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Monday, 2 July 2012

The best thing since sliced bread...

My Dad's Mum, my Granny, Phylis, was known to all of her ten grandchildren as "Barnham Granny"

She was an amazingly resourceful cook. My cousin Kate & I both strain with guarded but keen desire for her old handwritten recipe notes. They speak of how to create peppermint creams within the confines of the rationing that became her commonplace in World War II. My aunt used to tell me of tuck boxes sent to her at boarding school, filled with sweets, made from complicated substitutions of cornflour, essence and glycerine.

My Granny lived in a toll cottage, on Lake Lane, in a tiny Sussex village called Barnham. She and my Grandpa retired there, and lived opposite a bakery - Holt's bakery. (Which has since been demolished and turned into townhouses. Such is life.)

She was a strong woman.By the time I came along, nearly the last grandchild, she had aged and mellowed. My fondness for her was, quite simply, beyond measure. She had a grin that warmed the whole world. My perpetual memories of her were her beautiful voice, her huge bust and the cigarette the was her constant companion. She was a coffee afficionado. Of her and her gurgling coffee machine, and her laugh: I was so fond. With her red hair and her cuddles and her protection, I was so comfortable.

She smelled so good. Of baking, of tea rose, of cigarettes, of coffee. She was strong and tough and gentle and simple and sophisticated all in one hit of loveliness. I search for photos of her - the snaps never do justice to her persona, at all.

But due to the nature of her proximinity to the bakery, her bread baking days were done! She could concentrate on less arduous baking; and quicker treats, often with me at her side. She taught me so much.

She served tea. High teas. Jam tarts, and scones. Fruit cakes and iced fancies - sugar & butter and eggs and fruit in the 1970's were a long way from rationing, and she made the most of it! And sandwiches, made from bread from the local bakery across the lane.

Always at the dining table, we would wait for her to slice extra bread. A whole fresh loaf. A 2lb loaf, no less, to entertain her grandchildren.

And she would hold that bread under her arm like a baby, against her bust, and slice the most perfect thin slices. No squashed crumb. She evidently had had years of practice to get the tension and pressure just right. Never a nick or a cut, and certainly she never caught her cardy or her pinny strings with the end of the knife.

Just perfect slices of easy bread.

I miss her.

She was the best thing since sliced bread.

AND, all that said, I have a winner for last weeks bread baking giveaway....this was kindly sponsored by Brad Russell and the team at Kitchenware Direct - thank you!

Kell from Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms

Thanks to everyone that entered, and Kell, could you please email me with your postal address please?

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PS That image up there? Of my Granny's cottage? I managed to get that by going to Google Maps and moving up and down the lane until I spotted the house. A house I have not been to for thirty years, but I knew each curve of the road and spied it easily. How cool is modern technology?!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bread Baking Giveaway!

I promised, last week, a bread baking giveaway, and here it is.

The weather has been cold and wet, so we have baked bread, this weekend. The smell through the house has been sensational!

Kitchenware Direct have put together a brilliant package of everything you will need to get your bake on, and this giveaway includes over $125 worth of professional baking equipment of the very highest quality:

Basic bread with fresh yeast
1 large loaf or 24 rolls
25g fresh yeast
½ tablespoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
500 ml of water
2 tablespoon of oil
about 1 kilo of plain flour

1. In a large bowl, add 500ml blood temperature water – luke warm.

2. Add crumbled up yeast, salt, sugar and oil, and stir until the yeast has dissolved.

3. Pour in half of the flour and knead using your hands, add more flour and knead it in every time.

4. Keep adding flour and kneading until you have a smooth dough that doesn’t stick to your hands or the bowl. It should be soft, springy and smooth to the touch. Then knead on the bench for about 5 minutes.

5. Now find somewhere warm, it should be 22- 25 C. Cover the dough with a clean tea towel and let it rise for 30- 60 minutes until its' double the size.

6. Tip it out on a floured surface and knead until most of the big air bubbles are gone.

7. For a loaf: Grease a large loaf tin. Roll the dough out to a rectangle and roll it up and place in the tin.

8. For rolls, cut 24 lumps of dough, roll them into round balls and place with two fingers apart on a baking tray with baking paper on.
9. In all cases, cover with a clean tea towel towel and leave it to rise to double the size: about 20 minutes.

10. Bake in a preheated oven at 220`c, for 30- 40 minutes for the loaf, 10- 15 minutes for the rolls. Cool on a rack.


1. In winter, to create a perfect proving space, turn your oven on very low (25`c) whilst you’re making the dough. Then turn the oven off. Then you can prove the dough in the oven – draft free and warm.

2. When baking the bread, place a casserole dish half filled with boiling water in the oven. (You want hot steam within the oven.) The steam makes bread. Keep the casserole dish in the oven the whole time you’re baking the bread.

3. 25 gram of yeast is 1 tablespoon of dry active yeast.

4. You can buy fresh yeast from supermarket deli-counters and from health food shops.

To enter this giveaway to win all this glorious bread baking equipment, all you need to do is leave me a comment, telling me which kind of bread you'd bake if you won...

Entry is for Australian residents only.

Winner will be drawn at random next Monday 2nd July.

Please feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries.


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I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Kitchenware Direct for their ongoing support of Aussie blogging - they really understand SEO, and they "get" that Aussie bloggers have influence, trust capital and also high authority.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Working with Brands (my thoughts on blog sponsorship)

This offer was on the reverse of my business card, for the Digital Parents Conference attendees - now extended to ALL my readers - just use code KWDFREEKNIFE at checkout!

Working with Brands (my thoughts on blog sponsorship)

In the years that I have been blogging, I’ve managed to consistently work with some really great brands, large and small.

I get emails from other bloggers regularly, asking me how I managed to score such great deals, such generous giveaways or such effective partnerships.

Whether its freebie product samples, big ticket appliances or cash sponsorship to events, I have been really lucky to score.

Or is it really luck?
Do I curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and watch all manner of amazingly offers just drop into my email box?

Do I blog intermittently and gather a few followers and all of a sudden PR companies and brands want to leverage off my random audience?
Do I wish so hard I could work from home that it just magically manifests?
Sadly, not.

But I started in 2010 with a commitment to blog daily, about a broad cross section of topics that may spark the interest of my small audience. And I stuck to that commitment.
I also promised myself to engage with my small readership – through a two way commenting system, through Twitter and through Facebook.
I also promised myself to draw up a decent media kit, just in case. Just in case I could ever dream to offer it to someone.

And I read a lot of blogs and commented on them all.

And gradually, my readership increased and my stats began to blossom.

My blog became, through 2010, an unpaid part time job. I would work on my blog, its content, on photos, on social media, on writing, for at least 4 hours every day. I averaged 25 hours a week. All unpaid. I volunteered myself to myself!

Some weeks it felt like I was kidding myself. That I was just dropping the kids at school, neglecting the housework, all to play on the internet, to write.

But every single day, I blogged, and I also made sure I did something to push forward, something to make an inroad into the possibility of earning a decent part time living from writing.

Gradually, once I was signed up to all of the various agenices and opportunities to give me good exposure, the offers slowly began to trickle in. The more I pitched, the more successes were mine.
The more I pitched, the more work I got. Who knew...!

Some were poor offers. Which I rejected.

If it didn’t “feel right”, I declined.
Some offers from brands were negligible, but I took them on board if I loved the product. I have never felt as if I sold myself for hand soap. If a hand soap is a great product that I love, I enjoyed working with it.

I approached Brad from Kitchenware Direct, in May last year, after I had happened across their site. They are an Aussie based organisation that sell everything you would ever need for your kitchen, online. They appealed to me from a consumer perspective as their website was so very user friendly and detailed. I noticed that they stocked exceptionally high quality products. And that they were indeed very social media savvy.

Kitchenware Direct started with 1 employee in 2007 and has now grown to over 40 employees. They are now the largest online retailer of cookware and kitchenware in Australia. Kitchenware Direct's success has come as a result of great prices, an easy to use website and above all outstanding customer service. This appeals to me. They are a small business who is driven by the needs of their customers in a digital world. And they do KNOW kitchenware! They are really proud to support the Australian blogosphere.

I approached them and offered to complete a review, on my blog, of a product I had already purchased myself. I offered to give.

Straight away, they offered to send me an item to review, with a giveaway to match. Win win.

Gradually, with me writing posts for them that were of genuinely good content, trust was built. I stuck to the self-imposed deadlines I set, and engaged with a consultative approach with Kitchenware Direct as to what would work best for them. We worked as a team. They sent me useful products to review in exchange for a little bit of my internet real estate.

So, six months later, when I realised I would like to attend the Digital Parents Conference,  I felt comfortable in approaching them for full sponsorship. We already had built a mutually beneficial relationship. I set out a flexible proposal that would benefit them, that I would enjoy delivering, that would be useful and worthwhile in terms of content for my readers.

Win, win, win.

I am now able to offer high value giveaways to my readers, because the trust between me and Kitchenware Direct is solid.

Writing a review post for a Kitchenware Direct product takes me hours. I use the product a lot first, so that I know I can be accurate.

I take a lot of photos and I recipe test fully, sometimes three or four times.

The end result? Good content, quality posts, a genuine review, and a generous giveaway.
Win win win.

In the few years that I have been blogging I have worked with a lot of brands.

The key word here is WORKED.

I have worked at it. I have worked on my blog, and off it. And I have worked, sometimes for free, for brands I genuinely feel an affinity for. I cannot fake it. I love it. But it is work.

I am lucky that I love the work that I do…

Any questions on this, please email me!

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The highs and lows of DPCON12

naomi suz kirrily mrs woog kelly be a fun mum
Naomi, Suz, Kirrily, Mrs Woog, Kelly

The highs and lows of DPCON12

If you've been reading any of my blog recently, you will know I have had a weekend away in Melbourne, attending the Digital Parents Conference.

If you were watching the tweetstream of #DPCON12, you'll see how much social media chat there has been surrounding the event.

The social media chat is nothing in comparison to the chat that goes on in real life at such events!

My highs?

  • The socialising. It was tops. I spent a great deal of time with close friends. I hope on hope that I did not ever appear "cliquey". But I am proud, very proud, of my posse. They are the girls who know me, who I can truly relax with, who "get me" totally.  I can cry ugly snot with them, and they do not judge, and I love them. So I will not apologise for spending a great deal of lovely time with them.
  • The new friendships made and deepened. Bloggers I know I clicked with, from real life and from blogging - we sought one another out for the first time or again - to share. To hug, to chat. To laugh. Gold.
  • The content. Blogging for social good, presented by Darren from ProBlogger, was a panel discussion that made the cogs of my brain start whirring.  The idea of blogging for social good is still whispering in my ear and and echoing in my heart. Watch this space.
  • I was also avidly involved with Nicole Avery's Blog Coaching Boost session, and came away with this - set yourself an absolute goal for your blog, stick to it. and then the decision making process in relation your blog becomes easy. Oh, how obvious, but how I need to hear and implement that!
  • The Kleenex Mums Photo Booth. Tops!
  • Hotel breakfasts. I bloody LOVE hotel breakfasts.
The lows? Not long enough. Not enough time to chill and take it all in.  That is all.

I had a wonderful time.

If you regret not going, promise yourself that next year you will?

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I worked closely with a brand, as their brand ambassador, to attend the Digital Parents Conference. I
am very grateful to Kitchenware Direct for their support.  I am planning on sharing my thoughts in relation to working with brands on my blog over the next few days - so watch out for that - it will give non-conference attendeeds a taste!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The 5-in-1 Multi Cooker - a giveaway!

Kitchenware Direct 5-in-1 Multi Cooker - a giveaway!

The 5-in-1 Multi Cooker - a Kitchenware Direct giveaway!

(And if you want any more brilliant pressure cooker recipes, all you need to do is pop over here to this very cool pressure cooker recipe site!)

I asked advice the other day, on rice cookers.

I have always wanted one, and previously had bought a very cheap one from KMart which turned out to be a total waste of time. I chucked it out in the hard waste. (Can you see a pattern occurring here?!)

So whilst my first experience of rice cookers was poor, I was convinced that they had to be a good idea. I am more than a little obsessed by kitchen gadgetry, and I have plenty of bench space for "things with cords and plugs" as the lovely husband likes to call them.

The rice cooker - I have tried stove top and microwave and I can, of course, cook rice. But the idea of a rice cooker doing it all automatically is very appealing. And the idea of being able to cook real recipes in a rice cooker too - risotto style dishes - enticing!

I love any set and forget type appliance. Timed one pot meals that just do their thing, whilst I get on and do MY thing....

So when the lovely people at Kitchenware Direct got back to me too suggest some brands of rice cookers, I was intrigued when the also pointed out the New Wave Five In One Multi-Cooker. I went on to read the squillions of reviews that customers have left on the product too...and was impressed.

It's a gadget that handles the workload of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric pan/pot, soup/rice cooker and steamer.

I have never owned a pressure cooker, but my Granny and my Mum both used theirs all the I figured it's probably time to give that concept a whirl!

As you'll see from all sorts of my other recipes, I am a fan of slow cooking in general.

We are coming into soup season - I adore home made veggie soups.

But the absolute best thing about this device? The pot has a browning function. All those slow cooker recipes and risotto recipes where you need to brown onions and brown meat first? I'll be honest, I never bother. I never want to have two pans to wash up. I love cooking but at my age and stage with small kids, my priorities are nutrition and EASE. Easy and quick to prepare.

So when I realised that this The 5-in-1 Multi Cooker allows you to brown off first, then simply change a setting to move to pressure cooking or slow cooking or rice cooking - I am there! How cool!

So my first experiment was some homemade minestrone soup. (We have glut of tomatoes that need to be used. Minestrone fits the bill.) I browned the onion and the garlic off first, and softened the carrots in the electric pot, on the browning function, then chucked the other ingredients and and set it to the soup function. 15 minutes later we had utterly perfect minestrone.

easy minestrone recipe

On Tuesday I made, so simply, chicken and tomato risotto. I browned the onion and chicken off, added the rice, then flicked the setting to steam, added all the other ingredients, closed the lid, and 7 minutes later (in which I Tweeted...) the risotto was ready to serve and it was the perfect texture and consistency!

slow cooker risotto

And the very best thing about this Multi Cooker?

I have one to giveaway!

Thanks to Kitchenware Direct, I have one of these little beauties to give away to one lucky reader. Valued at $189, they have kindly offered one up as a prize to one of my lovely followers.

All you need to do is leave me a comment, telling me what YOU would cook in this marvellous gadget.

Pop over to Facebook and like Kitchenware Direct over there too, perhaps?

Giveaway closes Easter Saturday, and I shall let the winner know via email. The winner will be picked by Open to Australian residents only.

So, what would YOU cook in this fantastic cooker? And if you want any more brilliant pressure cooker recipes, all you need to do is pop over here to this very cool pressure cooker recipe site!

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Kitchenware Direct Giveaway

I am currently at the Digital Parents Conference thanks to Brad Russell and the team at Kitchenware Direct!


Monday, 26 March 2012

How's it going?

Image from here
I have had a great many texts and emails and messages over the past week or so, wishing me luck for my new working week. Lots of you have asked me how it's all going. So I thought I would do a quick update -

  • The job itself is HUGE, and exciting.
  • Working in the city is a buzz.
  • Forcing myself to have a shower every morning and put make up on is a shock to the system - I had not realised how, as a work at home mum, I had always put off my grooming 'till later...90% of my showers were taken at night. So leaving the house first thing in the morning, all clean, is a revelation!
  • I like dawdling in the car in traffic - I love listening to the radio in the mornings, alone in the car.
  • My lovely husband is tops. He is currently working full time himself, as well as being a painting and decorating demon, who has also become the drop off Daddy. He gets the kids to school much earlier than I ever did, and is apparently very organised.
  • We have eaten a proper meal each night.
  • I like working. Really really like it.
  • The kids are all happy and settled and they think its funny that I clatter into the school playground in my heels a few minutes late every day to pick them up.
  • Other school Mums are sensational - they have told me to send a group text if I am going to be late and not to worry.
  • I like wearing corporate attire every day. I also love getting into my trackies the minute we get home.
  • I love watching crap on the telly after a mind boggling hard days work, with my head in my lovely husbands lap.
  • Diet and exercise? What's that?
  • My blog is suffering at my lack of time. (This will sort itself out, I am sure.)
And so starts another week....

I will, however, be at the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne on Friday, which I am looking forward to a great deal. (And huge thanks the team Kitchenware Direct and particularly Brad Russell, their SEO and E-Commerce Manager, for sponsoring me to attend...)
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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Breakfast for dinner?

Breakfast for dinner - an idea way to use my new Scan Pans from Kitchenware Direct!


I had a clear out of my freezer the other day - it's a large and capacious thing, my stand up freezer. There are things lurking at the back, that whilst I am sure are food safe, have been in there a little too long.

And on investigating, it seems that 16 loaves of bread is a little excessive.

And bacon? We don't actually eat bacon all that often - so I am not sure what I was doing hoarding over 3kg of best short back?

As a result, we had a huge cooked "breakfast" for dinner the other night. The kids loved it for it's novelty - they are partial to bacon and eggs, I realise. So a fry up is a thing I must indulge in a little more often!

The first thing I realised as I was cooking the eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast - the timing is crucial.

Scan Pans from Kitchenware Direct
How I love a cooked mushroom - even better in a Scan Pan from Kitchenware Direct!

And the second vital element to a good cooked brekky? Decent pans!

The lovely husband and I had soldiered on with the same cheap and nasty pans we bought back in 1998. They were rubbish. So a few months ago, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in some Scan Pans.

Initially I was reticent - could any saucepan or frypan be that good? Was I being wooed by the marketing that is Masterchef, who seemed to have Scan Pans on product placement and ads every two minutes?

Let's face it, $899 for three pans is a frightening large amount of money.

But I also need to acknowledge that I am more that happy to pay for quality kitchenware products if they do they job brilliantly and if they last.

Then Kitchenware Direct had a deal on their scan pan range that was too good to resist - half price Scan Pans. So as a birthday present to myself last year, I bit the bullet and purchased the Scanpan IQ 3 piece Set with Frypan and Saucepans.

I'll be totally honest here - I did not dare tell the lovely husband about the price. That said, in just a few weeks after I bough the pans, he was declaring himself in love with them. I have never really heard him was lyrical over cookware before, but he is seriously impressed. We have not used any other pans since. (Which reminds me - my pot cupboard really needs a sort out! I can turf the old crappy pans now!)

Cooking is a pleasure for me, mostly. But it can feel like a chore. And I realise I am enjoying cooking more, now that I have decent equipment - the quality makes all the difference. And that I scored the Scan Pans for half price makes the purchase a sweet one.

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner?

Do you think quality kitchen ware makes all the difference?

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I purchased the Scan Pans all by myself, from Kitchenware Direct. They didn't send me any freebies.This post is entirely my own opinion.

Kitchenware Direct, are, however, most generously sponsoring me to attend the Digital Parents Conference in on Friday March 30th. That they support the Australian blogging community like this makes me loyal...Brad Russell from Kitcheware Direct is also an expert on all things SEO - I have tailored this post to make it SEO friendly, and it now ranks really highly!

Digital Parents

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baking Muffins in an Electric Frying Pan...

Despite only being a few years old, my oven blew up last week. Annoyed? Yes.
Anyway, it's given me an excuse to buy an new one, and the upside is that the old busted oven badly needed a clean, so at least I have been reprieved of that worst chore in the world task.

In between times, though, I have a pile of rapidly browning bananas that the kids want me to turn into choc chip banana muffins.

So, how to bake cakes and muffins without an oven? How to cook muffins or banana bread in an electric fry pan?

I remember my Granny once telling me that when she built her house in the late 1930's, before their kitchen was installed, that she baked cakes in her old Sunbeam.

So I have been experimenting with baking in my electric fry pan.

The recipe I used was this one here - a firm favourite with the kids for lunchboxes -

3 ripe bananas
2 cups Bran flakes or All Bran (or whatever cereal you're trying to use up!)
1½ cups skim milk
2 eggs
3 tablespoons light olive oil
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1½ cups self-raising flour, sifted
2 tablespoons soft brown sugar
1 cup chocolate chips

1. Take a large mixing bowl and mash up the bananas
2. Add the cereal cereal and the milk and combine and leave to one side for a few minutes
3. In the meantime, find a cooling wire rack that will fit into the electric frying pan
5. Find a muffin tin or a cake tin or a loaf tin (metal or silicone) that fits into your electric fry pan

6. Preheat your electric fry pan to it's highest temperature, with the cooling rack and baking tin in it, with the lid on.
7. In a measuring jug, beat together the eggs, the olive oil and the vanilla. Pour into the muffin mixture, and combine.
8. Add the flour, sugar and choc chips, and stir to combine - but don't over mix.

9. Spoon the muffin mix into the muffin/cake/loaf tin and put the lid on.

10. Bake for one hour.
11. Cool on a wire cooking rack.

The result? They are good! They are heavier than normal, and stickier, but this actually works well for lunchboxes I think!

This post is proudly bought to you by my broken oven and a whole load of chocolate chips.

It is also bought to you by the wonderful crew at Kitchenware Direct who are kindly sponsoring me to attend the Digital Parents Conference at the end of March. Thanks to Brad Russell of Kitchenware Direct who has also organised a great offer for me to take to the conference too!

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Lemon Melting Moments...

The kids go back to school on Monday.

We have nothing much more planned for this last weekend of holidays aside from lawns and laundry.

I realise I have to deal with the lunchbox monster again as of Monday.

So I asked Olivia (who is just about to go into year three. How did THAT happen?!) which home made baked treaty thing she loved best.

Straight away she told me that she loves "Grannies chocolate crumble cake" best, but her second best favourite is "the crumbly round white biscuits squashed together with lemon icing stuff".

Ahhh, they'd be Lemon Melting Moments then...


  • 125g butter, softened

  • 3/4 cup (115g) plain flour

  • 1/4 cup (45g) icing sugar

  • 1/3 cup (50g) custard powder (or cornflour)

  • Icing

  • 60g butter, softened, extra

  • 2/3 cup (110g) icing sugar

  • Juice and zest of one small lemon 

    1. Preheat oven to 160`c
    2. Line 2 cookie trays/baking sheets with baking paper.
    3. Use an electric mixer to beat butter until pale and creamy. Add the flour, icing sugar and custard powder (or cornflour) and then use a wooden spoon to stir to combine.
    4. Using your hands, roll teaspoonful of the dough into balls. Place the balls 3cm apart on the lined trays.
    5. Use a fork dusted in icing sugar to gently flatten. Bake in the preheated oven, swapping trays halfway through cooking, for 20 minutes or until just cooked through. Remove from oven and allow to cool on a wire rack.
    6. To make the icing, use an electric mixer to beat the butter and icing sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy. Add the lemon rind and juice and stir with a wooden spoon until combined.
    7. Spread the icing mixture over the flat side of half the biscuits and sandwich together with remaining biscuits.
    8. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

    Tell me, do you make homemade stuff for your kids lunchboxes? What is their best favourite?
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    PS I have linked, through this recipe, to a whole load of beautiful bakeware on Kitchenware Direct. I shall be linking to them ongoing for a few reasons. I have worked with them before, and the lovely people at Kitchenware Direct have been kind enough to sponsor my attendance to the upcoming Digital Parents Conference. As well as this, they are a brilliant online store for all my cooking requirements and I use them a lot!

    Sunday, 4 September 2011

    Get your bake on...A Giveaway!

    It only takes a quick flick through some of the recipe posts on my blog to realise that whilst I am very clear on the benefits of healthy eating, I also tend to bake a lot of treaty things for the kids. Morning tea, lunchboxes, recess, afternoon tea - all require a little something.

    And I love to bake. With or without the help of the kids, I love the therapy and peace that I gather from baking.

    I love to know there is a big stash of homemade things ready for the kids to help themselves from.

    My own Mum was famed, in her day, for her treaty little baked items. I suppose I like to replicate that feeling of home baked abundance? She used to have an old fashioned spritz biscuit press. I loved it when she bought that out for an afternoon baking session.

    So when I spotted this modern day version of a cookie press on the Kitchenware Direct website I was intrigued. And straight away I wanted to try it. (I am, after all, a self professed gadget girl!)

    My lovely husband was sceptical, to be honest. He loves a homemade biccie along with everyone else but was suspicious, I think, of an electrical cookie press.

    The cookie press comes with all the attachments in the box, for both biscuit shapes and icing nozzles.

    The instructions are idiot proof, and come with recipes that work perfectly with the press.
    (I am generally fairly haphazard when it comes to recipes - not so this time - I followed to the letter so that I could indulge in the most buttery flavour and most melt in the mouth consistence!)

    And the gadget worked perfectly.

    So simple, so fast! I am a Mummy who gets persuaded into cake stall production twice a year for school. The next cake stall will see my time reduce and my output increase - I shall make these cookies my signature contribution!

    My daughter Lexie has helped me make these biscuits using the Cuisinart Cookie Press - she loved its clever gadgetry and the fact that she can operate it safely by herself without brute strength!

    So impressed by the cookie press, I asked the lovely team at Kitchenware Direct if they would like to put together a stash of baking utensils as a giveaway for my readers.

    Together we put together a pack, containing the everything you need to bake up a storm:

    If you would like to win a baking set (valued at approximately $100) made up of the following lovely items, all you need to do is:

    • Make sure you are following my blog
    • Pop on over to the Kitchenware Direct Facebook page and "Like" them - you'll be glad you did - their specials are amazing and they run a lot of cool competitions and giveaways...
    • Leave me a comment telling a childhood baking memory...
    • Open to Australian residents only
    • Closes midday Monday 12 Sept CST
    • Winner notified via their blog/email