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Friday, 16 December 2011

End of term - and not a day too soon...

This is what the end of term looks like...

This is going to be a short, sharp and shiny post. (I am absolutely bloody exhausted.)

The kids are knackered too. So much so, that this week has been spend in multiple meltdown tantrums from Lexie. She has just come to the end of her first term in reception. She is overwhelmed with tiredness and does not cope well. She was so buggered this afternoon that she ran into a tree. I know it possibly looks like I have beaten her - and whilst I threaten this all the time, I did not actually punch her - it was the tree.

Olivia sobbed her heart out at the fact that she must move on next year from one favourite teacher, to a new classroom, a new class and a new teacher.

Charlie is devastated that he will miss his mates for the next six weeks.

The cake stall is done and dusted and we raised a small fortune. Result. Mission accomplished. I was even given a little certificate of appreciation - very spesh!

We've received end of year reports - I could not be more proud.

We managed to get to the end of another term without getting a does of nits. 11 terms down, 32 terms to go.

It's the end of term, and I am grateful for that.

Relieved and grateful that we are DONE with school until February.

Relieved and grateful that they all had such a happy year.

Grateful for their little school and the lovely teachers and grateful to all the other parents that give of themselves and their time.

Grateful not to have to do any school runs next week.

Grateful for my vino.

Grateful for my beckoning bed.

Happy weekend everyone...

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas past, Christmas present...

Gratuitous shot of my tomatoes...

I'm  from the UK, and in December's past I would be skating on black ice right about now, at this time of year. Hunting down Brussel Spouts and Satsumas for Christmas. Dragging real trees onto the roof rack and shopping in the sleet and cold and dark.

In December in England it is, quite literally, dark at 3.30pm. Vile.

I spent 25 Christmas days in England, and it never once snowed. I never once "enjoyed" the heralded "White Christmas". (Nor did I have to endure travelling in treacherous blizzards. A white Christmas, or indeed snow of any description, was never as romantic as it turns grey, dirty and inconvenient before you can even find your mittens.)

I once had the rare treat of Christmas "off work". I worked in restaurants, and Christmas was, obviously, an intensely busy time of year. I had one singular Christmas Day off in a decade. I knocked off at around 9pm on Christmas Eve, and drove, excitedly, home for Christmas. This song would most certainly have been on my the mix tape I had playing in my car. Along with the heater, full blast.

Sounds all glistening and festive, doesn't it?

Try it in fog so thick that you literally cannot see beyond the bonnet of your red Festiva. Oh, joy of the season! Not! My shoulders so crunched up from leaning forward that I ached; my knuckles white with gripping the steering wheel in concentration.

Add the desperate need for the toilet into the mix - a 5 hour drive in dense fog? But I dared not pull off the motorway for fear that I actually would never be able to find my way back to the road and would spend my Christmas day in a servo with a whole load of other fog bound strangers. Or worse, alone with the servo attendant.

So, today, as I shopped for fresh raspberries and huge local strawberries, in my shorts and sunnies, I realised how bloody grateful I am for the fact that I live in Australia.

I am grateful for hot days and fresh fruit and the fact that I have ripe tomatoes in my garden before Christmas.

I am grateful that I do not have to work over Christmas, nor do I have to do any ridiculous late night drives through fog to be with my family.

I'm just a grateful kind of girl tonight...

Linking up with Maxabella, as I do...

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Friday, 25 November 2011


I have been working hard it the city this week. Adelaide is a city in spring bloom. It's beautiful.

I drive in - and I have a blissful half hour or so in traffic through the Adelaide CDB (Up North Terrace, left into Frome, right onto Flinders, across Victoria Square and into Franklin Street, for my local readers!)

I pass a church - it is quite beautiful. It celebrates its 150th birthday this year. Imagine. It's like the rest of Adelaide - old and gracious and I love it. At the moment, it has a magnificent Jacaranda tree in full and amazing bloom, which seems to curl around its old walls.

So I am grateful for Adelaide. I am grateful for the signs of summer, and Jacaranda trees and their purple snow. We are on the cusp of change and I say bring it on.

I am grateful for my journeys into the city with my podcasts filling the car. What a glorious multi task that is - podcasts via itunes onto my iPhone with a little jack coming through my car stereo. And I use the red lights to slap my face on.

And here we are at the weekend. We have some unavoidable family chores to attend - I shall bite my lip and thank my lucky stars. By Sunday, all will be bliss.

I'm a happy grateful girl at the moment.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

More than kisses, letters mingle souls...

I received a letter in the post yesterday.

In a white envelope, with the most beautiful hand writing ever.

I grinned at the postmark, and tucked it into my bag.

Eventually, after hauling three children and their school bags and some groceries into the house; after dishing up some dinner, I retrieved the letter.

It had a satisfying weight and fullness to it, that envelope.

With a cup of tea, I kicked off my shoes, and settled down to open my letter and read it.

It was a delight. What a wonderful thing is a letter, capable of conveying across immense distance, a warm human hand.

From a friend who knows me well. From a girl I know well. We met nearly ten years ago and became close straight away. She has a very special place in my heart and a wonderful and amazing connection to my eldest daughter. She is one of the gentlest souls I have ever met. Just seeing her name, or a photo of her, and certainly reading a letter from her - her aura and her sense of peace shines through and makes me calm. And she is funny too. Craploads funny, with the language, at times of a navvy, which makes me laugh with comfort.

And she wrote me a letter. It made me cry, because it made me feel close to her. It made me miss her, it made me appreciate her and it made me remember her: really remember. That letter made me feel like she was in my kitchen with me for a little while. Email does not have that ability. It was lovely.

So this evening I am grateful for handwritten letters. Pages of scrawl, of news, of love and hopes.

And now I am off to write one back.

Do you send or receive handwritten letters these days?

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Grateful for candles...

I have worked hard this week. I am studying to finish my Cert IV in  Property Services & Real Estate.

I am running round, as always, to make sure the kids are dressed, fed, and happy. They are all still so little. They are my number one priority. I am tethered to their needs and care.

The chores of a family of five do not magically disappear just because I am studying. The ironing basket still fills, and the last time I looked, there wasn't a little band of fairies waiting to empty the dishwasher nor scrub the toilet.

My usual work both at home and in the office still needs to be completed. I am writing to deadlines for work that I am really grateful for.

I still have a husband who wants to talk to me and who wants me to hold his head in my lap whilst we watch repeats of Mad Men with a glass of wine.

And I am enjoying a period of particular dedication to my health. So often, when I am burning my candle at both ends, I fall back into old habits of late night snacking and crappy food choices. An exercise session here or there may get missed. But not this week. I am mindful all the time that my healthy lifestyle cannot get ditched, just because life got busy.

I am grateful for the energy I seem to have managed to generate by eating supportively and exercising well that I know will keep me going over the next month or so.

So, this week I am grateful for candles that burn at both ends.

"My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends–
It gives a lovely light!"    

Edna St. Vincent Millay

What are YOU grateful for this week?

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Linking up, as I do, to Maxabella.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Women friends...

In a week where I have had no children through the days, and aside from some deadlines, no appointments, I was reminded of the importance of friends. And the importance of making time to see them.

So I have made the effort.

I made a list of those friends who are overdue a 'phone call.

To some overseas friends I have emailed them a proper chatter letter, rather than just clicking "Like" on a Facebook status.

I have left the odd message and text to those friends who I know are mad busy, just to let them know I am thinking of them.

We had friends over for a BBQ last weekend- their kids and ours ran wild together in the bush and came back tired and happy to devour sausages and bread with sauce. In between times we chatted, sipped, laughed and clinked. It was a riot - two families, children and parents: all firm friends. Easy. Social. Energy giving bliss.

I took a day off on Tuesday, for what my kids term a "Mummy Playdate". I met a friend and we went shopping. Handbags and shoes - my favourite kind of retail. We stopped for coffee, we perused the metaphysical store, and then had a glorious lunch together in the sun before hot footing it back to school to pick up the kids. Easy. Social. Energy giving bliss.

Yesterday I caught up with a friend who I had been missing for ages. She has small children and a career and is mid renovations and she lives on the other side of town. It's hard to co-ordinate. But we managed it. The venue was sensibly MacDonald's, which is positioned halfway between us, with half decent coffee and a play area for her little one. We had the time and space and inclination to catch up. Six months worth of news; challenges, wins, and laughter. It was good for my soul to see her, and I know she appreciated it as much as I did. Easy. Social. Energy giving bliss.

We have more friends coming around today. For a bowl of pasta and some ice cream - we will break bread together and laugh. She knows her way around my kitchen almost as well as I do. Hell, she knows my kids nearly as well as I do. We are so used to helping one another out, that we sometimes forget to just kick back and enjoy one another. Today, we will.

I still have a way to go. I still have coffees to arrange and nights out to organise. I have lovely friends. I am a lucky lucky girl. I need to make sure, as our lives get frantic and busy, that I do not let these friendships dwindle.

I am grateful for friends. They make my world a lovely place.

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Linking up, as I do, to Maxabella.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The end of an era...

I want to hold onto these last few days of the holidays.

On Monday, all three of my children will be going back to school.
No more lazy stay at home days for me and my children.
For the past seven and a half years I have almost wished away the days until they were all in school.
In the early days of three under three, I entered all of their start dates into my email calendar. It seemed, then, under the grind of nappies, toilet training, constant mess and toddlers, like a lifetime away.

If truth be told, the yawning boredom and the mundane grind of those early days were excruciating and nearly saw me lose my mental grip. It was not hard, as such. But was dull and monotonous and sometimes soul destroying. And no matter how much I knew that it would eventually get easier, the future seemed a long long time away.

The future has crept up on me. As each milestone has been reached; as each birthday has been celebrated, and as each "stage" has been dealt with, it gradually must have got easier. Who knew. It was so gradual. The volume of nappies has reduced. The high-chair was given away. Sippy cups replaced by mugs. Plastic baby plates replaced by normal crockery. The sling and the nappy bag replaced by a handbag and nothing else.

The strollers have all been passed on, as have the baby puzzles and the Shape-O toy.
The cot has been designated to the garage, along with the travel cot and the sets of Little People.

All three can read and write. They can swim and ride a bike.  I have one who can cook a meal from scratch, another who can tie their shoes and tell the time, and another whose problem solving and social skills simply blow me away. They grab a shower by themselves and brush their teeth un-nagged. They dress themselves and make their own breakfasts.

If I could freeze a stage of my parenting life, it would be now. Right now. Before I lose them all to school.

It is truly an end of an era, for me, for the lovely husband and our three littlies, who are not so little anymore.

I am sad, I am glad, I am sad, I am glad.

But most of all I am so very grateful that chance and circumstance and hard work have enabled me to be at home with them for all this time.  (Lovely husband, you made this possible for us, and I owe you big time. You are a gift that I never presume to take for granted.)

What are you grateful for this week?

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Hot date...

At the end of yet another very busy week, I am grateful to be able to slow the pace a little by snatching five minutes to write a blog post.

I have a date with my husband this evening.

I love him an awful lot; to smithereens in fact, and going out, just the two of us, for dinner, is sublime.

I am grateful for this love we have, and eternally grateful to friends who offer to babysit.

We will recharge our respective batteries, he and I, and top one another up with energy and laughter and gossip, and perhaps a little wine. We will untangle the weeks we've had, and catch up with all of each others various goings on.

We will give anecdotes as gifts to one another and share our wins.

We will, as we do, thrash out issues, plan, anticipate, and verbalise dreams, together. We will exhale and play footsies and flirt, as we sink into the weekend...

As always, I am grateful to him, that lovely husband of mine...

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you believe in fairies?

My elder daughter, Olivia, is nearly eight. She is mature and self composed, and fairly cool.

She is on the cusp of adopting all sorts of tweenager habits and interests.

She wears blue nail polish, wants to play the DS all the time, watches Lizzie Maguire and Naturally Sadie. She has tendencies towards a little bit of tweeny attitude at times.

But with the constant losing of wobbly teeth, and the repeat appearances of the tooth fairy for both Olivia and my son Charlie, it seems that a mature little girl can still be swayed to the magical belief in fairies.

Olivia and a crew of her little school friends have been collecting pebbles and flowers and writing notes over the past few days, to make a fairy ring.

To be honest, I am little fairy'd out, so I just let them get on with it, and didn't take much notice.

Until I went to collect her from school today, and was greeted with her beaming ecstatic face.

She and her friends had spent all recess creating a special fairy ring, in the hope of enticing a response from some magical little fairy creatures. A quiet spot on one of the school lawns had been picked out as the spot. Notes had been written, with, I believe, requests for chocolate, and fairy dust, and free wishes...

And upon returning to their fairy ring at lunch time, to survey their endeavours, they realised the fairies had indeed been!

Silver charms had been left, along with  a lolly or two, accompanied by an adorable little note from the fairies. All written in gold glittery pen, with some tiny petals added to the fairy ring.

I cannot begin to describe the joy and excitement that these fairy messages have evoked in my Olivia. She is utterly enchanted. The detail of the day and the activities and the reward all effervesced from her. She is so happy, she is holding the knowledge that fairies really do exist close to her heart.

So this evening I am grateful, so very very grateful to "the fairy" that created this magic for my daughter and her friends. Whether it was another Mum, or perhaps one of the older students, I am not sure. It could have been a teacher, or one of the school support officers. No one has 'fessed up. (No doubt they are holding the secret close too.)

But I am grateful that for the magical place we are can find ourselves in, when little girls can be little girls, and wonder and sparkle can be created from a little imagination and a little kindness.

Do you believe in fairies? 

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PS I am, of course, linking this up to Maxabella's weekly Grateful linky, which is being hosted this week by Brenda at Mira Narnie.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blossom and hammocks...

Not much from me today...

But I should tell you that I am looking forward to a blissfully quiet family weekend. (Minus children squabbling, obviously. In my dreams.)

We are painting and gardening and walking and just revelling in us and all that is Spring. I might do a little cooking. Or not. I shall sneak some reading in, and some cuddles.

I know it is Spring because the hammock has gone up and our Damson tree has sprouted blossom. I am grateful for both.

Image from here

I hope you have a lovely weekend......tell me your plans?

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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Captivator...

This is not my car. Mine is bigger, blacker and uglier

As usual on a Friday night, I am posting a little grateful.

This week there has been another whole load of wonderful things happen.

I have lost weight, the kids are all thriving, the lovely husband is gorgeous, and spring is sprung in my part of the world.  Blossom is budding on our Damson tree and that makes me very grateful for the turn of the seasons.

But most of all, I am grateful for my car. I live in him a lot. I love him.

He is called "The Captivator" for a whole host of reasons, and I take him for granted, badly.

He is filthy dirty, full of kindy craft, stale popcorn and old coffee cups. As well as compilation CD's, magazines and wrappers. Gross. I am a bit ashamed.

Tomorrow I will repay him his service to me, by showing my thanks via the car him how grateful I am...

Do you keep a clean car? Do you have a relationship with your car, or is it entirely impersonal?

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This week the grateful is all linking up over at Emily's...The Beetle Shack...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Followers, love and "fame"...

I generally try and do a "grateful" post every Friday, and link to Maxabella's Grateful linky.

I am going to use this weeks grateful post to also give some other shout outs too.

So, in no particular order, here are a mere selection of the things I find myself very grateful for this week:

1. Followers - whether you count their numbers or not, all bloggers love engagement, and so I am very thankful for all of the followers and return visitors I get.

My first ever follower was a young lady by the name of Melissa. She is a legend. She writes the blog Suger Coat It. She is my blog designer. She is my Skype chick. She recently wrote a brilliant post about women. Go have a read. You will adore her.

2. Encouragement. I had been blogging for a number of years when Sarah over at Just Me, encouraged me to "go public". I am so glad she did. Blogging has become my best and fave online activity. Sarah, on so many levels, you rock. Your quiet kindness in this world does not go unnoticed.

3. "Fame". A Current Affair, for reporting on a story last night with some level of sanity. News it was not, but they represented Mum Bloggers very well. It was my TV debut. In which I talked about speed and vomit. Classy. As my lovely husband said to me, Oprah has nothing to fear. If you missed it, the video clip is here.

4. Love. My lovely husband. Who comes home early, clinking with the sound of a bottle or two of wine, with a grin, to our weekend.

What are YOU grateful for today?

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Doctor

This week I am grateful for a squillion things.

But the one echo of this busy week is that I should be most grateful to our family GP.

Based in a practice, in a suburb a long way from where we now live, we have been seeing him, on and off, for over eleven years. (I sense that it is credit to him and his empathy that we still choose to attend this practice, despite its inconvenience?)

From upset tummies to smoking cessation to weight loss to depression, we have visited Dr Chris.

For unexplained infertility through to eventual antenatal care for babies, we have visited Dr Chris.

For septic arthritis in Olivia, to a hundred appointments for Charlie and his dodgy ears, as well as all the usual vaccinations and immunisations, we have called upon Dr Chris.

He has, quite literally, saved life and limb for us.

So today I am grateful to family general practitioners. To the ones who really care for families, who build a relationship, who work long hours, who are underfunded by medicare, who make house calls, who know their patients. To the ones that really give a shit, I thank you.

And particularly those GP's who know and sense that the last question a mother asks as she leaves the surgery is often the real problem - I am grateful, so grateful to you.

Do you have a good GP? Or do you struggle with an impersonal medical centre?

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Just me and him.

In a week where my feet have barely touched the ground for a variety of reasons, I am grateful for.....

Friday nights. The anticipation of the weekend ahead of us is gorgeous.

I am always grateful for the bliss of just talk talk talk talk talking with my lovely husband on the couch.

No TV, no Twitter, no Wii, nothing but lovely laughter and lovely conversations. There is a relief and a a connectedness about our Friday nights. I am lucky.

I am so utterly grateful to him, and for everything we become and achieve and enjoy, together.

That is all.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 15 July 2011

The week that was...

And here we are at the end of a school holiday week.

A week in which I have alternately pulled my hair out and cuddled my three children.

A week where I have revelled for a handful of sleep ins.

A week where my twitter and blogging friends assured me that Olivia will, one day, ride her bike without training wheels. One day. Maybe.

A week where I have cleared up less shit than usual.

A week my my gorgeous lovely husband bought me an iPad.

A week where I smooched a lot with my son, who is the most affectionate of souls whose dry sense of humour just cracks me up.

A week where I have seen all my children paint and paint and paint and love it.

A week that I have been blessed with the company of good friends and wonderful babysitters.

A week where my youngest has has started to read. All by herself. Magical.

A week where the weather has improved, and whilst it has been cold, it's been gloriously sunny and I have walked some steep hills.

A week where I have tried out a new stationary spin cycle and quite liked it.

A week where I have had a respite from yoga, and have been relieved.

A week where I have felt a peace settle upon me for the first time in months.

I am grateful for it all.

I am grateful for my world. It's a nice place to live and be. I am very lucky. I am grateful that this week I have had the time and sense to appreciate all that I am surrounded by.

As always, I am linking up with my blogging friend Maxabella

Tell me, what are you grateful for this week?

Friday, 8 July 2011


This evening I was overcome to look someone up that I have not been in touch with for over ten years. Rose.

So much has changed since then. For both of us, it seems.

I had been warned that she is really really busy these days.

But through a string of coincidences and a gut feel, I tried her number anyway, and it was as if she had almost been expecting my call.

We are connecting again, and I am so glad.

It has put such a smile on my face.

So, I am grateful for Rose, and grateful for serendipity...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Grateful for Mists...

View from our kitchen window - trees and mist...

I am grateful for winter and the excuse to hang out in my trackies and slippers every evening.

I am grateful for winter and the excuse to eat porridge and golden syrup for breakfast with the kids.

I am grateful for mist and the view from my kitchen window - some mornings this week, the ethereal atmosphere created by the mists has lasted until lunchtime at least. It's calming.

I am grateful for Downton Abbey on download so that we have been able to revel in the TV series without the annoyance of advertisments.

The downside of that is that we our internet download is now restricted and we are shaped....which makes me incredibly grateful for our normal lightening speed of internet connection. I now feel like a temporary IT pauper. (Indeed, this post make take hours, quite literally, to publish....)

I am grateful for Al of Pink Fibro fame for her sage advice on a pitch.

I am grateful to Maxabella for the incentive to post, despite speed restrictions.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Grateful for a table for two...

Tonight I am grateful for a few things.

I am grateful to have my house back to myself after weeks of guests.

I am grateful for being able to curl up on my couch and fall asleep in front of Hustle. Just me and my lovely husband, in peace.

I am grateful for my three gorgeous children, whose goodness has overwhelmed me - they have made me so proud - their grandparents are suitably impressed.

In turn, I am also very grateful to my parents in law.

They have babysat for us a fair bit this week - the lovely husband and I have eaten out, just the two of us, in some amazing restaurants.

The intimacy and conversations that eating out affords - I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for a table for two.

What are you grateful for this week?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Crook and ILs...

I am crook.

I have a bad crook neck that no amount of yoga can fix.

I have a cold sore and a zit, and I feel like shite.

My in laws are lovely, but they are also on their way, and so I am going to have to summon up some smiles and some energy from somewhere.

I cleaned today, like a demon, like you do when your in laws are imminent.

My lovely husband shakes his head and says "But you don't need to. They don't mind..."

Which is kind, but irrelevant. Because I mind.

So today I am grateful for some mundane things.

Grateful for the DVD player that kept Lexie amused all morning- she became quite enamoured with six episodes of Milly and Molly, quite happily watching it over and over as she pottered around.

                             Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

I am grateful for Neurofen and hot showers for my crook neck.

             Source: via Lucy on Pinterest


I am grateful that Masterchef gave me mindless televisual viewing this evening. (More on that next week - I have a rant brewing.)

I am grateful that I can hit publish on this, and then go to bed....