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Monday, 29 March 2010

My Place & Yours

Danielle over at hello owl: is doing another My Place & Yours, so I thought I would join in.

This weeks theme is to show something we collect..........

At the risk of flippantly saying "children", I realise that by far my largest collection is books.

When I say that between me, lovely husband and three children, we have 14 large bookeshelves, I am not exagarating. Double stacked, most of them.

A large proportion of my allocated space is recipe books. And a large chunk is, too, I realise, is diet & self help books. Hell, I realise I even have double copies of some titles..........(see how badly I wanted and needed to give up the cigarettes? Done!)

Ha! The snap below is just a sample taster...........

What do you collect?

Sunday, 31 January 2010


Oh my.

Not since I gave up cigarettes have I had a craving so bad.


I want sushi rolls so much.

Fresh, with crispy teriyaki chicken. And prawns. And salmon.

And soy sauce.

I think I may need to nip to Tea Tree Plaza to satisfy this.................

But I am weighing in with Lynda tomorrow morning, so maybe not.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


[Image from HERE]

I know it's not glamorous. I know it stinks. I know it could kill me.

I know I am an ex smoker and I know I will never ever smoke again. (Honest, I promise.)

But Oh My Goddess, I could murder a fag right now.

Some head rush please. Some neck tendon untwisting time. Some deep inhalation? Some saltpetre crackle? Some acrid smoke? Some nicotine to fill up the "holes" in my blood?

Not sure why I am craving today, but I am.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Grumpy girl.


We are back from our holidays.

We had a blissful week at Andrew's parents.

I ate like an angel and exercised really well, but still put on weight??

I am not smoking. I have not killed my husband.

I fit into a size 12 cocktail dress with 6 inch strappy heels.

But I feel fat as the scales, damn them, show that I have put on about 4kg????

I feel like I am going mad.

I just want to get back into the weekly grind of training and losing weight each week, not putting it on???

I am off to bed to sulk.

I might have to listen to some hypnotherapy.

Grumpy girl.

Friday, 9 January 2009


This time of year is one of resolutions. This week, two years ago, I gave up smoking after twenty seven years of the filthy habit.

It was, in all honestly, the very best thing I have ever done for my health. Hence me choosing this post for The Weekend Rewind  that Allison of the Pink Fibro graciously hosts...


I am free.

No panic or fear or that awful empty feeling of deprivation.


Smoked my final fag today. Made me feel as sick as a dog.

No more. Ever.
I am actually feeling interestingly excited. I almost feel like a fog (a literal one as well as a physical one) has been lifted. And after twenty seven years, it's a relief. A long overdue relief.

I am embarrassed to admit that I am baffled as to why I never chose to ditch this disgusting habit earlier.
I have just read Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking (It was actually a gift from me to my lovely husband for Christmas. He got to page nine and discarded. I picked it up and read it in an evening. What an utterly marvellous book it is,  for its purpose.)

I am, based on the advice of the book, following Mr Carr's instructions one hundred percent, and so I am also giving up all nicotine and its replacement products. (This also means letting go of the cost of the bloody patches, in dollars and skin rashes.....)

Hello sweet breath, goodbye certain death. Thank you world. I am a non smoker.
Again, I am totally confused as to why this decision took me so long. I managed to not smoke through my pregnancies, and I have never smoked in front of the children. I guess it's a mark of the addiction that I still held onto to the final few cigarettes and the mini holiday I perceived they gave me?

I feel like I have been wearing the highest, most uncomfortable, pinching heels in the history of womankind. And I have finally been allowed to take them off. Ahhhhhh. Sweet blissful deliverance. My mind is free.

(Note: On doing a Google on Allen Carr I realise that he actually died of lung cancer in November of 2006. How very sad. Not me though.)

I know that this will last forever, this quitted business. I cannot tell you how happy I am about that.


January 2011 update - I am still a non smoker. 2009's resolution was achieved. It's as if I never smoked. I dare say, I am annoyingly evangelical about my anti-smoking. And still proud of it. 

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Giving it away........

Andrew has been attempting to give up smoking for months now. It is painful.

He came across some "wonder-drug" called Champix which is supposed to block the receptors to the brain that send the "I need a fag" message.

And the stuff really works.

BUT not without side effect and that is to make a usually warm, happy, easy going bloke into a snappy foul tempered overreacting paranoid man.


So, in a last ditch bed for peace in this house, I have make a commitment to give up my 4 cigarettes a day, so that he can give up the Champix and the cigarettes, without my bad influence.

Now, I know I can give them away. Easily. But I am really scared that I will pile on a few kilos as a result...........So I am going to have to be really careful that I don't replace my fags with other more fattening rewards.

I am going to miss my little Holidays.

Four a day is not a bad habit, four ciggies a day is just a pleasure.....

But they have to go..........