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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Love letters...

The reason for my love letter to my kids? Because I believe the best love letters need to be hand written.

I always write love letters and thank you notes and postcards in my own handwriting, if I can.

I stash handwritten stuff around the place too. For my kids to find.

They don't really care.

They might care, one day.

I have handwritten stuff from my Dad that appears. Appears when I need it.  An old letter that he wrote to me when I first left home to go to uni will drop out of a book. I know every word - it is etched on my memory; but my heart swells as I stop and sit, and read that letter again.

I do not expect that my kids will have the need to find my handwriting for a great many many years. But when they do; when they need a link, a thread, a golden thread to their Mum, to me, they will discover my words, in my hand. I hope it brings them some calm, and some peace in their hearts.

Go over to see Eden? I am linking up with her today. She is a legend. And a blogging legend. I love her and I love the idea of her meme linky thingo...

Do you love your handwriting? What do you still hand write these days?

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Friday, 16 December 2011

End of term - and not a day too soon...

This is what the end of term looks like...

This is going to be a short, sharp and shiny post. (I am absolutely bloody exhausted.)

The kids are knackered too. So much so, that this week has been spend in multiple meltdown tantrums from Lexie. She has just come to the end of her first term in reception. She is overwhelmed with tiredness and does not cope well. She was so buggered this afternoon that she ran into a tree. I know it possibly looks like I have beaten her - and whilst I threaten this all the time, I did not actually punch her - it was the tree.

Olivia sobbed her heart out at the fact that she must move on next year from one favourite teacher, to a new classroom, a new class and a new teacher.

Charlie is devastated that he will miss his mates for the next six weeks.

The cake stall is done and dusted and we raised a small fortune. Result. Mission accomplished. I was even given a little certificate of appreciation - very spesh!

We've received end of year reports - I could not be more proud.

We managed to get to the end of another term without getting a does of nits. 11 terms down, 32 terms to go.

It's the end of term, and I am grateful for that.

Relieved and grateful that we are DONE with school until February.

Relieved and grateful that they all had such a happy year.

Grateful for their little school and the lovely teachers and grateful to all the other parents that give of themselves and their time.

Grateful not to have to do any school runs next week.

Grateful for my vino.

Grateful for my beckoning bed.

Happy weekend everyone...

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Cereal Box Craft...

I have no shame in admitting that I once was a lot little bit into the idea of scrap booking. Instead of the traditional baby books, I scrap booked all of the photos of my children for the first two years of their lives. Then, I gave up with a sigh of relief. I have done the odd layout since, but there are huge volumes and hundreds of dollars worth a lot of crafty scrap booking supplies laying redundant in our house.

So, I let Olivia and Lexie help themselves to a whole heap of stuff the other day, and we set about some craft. They had a ball. I turned a blind eye to the glue and the snipping. Even Charlie got a little bit interested. (Only after I tore him away from the Wii. That is a whole other blog post...)

I had scoured Google earlier for some ideas, so here I give you  our collection of cereal box craft:

Cereal Box Gift Bag (which Lexie now uses to cart all her Barbie bits and bobs around in...

Magazine holder made from a Cornflakes box...Olivia now has this in her room to hold all of her various colouring/activity books.

As it was school holidays a week or two back, we indulged in "little packets". And what better way to use the boxes than a hair band tidy in Olivia's room. (Saves me vacuuming the hair bands up. Hair bands all over the floor area constant irritation in my life...)

 For any of these cereal box crafts, all you need is a stack of tape, glue sticks, embellishments and pretty papers. And scissors and a black marker and a ruler too. And of course, a healthy supply of cereal boxes.

And time and patience, obviously.

This fridge file is magnetically stucck to the fridge - so they kids can stick all the school/swimming/netball notes straight in there for me to ignore read.
Olivia and Charlie and Lexie are very proud of their creations. Next on the list, apparently, is a puppet show TV and a filing cabinet for all my crap fadmin paperwork.

And there was no glitter involved. Result.

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PS This post is not sponsored by Kellogg's at all, but I was given a whole stack of Kellogg's cereal as a result of going to a brunch meeting with them.

Monday, 17 October 2011

First Day...

I am late to post today.

I have been busy, tired and a little emotional.


Lexie started school full time today.

I sent three little children off with their big bags full of lunchbox.

She rocked it. Her first day and she loved it.

I missed her.

But she is so happy.

And so am I.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Conflict resolution...?

I have three imperfect children, who I adore. But they also drive me mad.

School holidays are a time when their closeness in age, and their ability to manage their own emotions as well as sibling conflicts, is virtually impossible. For me and them.

Child 1, the moment she is tired or bored will become a whiner. Her speech alters, as does her ability to listen to reason. Unable to see the big picture through tired eyes, she will hone in on the minutiae of an argument, and then whine until she gets her own way. Or cry pathetically, as she continues to attempt to get her own way. It sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to scream. (Which I do, sometimes. Once, after having an afternoon full of whining, I ended up losing my temper and I threw a little chair at a tree in the garden. And yes, I do appreciate that I am not sending a very good example here. Perfect mother I am not...)

Child 2 is laid back. He handles pretty much most things. He is a content middle child. But I realise he operates on a slow burn. And when he finally realises he is being left out/neglected/wound up/treated unfairly, he snaps. He does not suffer fools well.  I can see his fists clench and his anger rise. He goes red and I can just tell he has a fury waiting to explode. Instead of lashing out, his anger results in tears of utter frustration. He takes himself immediately, howling, to his room, where he punches the shit out of some godawful Sponge Bob cushion that collects dust under his bed. Twenty minutes later, after a nice good sulk, he reappears, as if nothing has happened.

Child 3 is a drama queen. She is a performer. She is the dibber dobber. She is the manipulator. The wheedler. Or, she yells and cries and runs away the moment anyone doesn't do as she plans. She has perfected the art of the screechy uncontrollable tantrum. She verbalises her frustrations by hollering phrases such as "you are the worst Mumma I ever had!" and flounces off, crying loudly and dramatically - she often opens her bedroom window so that the neighbours can get first class audio of her production. She then either writes all over her bedroom walls or falls asleep. (I hope for the latter...)

They are perfectly imperfect. But normal, I dare say. Tired, hungry, lacking in stimulation, lacking in attention from me, lacking in their usual routine. Overstimulated, too much choice, too much screen time, too much junk food. Lacking in one on one time, missing Dad. Whatever the reasons, and the reasons vary, it can all end up, some days, with a little bit of chair throwing of some kind...

They are developing methods of managing their own conflicts and frustrations. Kind of. They test each other, and me. It drives me mental, but I am also fascinated at how their different personalities implode...

I have no idea of the right or wrong way to parent these habits. Should I go with the flow? Or try and make them calm and rational? Is that even ever possible? Should I bribe and cajole? Or are they just kids being kids? Just put up with it and throw a chair at a tree at the end of the day? How will these methods and traits manifest into adult personalities?

Tell me, how do you help your kids manage their conflicts and frustrations? How to you manage your own? Or do you just put up with it and chuck the odd chair about, and hope for the best?

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Monday, 26 September 2011

A Fairy Party (and recovery...)

As I mentioned last week, it was my youngest daughter's fifth birthday last week. Lexie revelled in every moment and the celebrations lasted from Wednesday to Sunday, just as they should, when you're five.

One of the big events was her birthday party.

Lexie attends Fairy Dancing classes every week for an hour. She can move, my girl. She has a funky little groove and a lot of confidence in her movement. She has a sense of rhythm. Combine that with a fairy dress, some glitter, some fan-fairy-tastic fun and some fairy manners, and she is in utter fairy heaven.

Her dance teacher (Miss Julie-Ann, who has, to my mind, the patience of an utter saint...) is delightful, and the dance glass is currently rehearsing as support act for The Fairies Concert. So, Lexie will be on stage, performing. Which, she feels, I suspect, is her natural place in the world. I have turned, momentarily, into a stage mother!

Anyway...her birthday party was held at The Fairie's House. Harmony and Rhapsody were present in spirit, as was Minuet, Wizzy and Buzzy. Fairy craft, followed by fairy dancing followed by fairy cheffing. Fairy snacks and fairy cakes were worked off by more fairy dancing and some fairy singing. Fairy games and fairy songs, all hosted by The Rainbow Fairy. Boys in wizzard costumes and a lot of little girls in pink and purple fairy dresses, wings and wands optional.

It was a riot of pink and sugar and floss and fun.

Lexie had an utter ball. In a pink froth of a dress, surrounded by family and friends, she was in the limelight and in her element.

She curled her arms around my neck last night as I tucked her into bed and told me it was the best birthday anyone had ever had in the whole wide world.

It's now 10.54am on Monday morning.

Lexie has partied HARD this weekend. She is now asleep on the floor. Thankful for a peaceful day, I suspect. (Me too.)

It is not often we indulge our children with so much outragoeus branding and treats. But if not on their birthdays, then when? 

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lexie's birthday...

We have a little tradition in our house, as a lot of families do, of allowing whoever has their birthday to chose their favourite dinner.

It was Lexie's fifth birthday yesterday.

Five years ago, she sped into the world. (If you want to read her amazing birth story, it's here.)

And yesterday, ffter she opened all her pressies (a whole load of Barbie and a whole load of craft stuff...) I asked her what she would love best for her dinner.

And she tells me:

"A little strawberry. A little bit of salami. Some cheese please. And a cracker. That is all, Mumma."

And so that is exactly what we had. I threw a few scotch eggs and some cherry tomatoes onto the plate for good measure, and dinner was prepared in less that five minutes...and it was delightful.

And then of course, a little birthday cake to finish it all off.

It was a lovely lovely day. I love her so so much.

What family birthday traditions do you have? And which favourite dinner do you or your kids choose?

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ready for school?

This mornings post bought to you by my daughter Lexie.

She has her second school transition visit this morning.

She is so prepared to start it is not funny.

She scares me.

And next week, she goes in full uniform. And I will probably cry.
I miss her.

She is so ready. I am not.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The one Kelloggs didn't ask me to post...

Last week I spent some time in Sydney, and went to a brunch hosted by Kelloggs.

It was not a brunch for Kelloggs to push their ideas or products onto me.

It was, amazingly, a genuine call from a large company to really find out what parents want from a product.

They did not expect or ask us to blog about anything at all.

And the humility and modesty quietly illustrated by Kelloggs with respect to their philanthropic nature impressed me enourmously. It demonstrates a long but unflashy committment to integrity which appeals to me.

I realise I have been a loyal user of their products since I was a child. I remember this advert jingle getting stuck in my head in since the mid 1970's...

So in response, I tout my children to you in a unscripted vlog, filmed around our breakfast table in our grubby kitchen the morning after I returned...enjoy.

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PS If you do want information on Kelloggs and cereals in general, it's here - Love Your Cereal.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lost and found...(a giveaway)

My children, whilst I adore them more than life itself, have the most slack and annoying approach to their belongings.

It drives me INSANE.

I carefully choose the most gorgeous lunch boxes and drink bottles and colour co-ordinated Tupperware, but despite costing me an arm and a leg, I sense that Olivia and Charlie and Lexie think it's all disposable, because despite my incessant nagging, much of it gets left around the school playground during recess, never to be seen again.

I suspect the cleaners at school have the best stocked Tupperware cupboards in Adelaide, mostly thanks to the careless approach of my children. You can see my need for school labels is high!

Similarly, Charlie and Olivia seem to have an aversion to warm clothes. I force dress them into their school uniform each morning, and then, when they race out of the classroom at the end of the school day, the jacket and jumper have long since been discarded. I am not kidding when I tell you that I once managed to find Charlie's school jumper soaking wet and gritty, half buried in the sandpit.

I can recall my Mother, in her day, painstakingly sewing fabric embroidered school name labels into all our school uniforms. For five children, no less. The very idea of sewing terrifies me, so I am eternally grateful that iron on school labels for uniforms have been invented. (And I iron on the name on the inside of the jacket pockets - just in case some other parent decides that, errmm, appropriating items of uniform is OK. Sneaky, I know...)

We're nearly into the next school term - the term that Lexie starts her "school visits" -  her official introduction to "big school". She is quite beside herself with excitement and is counting down the days until she starts. Kindy has become a little passé, apparently, and she is desperate to join Olivia and Charlie in primary.

No longer will she be able to wear a paint stained fairy frock and sneakers to kindy - she will be in full school uniform like her siblings. And despite misgivings based on past losses, I have, of course, invested in a new lunchbox for Lexie.

Luckily the lovely folk at Brightstar Kids sent me a variety pack of school labels for all of Lexie's new school supplies.

In theory, this means I have a fighting change of recovering all the items that will invariably be lost and forgotten. Named items find their way home eventually. If it has a label on it, I have done my bit. If it has the kids name on it, I hope it stands a chance of being returned. Better safe than sorry...

The School Labels Value Kit contains the iron on clothing labels, as well as every other kind of label you need when they first start - shoes, pencils, lunchboxes can all be labeled beautifully.

I have a Brightstar Kids $50 Gift Voucher to give away, thanks to Brightstar Kids.

All you need to do to be in with a shot of winning this $50 voucher is:

  • Make sure you are following my blog.
  • Tell me what you will spend your $50 voucher on from the gorgeous stuff over at Brightstar Kids
(And think of me next week when Lexie starts her school visits...)

I will choose a winner and announce it next Monday 25th July.
Open to Australian residents only.
I was not paid for this post, but I was sent the school labels as a gift to review.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Scented Play Dough

Scented Play Dough

(This quantity makes a batch of three different colours/scents)

3 cups water
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1.5 cups of salt
3 tablespoons cream of tartar
Food colouring
Food essences or essential oils
3 cups plain flour, sifted.

Combine the water, oil, salt, cream of tartar in a saucepan and heat until warm, stirring constantly, until the salt has all dissolved.

 Remove from heat, cool a little, and divide the liquid equally into three bowls.

To each bowl of liquid, add a drop of food colouring and two drops of essence/essential oil

For example:

  • Green play dough goes well with Tea Tree essential oil, or peppermint essence.
  • Red and pink play dough goes well with vanilla essence, or strawberry essence, or rosewater essence.
  • Plain white play dough goes well with vanilla or coconut essence
  • Orange play dough can be made with a drop of yellow and a drop of red colouring, and then some orange essence.
  • Blue or purple (made with a drop of blue and a drop of red colouring) play dough goes well with lavender essential oil.
  • Yellow play dough lends itself perfectly to lemon essence or banana essence if you can get it.

Then add a cup of sifted flour to each bowl. Stir quickly to combine. (See? You need children to help - get them stirring!)

Knead until smooth.

And... enjoy watching them play......

Store the play dough in an airtight container or a resealable bag. It lasts for ages.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Am I not pretty enough...?

This is the delightful Lexie, my youngest; my four year old , who attends kindy twice a week. (I adore her. She lights up my world. Just looking at this snap of her gets me mushy.)

And so, on kindy days,  twice a week, we have stand up rows in her bedroom over what she will or won't wear in comparison to what I could like her to wear.

It's a nightmare. As you can see from the above snap (and do not let the gorgeous smile fool you for a moment) she is greatly into dresses.

Skirts and frocks and tutus are her preference. "I need to be wearing pretty things Mumma. If you won't let me wear my tutu, I must wear a dress."

So you can imagine how hard it is to persuade her to wear appropriate kindy clothes. Y'now? Trackies or jeans?

She plays hard at kindy. Paint, glue, sand, glitter and play dough, sometimes all at the same time, all day. And of course the smocks do not curb her enthusiasm.

I want her to get filthy for goodness sake - go for it, I say - smother yourself in poster paint if it makes you happy, my lovely Lexie. Just wear old kindy clothes. (The ones your sister already got paint stained - the ones I set aside for you to grown into - the designated kindy clothes?)

Nope. She is not having it. No way Mumma.

They are not pretty enough. Not patterny enough. Not dressy or skirty enough. Not pink enough. Too plain Mumma, too boring.
I need more decoration Mumma.


So I took a gorgeous pair of well loved jeans, a white long sleeved t-shirt and an old pink tracksuit,  ...(perfect kindy wear) and some iron on transfers...and got busy...

And she was happy.

Drab to Fab my little Lexie? You are so so so fab. You will never ever be drab. Ever. And neither will your kindy clothes....

Are your kids compliant when it comes to dressing? Tell me I am not the only one who has a fashion princess?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The girls...

I've a girl who paints

I've a girl that dances

I've a girl that likes to paint dancers

I've a girl that likes to dance like a picture

I feel so lucky

I am so proud of my girls



Total calories inhaled - 1194 ~ Exercise calories burned - 315 ~ Glasses of water sculled - not enough 
Tempations resisted - lots  ~ Hours of glorious sleep - 7

Monday, 10 January 2011

The nap...

Sometimes, when all the fairy dancing is done, this little Tinkerbell just needs to curl up and sleep.

Regardless of the noise around her, Lexie, and her blankie, they just find a corner in our house, a comfy little nook, close their eyes, and snooze.

They find a cool spot in our home, start to read a few pages of a favoured book, then resign to the heaviness of their lashes, and surrender to the bliss of a nap.

Oh, the innocence of any child sleeping. That it would come to me as easily...