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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why I am crap at vlogging...

Just watch and be excrutiated with me?

This little snippet of a vlog is why I see no future for me as a vlogger.

I am rubbish.



But, my some of my blogging besties (Sarah from Just Me, Naomi from Under the Yard Arm and Kirrily from Sunny Side Up) have all vlogged too, and I promised I would as well. Some mad Twitter agreement that I got swept up in.

So here we go:

And if you are wondering what the staple looking thing is on my eyebrow, your guess is as good as mine...

Reason enough, I'd suggest, to can my vlogging career right here, right now...

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The one Kelloggs didn't ask me to post...

Last week I spent some time in Sydney, and went to a brunch hosted by Kelloggs.

It was not a brunch for Kelloggs to push their ideas or products onto me.

It was, amazingly, a genuine call from a large company to really find out what parents want from a product.

They did not expect or ask us to blog about anything at all.

And the humility and modesty quietly illustrated by Kelloggs with respect to their philanthropic nature impressed me enourmously. It demonstrates a long but unflashy committment to integrity which appeals to me.

I realise I have been a loyal user of their products since I was a child. I remember this advert jingle getting stuck in my head in since the mid 1970's...

So in response, I tout my children to you in a unscripted vlog, filmed around our breakfast table in our grubby kitchen the morning after I returned...enjoy.

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PS If you do want information on Kelloggs and cereals in general, it's here - Love Your Cereal.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Car Dancing - Lexie Style...

There is not much that I can add to this?

Other than I adore her.  And that she makes me laugh so hard.

(I may be the only person in the whole world who finds this hilarious.)

I took this little video with my 'phone the other day whilst we were in the car waiting for the kindy bell to go.

Lexie is, without a doubt, a little peformer.