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Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to get a good nights sleep...

I am not sleeping very well at the moment. I am waking in the night and then finding it hard virtually impossible to get back to sleep.

So I am on a mission this coming week to fix my own sleep issues.

Here is what I know works - I just need to apply it!

Exercise for at least 30 minutes four times a week - this not only enhances a sense of well-being (which generally helps you sleep better) but also naturally physically tires you out and assists in getting a deeper sleep.

Get an early night at least three times a week (9.30pm). The sleep before midnight is worth more than the sleep after midnight. Your liver function operates much more efficiently if you are resting in the evening, so you wake up with more energy.

Drink two litres of water a day - and drink as much water as you can as early as possible. If you can drink at least 6 out of the 8 glasses before lunch, so much the better - this really flushes your system of toxins. In turn, the next night’s sleep will be better.

A healthy balanced diet that consists of lean meats, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will always be the ideal diet. Everything in moderation is the key. But be wary of what you are eating after 6.30pm. In an ideal world, your evening meal should be finished by this time.

Of course, a little snack in the evening is normal - and by choosing the right kind of evening snacks, you can actually help your sleeping patterns. Choose foods that contain either the amino acid tryptophan, or foods that naturally contain niacin (one of the nutrients contained within the vitamin B group of vitamins.)

Examples of ideal evening snacks are:

Warm Milk and honey
A small handful of peanuts or almonds or cashews, or a slice of wholemeal toast spread with peanut butter

Foods to avoid - chocolate – sorry!

Drinks to avoid - anything containing caffeine - so no coffee, tea or cola. (Herbal tea such as peppermint or chamomile is an ideal replacement.)

So tell me - what are YOUR best sleep tips?

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Best.Job. Opportunity.In.The.Whole Wide.World.

A Job with a Difference: Sealy offers $10,000 Employment Contract to Literally “Sleep on the Job”

Blogging and sleeping. And get paid for both. 

Are you the sort of person who has a habit of drifting off by morning tea, taking nana naps when any opportunity arises or grabbing 40 winks whilst on the couch with the kids? Then Sealy has got the perfect job for you. Australia’s leading bed manufacturer is recruiting for a unique new position within the company – a Sealy Sleep Ambassador – whose sole responsibility will be to sleep on the job!

The successful applicant – who will receive a package worth approximately $10,000 for a month’s work – will be required to keep a sleep journal, reporting back findings on different sleep routines, offering product feedback, as well as blogging about their experiences for Sealy.

In return they will receive $100 per night ‘sleep salary’ for 30 days, along with a top-of-the-range Sealy Posturepedic Queen Size Ensemble to sleep on, a Manchester package and return flights to visit Sealy’s head office in Brisbane.

“The job is 100% genuine,” says Daniel Robinson, Sealy’s training manager. “It will involve a legally binding contract for 30 days with a detailed job description. Overall the ‘package’ is worth around $10,000 – not bad for sleeping on the job!”

The newly created role is designed to coincide with the Sealy Posturepedic Diamond Jubilee - celebrating 60 years of great sleep.

“We’re always receiving feedback from customers about how much they love their Sealy Posturepedic beds, but they wish they had more time to sleep on it! So we decided to give one lucky person the chance to have this dream come true by offering them a job where they are paid to enjoy more sleep on a top-of-the-range Sealy Posturepedic bed”

Interested in applying? Australia residents over the age of 18 can apply from Monday for the role via Sealy’s Twitter page,, stating in 140 characters or less why they would be the perfect Sealy Sleep Ambassador.

A judging panel at Sealy will sort through the applications and find the most unique, interesting or clever response, producing a shortlist of five people. Sealy’s online Twitter community will then vote on who they think should be the successful applicant with the role starting on 1st October 2011.

Job applications open on Monday 22 August 2011.

Will you apply?

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tired, but happy...

I am so bloody tired.

I am not sleeping well. (I am half way through my dental work and I still have toothache.)

I am exhausted.

So tired that I fell asleep for a minute or two whilst the dentist was assaulting my mouth. That is a mark of how very knackered I am - I can snooze, despite a dull ache, the drill, and the noise of the suction thingo.

But I when I went to pick the kids up from school, Olivia was on the school lawns, turning cartwheels in the grass. She is a thing of happy beauty. Red hair flying, cherry blossom trees popping bud alongside her, watching a joyful abandon of cartwheels. Her pink cheeks glowing, her grin radiant, her limbs fluid and relaxed.

And I ran tonight, and I ran well.

And then I curled up and snoozed again, with lovely husband and I on the couch, together.

Tired? Yes, yes I am.

Happy? Yes. Yes, I think I am.

If I just focus on me, on my family and on what is going on in my world right now, I can be happy.

Tired, but happy.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The bliss of a good nights sleep...

I have posted about sleep before.

I am so used to presuming that I will never get enough sleep, that the very thing that has eluded me is suddenly upon me.

Sleep has crept up & quietly surprised me.

It is more than a few weeks now since I had a small child interrupt my night, my dreams.

It is eight years since I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Olivia.

In those eight years, I do not think I have had a full nights sleep.

Olivia slept through the night by four months old, and so did Charlie and Lexie.

They are generally "good sleepers" and always have been. Thank you thank you thank you.

But they have still all disturbed my nights with tedious and predictable regularity over the past eight years.

They are children close together, so, no soon as one got over teething then another had an ear infection. Or one went through a stage of nightmares, whilst another was a midnight sleepwalker.

Our bed has always been open to them, and this has maybe encouraged the nighttime wanderings.

But recently, just over the past few weeks, I have realised - they go to bed at night happily. And all three of them stay in their beds until morning. No disturbings. At all.

I have been, as a result of having these lovely little people in my world, become a light sleeper. I have an ear attuned for them automatically.

But even that trait, that innate sense of mother awareness has shifted and calmed.

Even I have been sleeping through the night.

Ahhhh, the bliss, the utter utter bliss of full nights of unbroken sleep...all joining up together, restoring me at last...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I dream a lot. I have no failure to recall my dreams each morning.

I have recurring dreams of different themes. Do you?

My main one is flying. It is exhilarating. The sensation is not so much about the flying, but more of the climb to altitude, which is a stretch, but a manageable effort. A powerful sensation of propelling myself up high enough to soar then cruise.

To then look down and revel in the bliss of height and freedom.

I have always dreamt this dream. Apart from times of grief, when my flying ceases, I can usually summon up a flying dream.

I fly a lot when I am content.

My other recurring dream is not an unhappy one, but certainly it is a lot more confusing. I am more hesitant to revel in this dream.

A house with so many superfluous rooms. An old, ramshackle house. With very steep front steps, gracious angles and a tower. With warrens of rooms, Dressing rooms leading off bedrooms. Studies off dining rooms. Larders and sculleries off kitchens.  And lots of sets of steps, all interlinking winding nests of rooms.

My house dreams conjure up, in my mind, storage issues - where to stash stuff - almost as if there are simply too many rooms and too much space. I forget which rooms I can use or which I am allowed into and which I would need to clean. I feel overwhelmed and want to feel the simplicity of a two up two down kind of terraced house whose front door has no steps and walks out directly onto a wet cobbled pavement.

I have no idea what these dreams mean. I am curious. But not enough to seek dark meanings or perceived truths about myself.

They are just dreams.

And you? Do you dream in black and white? Or in colour?
Tell me your recurring dreams?
Do you love them or wish they would not intrude upon your rest?

Monday, 10 January 2011

The nap...

Sometimes, when all the fairy dancing is done, this little Tinkerbell just needs to curl up and sleep.

Regardless of the noise around her, Lexie, and her blankie, they just find a corner in our house, a comfy little nook, close their eyes, and snooze.

They find a cool spot in our home, start to read a few pages of a favoured book, then resign to the heaviness of their lashes, and surrender to the bliss of a nap.

Oh, the innocence of any child sleeping. That it would come to me as easily...

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sleep & a Giveaway.....

My regular readers will recall how I am fairly passionate about the importance of sleep.

Both for my children, my friends, and for myself.

My kids, thankfully, are good sleepers.

They are all in bed by about 7.30pm, and sleep all the way through until about 6am. Bliss.

If you read back here, you'll see that I have adopted a habit of at least 3 early nights a week. Also bliss.

I was in the habit of lighting a scented candle before bed, but one problem with that is the thought that an open flame is burning as I am asleep, and obviously we couldn't have candles in the kids rooms.

SO, when I saw that you can now get a pure lavender oil in a spray, I realised I could give the kids rooms and our bedroom a spray, before sleep, and it would have the same gorgeous impact as a scented candle. I am so sold.

Bosisto have since sent me a stash of their Lavender Spray to giveaway.

I am not usually a fan of spray "air fresheners" as they generally smell fake. But this is an entirely different product - just pure essential lavender oil, in a spray.

So it can be used in place of a scented candle for soothing and relaxation before bed.

Or as a cleaning and freshening agent.

Or on insect bites. (My kids often complain of mozzie bites at bedtime. I am thinking this spray will solve the itch and the sleeplessness?! Result!)

The spray is available at Coles,in the medicinal aisle, and I also noticed that my local pharmacy sells it too, which is handy. It's around $12  for the spray, but I am realising that it is lasting a really long while, so pretty good value. (We've been using it every night in all our bedrooms.)

For more details on the spray, and also the other essential oil products that Bosisto's specialise in, their website is here:

So, if anyone would like a free Lavender Spray, all you need to do is become a follower of my blog, and let me know in a comment to this post what you would use the Lavender Spray for........easy! I have five spray's to give away.

Open to readers located in Australia only.  I will use to pick the five winners.
The closing date will be Monday 20th September.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Why do I eat crap when I am knackered?

As I mentioned in my earlier post regarding the tricky but universal issue of emotional eating, I have promised myself to track and journal my emotional eating triggers, and investigate them......

So I have been eating whatever I want, as long as I am truly hungry.

And stopping when I am full. (Mostly. This is hard. I come from the "clean plate club", sadly.)

And noting the incidences of when I am tempted to eat for other reasons aside from true physical hunger.

One of the most common triggers over the past week has been plain old tiredness.

It makes perfect sense for the body to call out for energy when it is tired.

Tiredness may be as a result of too much physical work or exercise, or from a lack of sleep.
Or indeed a lack of exercise. Or stress and anxiety.
This reasons for being tired are many, but most of us feel knackered by our busy lives by evening time?

So the body is tired, and it calls out for energy. And the quick fix, of course, is to eat. Even if the body is not actually hungry, we're tired, maybe tense, and low in energy. All of which are negative states and negative moods.

Negative moods, tension and low energy are uncomfortable feelings. This discomfort can be relieved by eating, and leads to immediately feeling better -  though this is short-lived and followed by guilt and more negative feelings.

Food temporarily increases energy and temporarily improves mood. Over time, this quick fix leads to habitual eating to "feel better", and causes a mindless conditioning to turn to food in response to feelings of tension and low energy, by craving and eating energy generating foods.

For this reason, cravings are usually for energy intensive foods that contain sugar or fats. These foods metabolize and raise blood sugar levels quickly, giving a short burst of energy which counteracts tiredness.

So we feel shit because we are tired. Not hungry actually, just crappy and low. So we reach for an energy burst in some quick fix junk food. And feel better for a little while.

So next time we feel knackered, we do it again. And it becomes a habit.

But we were never truly hungry. We just needed better rest..............

Monday, 21 June 2010

The sleep before midnight.....

From early morning to lunchtime and into the evening, on Facebook and blogs and Twitter, I am one of many many friends and contacts that are tired and need more sleep.

It is probably the common cry, the golden thread, that links all my real life and blog and internet friends.

I have lost count of the times I have sent someone virtual hugs and prayed that individuals get some sleep, for fear of them descending into total meltdown.

Hell, I have posted it about it a fair handful of times too......

And of course I know that this craving for more sleep, and lack of it, goes with the territory of small children and too much social networking temptation.

The old proverb of "One hours sleep before midnight's worth two hours after" there any truth in it, do you think?

And equally, does sleep help you lose weight? Or if you don't get enough sleep, does this prevent you from losing weight?

(You can see now, how and why, my curiosity in this sleep business is piqued!)

It seems that there may be a bit of truth in the old proverb, and that is it more than just an old wives tale:

The liver is crucial to the body's energy cycle.  The liver follows the cycle of the sun. When the sun goes down in the evening, the liver wants you to rest, as the liver needs its own rest, in order to to store up sugars (glycogen) to be used for energy for the next days activities.

With me so far?

When we stay up late at night, we stuff around with our liver’s natural rhythm. We muck up it's groove. And in turn, we stuff up our own metabolism. If we stay up too late, we force the liver to keep going, and so it's unable to get on with the job of storage of glycogen. Instead, by staying up after dark,  we force the liver to dip into our existing glycogen stores, to break down the glycogen for a burst of energy that we need NOW.

We get a second wind, a burst of sugar in our blood stream, (and so happily blog and Twitter for another few hours......) and yet what we are really doing is depleting our energy for the next day. Going into energy overdraft. Maxing out the energy credit limit before pay day, so to speak.

Our liver doesn't get the time or opportunity to store up the glycogen it needs for the next day, and so the next day we have a liver that is depleted of glycogen. Our body then requires us to release stress hormones from our adrenal glands to keep us functioning. These hormones act to provide more sugar in the blood, but they also accelerate our heart rate, increase our blood pressure, and suppress our immunity so that we get poorly more easily. (And send us craving sugar and carbs........).

So whilst the stress hormones do give us energy, it is like the understudy to the real deal. Emergency use only. If we use this method to source our energy all the time, we get run down and sick. And we are tempted to eat crap. And we are STILL tired.

They say that any sleep you get before midnight is restorative and counts for double. I reckon they might be right.

SO, from today I am going to set myself a little challenge.

I cannot, sadly, get to bed at sunset, as this would mean leaving my kids to get their own dinner and bath themselves and read their own stories.(And whilst this is tempting, I had better not risk them being left to their own devices?)

BUT, I am going to make a concerted effort to get to bed before 9.30pm at the latest at least 3 nights a week. Use myself as a test case?

I'll let you know how I go..............

Thursday, 3 June 2010

20:20:20 Weigh In Time........

And dare I say it, I have been feeling up my colar bones and my face a lot this week as I know where this is where I lose weight from, and so I have been fondling myself! Hahhahaaha!

So, last week saw me at 83.8kg (184lb for my American blog readers........)

This week?


A loss of 1kg (2.2lb)

No great. Not bad. But I am happy with that. 4kg in 5 weeks. A little off target, but still tracking well.

I have been sick this week, so I have done a lot less exercise than usual, so to have a loss of 1kg despite that, I am happy.

And best of all, I have managed to get a lot of sleep in.

I am off for a lunchtime nap right now, to be honest!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Who am I......?

I know that I am preaching to the converted here.

I know that it is a luxury most of us go without.

I know we all want a lot more of it.

I know it us unattainable for some.

I know we all need more of it.

I know it is tempting to go without sometimes, when other more exciting stuff comes up.

I know we want lots and lots of it for our children, and for ourselves.

Our children are the ones that deprive us of it.

I want and need more of it.

I am on a mission to get more of it.

It helps you lose weight *

It costs nothing but your sanity.

Lack of it is torture.

Just get more of it.

* Reminder to self: Google this. I wanna find out why.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

For myself...

I wish for sleep, and lots of it.

 And I wish for peace in my heart.

Monday, 15 March 2010

For Emily

More than anything, I wish I could just give you sleep. Lots and lots of lovely sleep.

Sleep = Sanity

Emily = Good Mummy

They are separate equations, independant of each other, and totally regardless of any odd meltdown.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Worst nights sleep

What is it about a shocking nights sleep? All that tossing & turning? Yuk.

Oh my Goddess, I feel tired today.

I tossed & turned all night and ended up getting up at 4.17am and giving up.

I am hanging out out for a Nana nap, but the school run is nearly upon me.........

But watch this space for a slightly more positive and interesting post...........