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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sunrise (It shoulda been me.....♫)

I was asked to appear.

I couldn't make it.

Too short notice.

Wrong side of the country.

Too many children.

Husband too stretched.

Ah well, such is life.

But for anyone watching Sunrise on Channel 7 this morning, their last segment is about hypnotherapy, with Mark Stephens.

I should be on there too. Bugger.

Evidently my nano second of fame is scheduled for another time, another place........

It's all good.....

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Do you want the key to making any diet work?

Hey everyone

This is not a promotion.

This is not a review.

I am not being paid, or flattered, or sponsored to write this post. (Yet!)

BUT........I have been given a pile of Think Slim CD's. By Mark Stephens of Think Slim

Which I want to give away.

But I do not want to give them away to folk just for the sake of a freebie.

SO, here are some questions for you:

  • Do you want a helping hand with weight loss?
  • Do you want to try and find the "missing link" to your relationship with food?
  • Do you want a tool that can help you, that works alongside any eating plan?
  • Do you need some weight loss for the mind?
  • Are you tired of trying diets, only for your self talk to get the better of your efforts?
  • Do you want to get committed to healthy living?
  • Do you want more restful sleep?
  • Are you open to self guided relaxation and self guided hypnosis?

If you can answer yes to the above, then all you need to do is send me a stamped addressed CD mailer. It is that simple.

(If you have read my blog for a while, you'll know I do use the Think Slim program. It works, wonderfully, for me. For my thoughts on the program, please see these posts......)

Friday, 4 June 2010


I am away to an early bed.

Candle is lit.

Flannie jammies are ready.

Hotwater bottle is in the bed, ready. ('Tis absolutely freezing here tonight.)

And  I will be listening to this:

Hypnodiet: Lose Weight, Feel Fabulous - the Stress-free Way - The reviews make for intersting reading alone!

(I actually read the book and then listened to the CD  yesterday during my nanna nap. All the way through. Without truly falling asleep. I feel very inspired.)

And I may just add this find to Holly's Tickled Pink Friday's too.....

Night all...............

504 Main

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

It's Giveaway Time..........

If you look back here and here, you will notice that I have been promising a giveaway................

And so here it is!

This whole dieting bizzo, for me, has been life changing.

I have had so much help along the way to keep me on this journey.

And as a result, there has been a lot of components that have all been added to my "toolbox" for healthy living.

SO, I figured the very best thing for me to giveaway at this stage would be a package of things for anyone wanted to:
  • Embark on a journey to health
  • Kickstart a diet
  • Start living more healthily
  • Eat less move more
  • Gain slimness
  • Lose some lard
  • Diminish
  • Nurture themselves
Whatever you want to call it, however you want to phrase it, if you want to drop a dress size, or indeed if you need to lose 10 dress sizes, then this giveaway package is for you!

My box of goodies to you contains:

  • A smart little pedometer (so you can move more!)

  • A copy of the brilliant book "Think Slim" by Mark Stephens, which also contains access to a free MP3 Think Slim hypnotherapy session (so you will find it SO much easier to eat less!) One of the mainstays of my diminishing journey has been self guided hypnotherapy. I recall raving about its benefits here. Particularly Mark's Think Slim Program. It really is amazing, and I honestly credit the fact that I have remained on this journey of mine in no small part to his concepts. (Plus, at the risk of sounding like an advert here, the service I have recieved from the team at "Think Slim" is amazing as well.)

  • A beautiful beautiful Coconut, Lime & Lemon Verbena Parafait boxed gift set, so that you can just nurture yourself a little.

So...............if you would like to win all this, all you need to do is:

  • Follow me....
  • Comment, and tell me why you would like to diminish: give me your best and most honest reason

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Think Success, Think Slim

One of the many tools in my dieting toolbox is self guided hypnotherapy.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the combined tools of relaxation and mind-re-programming has been vital for me.

Having the hypnotherapy to "fall back on" in terms of motivation and support has been integral for my overall motivation.

This journey of health is a long one for me. Slow and steady. And being able to focus my motivation and my efforts by lying down in the cool of a darkened room at night, listening to self guided relaxation CD's and MP3 tracks continues to be a treat. A very effective treat.

There are, of course, various different hpnotherapists out there. The media have recently "discovered" what they have coined as "hypno-dieting" through the successes of the likes of Lily Allen, who have lost weight through utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming via hypnotherapy.

I feel a little smug, because I have been utilising hypnotherapy for a while. It has helped me sleep, helped me give birth painlessly, enabled me to stop smoking for good.

Obviously I have also utlised hypnotherapy for my weight loss too.

My favourite, in terms of content, voice, message and overall effectiveness is a clear cut winner:

Think Slim

I am not usually in the business of "touting" weight loss products, but I kind of figure that if it genuinely works for me, then credit where credit is due.......
The service and support I have recieved from this organisation has also been quite incredible too. Plus, of course, it is Australian. So, overall, a winner! Below is a newsletter which illustrates some really cool success stories.

Think Success Newsletter

Off to retire now, to the cool of my bedroom to listen to another Think Slim session..........

Monday, 18 January 2010

5.32am. Think Slim.

I am up


Coffee in hand

I will walk this morning

I am feeling hopeful and so energized.

I have been listening to my Think Slim sessions.

It is working.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

F*** Diets!

Ha, that go your attention?

Before you all (All? who I am kidding?) start chucking a fit, thinking that I am "giving up" on this whole diet shannanigans, hold up. bear with me on this one.

As some of you may know, I am a fan of hypnotherapy.

I know just how powerful the mind can is. It can make or break us.

I think it was Henry Ford that said:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right "

I have previously used Slim Forever (very effective, but an American accent, which grated on me. Body sounded like bardy.)

And I am committed to Think Slim, by Mark Stephens, which is great, and I have his whole collection, and there are just so many tracks on the MP3 player and so many CD's (all covering different food and weight issues) that it is a whole toolbox of therapy all by itself.

I also have Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Slim" book and CD, which I am sure is probably really effective, but his voice is just too "gameshow host" for me. Too gimmicky a vibe.

So, when I found out recently that Susan Hepburn had a new book out.........ooooooh, excited! (I could only find it via Amazon, annoyingly, no where in Australia seems to stock it yet.)

I promptly ordered my copy and thanks to Amazon it arrived quickly. And it works. 3 days in, and I can honestly say it is working. And the sleep that the hypnosis induces is also very very lovely.

I have actually just emailed Ms Hepburn herself, to ask, "Does hypnosis work if I fall asleep in the middle of the CD?" (Basically, her self guided relaxation is so good that I am fast asleep before she gets to the "good bit" LOL!)

(But it definately does appear to be working, so maybe I shouldn't worry so much?!)

Watch this space. I feel a new surge of energy with regard to this weight loss caper.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Goal setting.........

OK. Time to start evaluating some goal setting.

I realise that between high ropes and makeovers, I have been cruising a little.

I am learning so much about myself and my life and what I want, that my main aim of releasing weight and gaining fitness has kind of dropped to second place.

I am still losing weight consistently but it is more like 1.5kg a month, which is great, but I realise it will take me an awful long time to get to my goal if I continue to just chug along that slowly.

SO, with some renewed focus on the main issue of losing shedding weight, here is my new plan:

  • I have re-enrolled for another 20 week program of Better Bods with Lynda
  • I have re-enrolled for further group personal training on Wednesday mornings for cardio/weights
I need to go back to basics in order to lose weight more quickly. In order to achieve this I will:

  • Start using a more prescribed and stricter eating plan again: Breakfast of a Kate Morgan protein shake, fruit snack, lunch (low fat protein), fruit snack, dinner (low fat high protein). Revisist Calorie King
  • At least 2l of water a day
  • At least 6 exercise sessions a week.
  • Revisit the Think Slim (Mark Stevens has just sent me the original CD sessions as well as the new MP4 program)

If I do all of the above (and let's face it, none of them are hard, all are easy, I know I can do it) every day, then I will be back in a position of losing at least 0.7kg a week. Which would put me at goal just in the nick of time!

As I said to Lynda, I know I can do this. I have been doing it. But now I want to soar..........