five bags. With no handy pram. I’m at the stage where I’m considering joining my 86-year-old neighbour in the purchase of a new shopping ‘trolley’ to drag it all home.

That’s the thing with a pram. You don’t realise how useful they truly are until they’re gone.
And you’re walking at pre-schooler pace.

Weight gain after move to the country: becoming a problem.

Anyone out there got any solutions?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nice Places I Like

I have an album on Farcebook called "Nice Places I Like" , full of snaps of places that I love to be. Nine times out of ten they are walks that, as a family of little people, we can do at a toddler pace but still suck up good fresh air and feel like we have at least stretched it out a bit.

I am lucky enough to live in the foothills and our house sits on 96 hectares of bushy conservation area. So most walks need go no further than our back gate.

But with Charlie in his wheelychair, we have the need to find somewhere with decent paths to stoll upon.

And here, nearly on our doorstep, we are lucky enough to have Thondon Park

So today I can be back into it.

I will walk my arse off first thing this morning whilst Andrew deals with the kids, then later on, after a nice brekky, we can all take a trundle around the beautifully local Thorndon Park.

Makes me realise how lucky we are, on so many levels...........

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Music to move it.....

Ages ago I posted about how I had been dragged into the new milenium with an ipod

Now that I am running alone a couple of mornings a week, the whole iPod thing has really come into its own.

And as many of you will realise, eeeek, I am now over 40, so the eighties are, tragically, my era, musically.

At the moment I cannot go past this particular gem:

It is SO SO SO cheesily good!

It gets me literally pounding the streets. And Bonnie Tylers ♫ Holding Out For a Hero ♫ is as good now as it was way back when.

So, if anyone out there has any other top tragic picks to get me moving in the morning, please let know?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Alone but happy

I walked for over an hour this morning, alone.

Not something I normally do.

I normally fail to meet that committment to myself, which is a shame, but something I now feel able to change.

I usually meet with a walking friend or two.

But this morning it was just me, my iPod, some brilliant '80's remixes, and my thoughts.

Alone but happy.

It was so cool I felt a bit emotional to be honest?!

I guess I just all of a sudden "got" that my health and happiness is really in my hands and is here, right now.

I am not dependant on anyone else for my own happiness. Nor do I need anyone else to make my health a reality. Indeed, it is ONLY me that can make it happen. And I know I can.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Walking works....

And thank goddess it does work.

I stuffed my face over Christmas, LOL!

And all I have done over the past 6 weeks to 'combat' the intake is walk.

I have walked 45 mins a day, around 5 days a week.

Not much else.

And my weight today was the same it was BEFORE Christmas. No loss, no gain.

So I guess I now now exactly what I need to do in the future to maintain my weight.......

(And now onto the real work of actually losing a little!)

Saturday, 30 January 2010

As light as a feather...........

I have been slack for 10 day or so.

Normally I would say "If not blogging, then eating crap", but not at the moment, which I am sure is a relief to all my lovely friends in my computer! (Is there anyone out there??!)

I have been Opti-fucking-fasting.

I have been walking my arse off.

Dealing with kids, back to school, nephews, life.

I haven't been on the scales for ages.

That, in itself is a relief. Whilst I love the downward trend of the scales, I realise that I hate,with a passion, the emotional rollercoaster that goes with a daily obsessive weigh in. So I have turned my back on the scales for a while.

It is nice to feel peaceful about it all.

And I FEEL lighter.

And happy.

And lucky.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A bit of this a bit of that........

Day two done.

I made a divine chicken korma for dinner my beloved and I. And I served mine to myself on chopped steamed cauliflower, so I am feeling smug about that. Cauliflower "rice" has an awful lot to be said for it......

Sadly, I did also eat good few forkfuls of fried rice at lunchtime (which was rank, by the way!) and also popped a few tortellini in my gob at the kids tea time........

So, not perfect.

BUT, I did drop 0.8kg overnight, so happy with that!

Another 5am in start in the morning to walk.

Off to bed now to listen to some hippy hypnotherapy......

Monday, 18 January 2010

5.32am. Think Slim.

I am up


Coffee in hand

I will walk this morning

I am feeling hopeful and so energized.

I have been listening to my Think Slim sessions.

It is working.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Just walking...............

Well, term is up for personal training for Christmas. Which is scary, because the temptation is to sleep in every morning,  and to dive into a bucket of hot chips..............

So, I am committed to walking three mornings a week.

I have been doing so much strength work with Lynda, and time has not allowed for many long walks, and I find I have been missing the pace of, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I will be up at 5am to walk.........

Today I walked with the lovely Adele, which was a treat and a new friendship in the making I suspect.

It was lovely. 5km aroudn the block is a great way to start the day.............

Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Sunday Morning Walk.......

I walk every Sunday morning at 8am. Come hail or shine.

It started off with just me & Marisa, and has recently become more and more of us. I arrived this morning and found there were 7 of us no less!

It used to be an hours trundle, and fairly leisurely at that.

But I have since pushed it out to an hour and a half, and much of that is a jog. We even run up the steps to the Giants Cave at Morialta. Twice.

The turning point is the Morialta Falls, which never ceases to take my breath away. Their beauty is amazing, and even more wonderfulis the fact that I live a mere 5 minutes away from this breathtaking spot.

I am a lucky girl.........

Sunday, 6 July 2008

That type of woman...

For a long while, particularly in the area where I live, I have noticed a lot of small groups of women walking. Not just dawdling walking, but walking with purpose for health and fitness. Really striding it out with strong intention.

Often, as I drive round the area I have almost wistfully wished that I was "that type of woman"........with a like minded friend or two, in a cute tracksuit...on a mission, daily, to walk for health.

So, this morning at 6.30am I met up with a few of my personal training girls...and we did intervals up through the gravel steps of the park at the back of my house, and walked purposefully together all around the local our cute tracksuits...

Sure, we chatted. We laughed too. But we walked with strong intention. With purpose.

I cannot tell you how good it felt. To feel the air in my lungs. To feel puffed, but able. To feel strong. To feel that energy. To feel like I am taking action.

And I realise I am beginning to live the life I have wanted for a long while...

Monday, 7 January 2008

Walking the streets.......

I know we live on 96 hectares of bush, which Perry dog loves to walk in. But you know what? I just prefer the streets round our house! I love perving on other peoples houses and front gardens and the views from the streets up the top oof the hills are heaps better than walking in the "bushy park".

So Perry my love, the streets get the vote for the moment.

I have just pulled my daggy old shorts and t-shirt on and walked for 20 mins & didn't even break a sweat, so I reckon a 30 minute walk each day at least would be the go.......