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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Now is the time to start...

Image - Saturday Evening Post, April 8th 1961

I realise today, in a burst of gorgeous sunny Adelaide weather, that NOW is the time to spring into action for Spring.

I do not want to arrive at Spring wishing I had done all the things I will wish I had done.

This term I am going to take advantage of my motivation and get organised NOW for Spring.

I want lovely lady arms in short sleeved t-shits. Toned and tanned.

I want my bum to not look big in this. This being anything at all.

I want my skin to be clear and glowing.

I want my hair to be shiny and on a permanent good hair day.

And how to I get all this in time for Spring?

Start now.

Eat right.

Move more. Run.

Work out with heavier weights at the gym and give it 100% every time.

Drink more water. Drink more water.

De-junk the pantry.

Sleep. Get a lot more early nights.

Put myself first when I can.

Monday, 28 March 2011

A Year From Now...

Go and do that thing, now.
Or at least start it.
Dream it...
Plan it...
Commit to it...
Do it.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

To resolve, or not?

I know the jury is divided on New Years Resolutions.

Some swear by them, others don't.






Wistful wants?





I have them all.

For me.

For my family.

For my home.

For my body.

For my health.

For my blog.

For my writing.

If you look back here, you'll see I am a girl who plans out what she wants and then works towards it.

This year is no different.

2011 will, quite simply, be my best year yet.

What about you? Tell me what you want?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

True to Type

This 20:20:20 is ON.

I have dug out the details on the different metabolic eating types and I re-did the questionaire. (This is the work of Paul Chek and William Wollcott, for anyone who wants to Google.)

I am a "mixed" type. Definately.

However, I have always been advised to eat to a protein type, as this is a faster way to lose weight.

Problem is, I find it virtually impossible to stick to a protein type diet, even in the short term.

So it is only actually faster if you can actually stick to it. Which I can't.

(The thought of all those effing egg whites again and all that no no no no. It makes me want to run and hide in a can of Pringles.)

SO, I am going to eat as a mixed type. I am going to stay true to type.

The deal with food, for me, then, is this:

1200 Calories per day

This is made up of:

10% Fat
40% Protein
50% Carbs

Which equates to:

13.3g of fat only
120g protein
150g carbs

I have reset my Calorie King to reflect this.

(Interestingly it is the first time I have been into Calorie King for what feels like forever. I last recorded my weight on there last November: 6 months ago. I have maintained my weight since then. Phew)

I have pre-planned todays food and tracked it already.

I need to up my daily water guzzling habits.

What about you? Linky thing below. Just link to a post that shows us what you are up to diet/weightloss/exercise wise?

Monday, 26 April 2010

De-Clutter (of brain and body)

Thank you, everyone, for all of your birthday wishes.

I have felt a bit like a bloke in a cave about my birthday. I avoided the 'phone and Facebook and the postman. I wanted to avoid the birthday and all the well wishers.

And then I realise that it probably wasn't just my birthday I was avoiding, it was just life in general that made me want to avoid the 'phone and the people.

It has been a tricky start to the year for us, and I am feeling more than a little fragile.

Charlie is now really on the mend: he is now finally out of the cast, and it only took him a week to take his first unaided wobbly steps by himself. I cried. Enough said.

It has made me realise that I feel like I have been stuck on hold for a good few months.

So, this week coming up I am determined to make it a bit more about me me me me me.

I need to de-clutter this house of ours and de-clutter this brain of mine.

I need to de-junk the fridge and the pantry.

I need some new weight and fitness goals. I need some new plans.

I need to just push past all the crappolo that has been the past few months and get on with the diminishing.

Will you watch this space for my plans, and share this next stage with me?

Saturday, 3 April 2010


So many times, over the adventure of my losing weight, and through the activity of blogging about it, and through the delight of reading other weight loss blogs, I come across, time and time again, a similar problem.

In myself and in others.

In others it is frighteningly easy to pick up on.

In myself it is harder: the realisation is a lot slower.

And that is this: If I do not believe, it will not be.

If I do not believe that I can and will lose this weight and be the person and the figure and the size and the energy I want to be, if I cannot feel that belief, if I cannot visualise it and feel its magic, it simply cannot happen.

If I am not truly excited about the result and the required activities and  tasks required to get to the result, it will never happen.

If I truly believe, it can and will happen.

So, how can I get myself to a place where my belief (and so my activites and drive and motivation) are so strong that nothing can shake that belief?

Googling "goal setting" and indeed reading up on the thousands of articles available on "manifesting your future" will help.

But I need it to be all about me me me me me me.

I create vison boards through an image mosiac maker that helps me visualise and feel good about a future outcome.  More details here. It is a lovely activity that aids me to really focus my brain and explore how I want to feel. Well worth a play.

I create future statements. I write down how I am going to be feeling when I have achieved something. I learned this 'trick' a long while ago when I wanted to remain really focused on some huge targets at work about 15 years ago. It was amazingly effective then, and it still is. I write out those statements, and they still work. (Interestingly, my personal trainer makes us do them too.)

Recently another beautiful blogger pointed me in the direction of a very cool site that kind of automates this and makes it very official, so I am going to use that next. It's called Future Me, and it allows you to write out an email to your future self.......and delivers it at a set date. (In fact, I should do this soon......I may even copy my "future me" email in here............)

I use the hilarious and useful Face In Hole so that I can create acurate images of my future self. You have no idea how this transforms the level of belief I have. (Or how much fun you can have with it!)

And the best tool? The tool that requires nothing more than for you to just lie back and drift and dream. No internet connection required. Just brain space and a little peace as you drop off at night, to dream to visualise and to BELIEVE that you can do and be anything: anything you want to be.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

What do we want our life to look like next year?


Saturday, 21 November 2009



We were friends for a long time. Back when I rifled through my father’s
hidden stash of dark chocolate, you were there. When I sneaked Mars Bars from
the larder and hoped no one would notice, you were there. You even came along to my grandmother's house that summer when I was just six. How embarrassing to find that Granny had taped closed the lolly jar after she noticed I'd pilfered some.
You understood, though.

You were my friend, even when my Dad became sick and it shattered our
family. You stood by me when I lost myself in school. After our separation at
university, you appeared when I needed you again. You have been a steady friend,
available at any moment of any day. Boring weekend? Nothing to do? Tired?
Confused? Too much to think about? You were there offering a plate piled high of
hot buttered toast. Or best of all, offering a great big bag of crisps.

As I grew up (literally: upwards and outwards) my friends liked
you, too. We'd all go out and eat curries, or deep fried crumbed mushrooms and
potato skins. And a salty main course always called for something sweet, so we'd
create ice cream taste sensations with Mars bar sauce and peanuts. We were all
friends. We stuck together.

Who needs blokes when you have popcorn drizzled with butter or bowls of
Bhuja mix?

As it turns out, blokes are more interesting than you. You have
to admit, though, that occasionally, when we did get together, a whole pizza
would disappear and sometimes a pound-size bag of Maltesers, too. And I never
did practice moderation on that rare occasion we'd go a restaurant. Hello!? I
had to get my money's worth.

My job made it convenient to spend time with you, which was great,
wasn't it? All those tacos and freshly deep-fried chips? What's not to like
about deep-fried flour tortillas dusted with cinnamon sugar? Hot chips? My
constant companion.

I really never expected to see you once I got married. And I probably
wouldn't have if infertility hadn’t lurked. I will never forget the first time
we were together again. They're not kidding, are they? Once you pop, you just
can't stop. I had to hide that Pringles can when it was all over so my husband
wouldn't realize how much I ate when we reunited. We picked up right where we
left off, didn't we?

Married life stressed me out, but not because of the marriage itself.
The other stuff that happens to grown-ups challenged, teased and tested me -
bereavements, the infertility, moving, job changes, financial trials,
parenting, pregnancy, moving again--oh, and let's not forget the Sarcoidosis and
the Prednisone. I am so glad you were there for all of that. I am, really. You
were the one I could count on. Making friends is tough when you're a grown-up
and working at everything that was just too hard!

But here's the thing. I outgrew you, just as surely as I outgrew those
size 10 blue jeans. Sure, you still felt comfortable to me. You calmed me down,
welcomed me with open arms. But I grew tired of sneaking around with you. I
realised that you act like my Best Friend, but you sabotaged me. You stabbed me
in the back. You do not have my best interests at heart. It's really all about
you and was never about what is best for me.

But breaking up was hard to do. You became my worst bad habit,
the dark sin I repented of every Monday morning. I was embarrassed by the way
you dominated my time and I pretended that we weren't really that close. But it
was clear enough to anyone who looked at me and my extra chins. The telltale
signs told that we were on intimate terms. I preferred spending time with you
than anyone else.

So, you had to go. Food, you were the sorriest excuse for a friend
ever. All that time when I thought you were helping me, bringing me peace,
entertaining me, you were wrapping your chubby little fingers around my heart,
ready to cut off the circulation.

You were demoted. So, stay in your proper place. From now on, you
serve me, you nourish me, you keep me healthy. That's it. Our old relationship
was clearly sick.

I might be lonely for you and maybe I'll be tempted to call. You are so
familiar to me! The easiest possible solution to every problem! Bored? Sad?
Happy? Tired? Cause for celebration? Let's eat! I may want to call you. But I
can't. I've stopped. You are no friend, despite your chumminess.

We're breaking up for good.

And I mean it this time. Leave your key on the table and don't call me

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

F*** Diets!

Ha, that go your attention?

Before you all (All? who I am kidding?) start chucking a fit, thinking that I am "giving up" on this whole diet shannanigans, hold up. bear with me on this one.

As some of you may know, I am a fan of hypnotherapy.

I know just how powerful the mind can is. It can make or break us.

I think it was Henry Ford that said:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right "

I have previously used Slim Forever (very effective, but an American accent, which grated on me. Body sounded like bardy.)

And I am committed to Think Slim, by Mark Stephens, which is great, and I have his whole collection, and there are just so many tracks on the MP3 player and so many CD's (all covering different food and weight issues) that it is a whole toolbox of therapy all by itself.

I also have Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Slim" book and CD, which I am sure is probably really effective, but his voice is just too "gameshow host" for me. Too gimmicky a vibe.

So, when I found out recently that Susan Hepburn had a new book out.........ooooooh, excited! (I could only find it via Amazon, annoyingly, no where in Australia seems to stock it yet.)

I promptly ordered my copy and thanks to Amazon it arrived quickly. And it works. 3 days in, and I can honestly say it is working. And the sleep that the hypnosis induces is also very very lovely.

I have actually just emailed Ms Hepburn herself, to ask, "Does hypnosis work if I fall asleep in the middle of the CD?" (Basically, her self guided relaxation is so good that I am fast asleep before she gets to the "good bit" LOL!)

(But it definately does appear to be working, so maybe I shouldn't worry so much?!)

Watch this space. I feel a new surge of energy with regard to this weight loss caper.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

If I am not blogging, I am cruising.

And for the observant, yep, I have put on some weight.

But I guess the shock of putting on weight has kickstarted me into action. And as I am aware, if I blog, I am "good". If I am not blogging, I am cruising.

And whilst cruising is OK, it is not nice to put on weight.

So nose to the grindstone, if, for no other reason than to feel like I am controlling things myself, rather than food controlling me.

I get sent a little email occasionally from Linda Spangle (who writes a lot of books on emotional eating issues) and yet again it reminded me that this journey is one I do actually enjoy, and one that I do want to be on:

Real life didn't change just because you went on a diet. People still
bring cookies to work and invite you to birthday parties or happy hour. Others
entice you to share a dessert. And somewhere you may start to weaken. Perhaps
you get tired of planning and recording. Or you get side-tracked by stress,
fatigue or work challenges. Next thing you know, you give into temptation and
eat six cookies or have a couple glasses of wine.In reality, falling off your
diet isn't the end of the world. Unless -- you can't get back on it again.

That's what makes this such a critical point in your weight-loss plan.
What you do this week can affect the outcome of the entire year ahead. The late
Robert Cavett, founder of the National Speakers Association, once

"You don't drown from falling in the water. You drown because you
don't get back out."

So if you've slipped up, don't give up on your goals. Just get back out
of the water! And if you haven't slipped, make sure you prevent this by staying
focused in the days ahead. Here's a few ideas to help you stay on track with
your goals of losing and maintaining your weight.

Go back to what works: When you first started your diet plan, what
helped you make it work? What tricks did you use to drink enough water or avoid
food temptations? Was there a certain time of day that you did your exercise?
Make a list of things that contributed to your ability to stay on track. Then
put these ideas back in place and use them to make your program successful

Deepen your commitment: To strengthen your motivation, remind
yourself of all the reasons WHY you want to lose or maintain your weight. Then
spend an time giving extra attention, thought and effort to creating these
outcomes. At the end of the day, you will have deepened your commitment to your
program just by focusing harder on your goals.

Do one more day! Any time you're tempted to give up on your dieting
efforts, think about how much progress you've made so far. Then tell yourself
this:DON'T STOP NOW! Just do one more day! By following through with that simple
message, you'll immediately be another day closer to achieving your weight-loss
goals. And each time you stay on track for one more day, you'll have moved
further on the road toward a healthier life.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Reasons to break through....

This post might be in draft for a while whilst I accumulate all the reasons I can collect to break through this stagnant period.

Intellectually of course I know I want to carry on.

All reason suggests that getting back on a very focused plan is, of course, the best thing to do.

But I think I need to recall some of the more emotionally entrenched reasons to forge ahead.

Here are some of the things that have popped into my head today as I have pottered:

1. I was the one that chose to do this in the first place, against all odds. It was probably the last thing anyone imagined I would ever do, and I know it has seriously ticked some people off. And I'll be frank, it utterly delights me to think that I have the power to rattle those people with something as worthwhile as my personal fitness and appearance! Bring it on I say!

2. I was the one that chose this project. Let me finish it well, finish it on time, and finish it with more applause. I love love love the recognition that losing weight gives me. Big time. Whether it be positive comments from virtual strangers, amazed encouragement from friends, or comforting praise from Andrew, I revel in all those compliments. More please!

3. Conversely, if I chose to give up now, OH MY GOD. I will start putting on weight, which makes me feel sick to my stomach. What a waste that would be. Of time, of effort, of energy. I can only imagine how much sadness and immense regret that would bring me and I truly DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.

4. Nor do I want to give ANYONE the satisfaction, EVER, of being able to say or think "She couldn't keep it off. I knew she'd stack it back on." Shudder. Cringe. No way.

5. Fitting in the tiny seats in economy and being able to easily put the little flappy table thingo down is a joy. An utter joy.

6. I love getting glammed up with a fake tan and a flattering outfit. Love it. But it's only such fun if I know I am at the best figure I can be.

7. Raunchy sex.

8. More energy in general, for the kids.

9. I have given up smoking for goodness sake. After 26 years of smoking, I am finally a non smoker, which is about the healthiest thing I have ever done in my whole life. So to continue to lose weight on top[ of that is a huge achievement. And I want to bask in the smugness!

10. I have a sad yearning to carry on losing weight so I can go on some cheesy "current affairs" show.

11. I love the smug feeling of going to bed at night knowing I have been a perfect angel with regard to food and exercise & water.

12. I truly love love love the buzz I get from the exercise. More please. And the sense of pride I get from having taking my training to the next level.

13. I love that Andrew is proud of what I have achieved so far, and I so do not want to backslide and risk disappointing him.

14. Charlie and Tom (and a lot of other people to be honest!) haven't seen me skinny yet. I want them to see me even slimmer and be amazed!

More to come, no doubt........

6 weeks and counting down.......

It is just about 6 weeks till my birthday.

My 40th birthday.

I am so pleased with what I have achieved so far.

BUT, I am still not where I want to be.

So I am setting a fairly simple 6 week plan.

5kg in 6 weeks.

Nothing fancy.

Just back to what I know works.

2 litres of water

1200 cals in Calorie King

High protein, low processed carbs

Daily exercise

That's it. So simple.

To be the best I know I can be in time for my birthday. To have no regrets.

Just those 4 tasks per day.

For 6 weeks.

Watch this space.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Goal setting.........

OK. Time to start evaluating some goal setting.

I realise that between high ropes and makeovers, I have been cruising a little.

I am learning so much about myself and my life and what I want, that my main aim of releasing weight and gaining fitness has kind of dropped to second place.

I am still losing weight consistently but it is more like 1.5kg a month, which is great, but I realise it will take me an awful long time to get to my goal if I continue to just chug along that slowly.

SO, with some renewed focus on the main issue of losing shedding weight, here is my new plan:

  • I have re-enrolled for another 20 week program of Better Bods with Lynda
  • I have re-enrolled for further group personal training on Wednesday mornings for cardio/weights
I need to go back to basics in order to lose weight more quickly. In order to achieve this I will:

  • Start using a more prescribed and stricter eating plan again: Breakfast of a Kate Morgan protein shake, fruit snack, lunch (low fat protein), fruit snack, dinner (low fat high protein). Revisist Calorie King
  • At least 2l of water a day
  • At least 6 exercise sessions a week.
  • Revisit the Think Slim (Mark Stevens has just sent me the original CD sessions as well as the new MP4 program)

If I do all of the above (and let's face it, none of them are hard, all are easy, I know I can do it) every day, then I will be back in a position of losing at least 0.7kg a week. Which would put me at goal just in the nick of time!

As I said to Lynda, I know I can do this. I have been doing it. But now I want to soar..........

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Inspiration is like free spins at the pokies. It that makes you invincible for awhile. You can do anything, go anywhere, and you have nothing to fear.

Those free spins exist in real life too. It may be a picture, or some words, or a sound, or a idea, or a mistake, or a moment.

Whatever it is, pick it up and run with it. Run with it like you stole it.

You can’t bottle up inspiration. You can’t put it in a Glad bag, chuck it in the freezer, and dig it out later. It’s instantly perishable if you don’t utilise it whilst it’s fresh…

It’s true. I do my best to accommodate inspiration when it shows up. Fortunately, I get inspired easily. Unfortunately, it’s rare that I have time to exlore what I am inspired about. I’m still trying to work out what to do about that.

But those moments of inspiration are like gold.

This last week has been a series of inspirations, starting from the high ropes.

Climbing 15m up a tree and then leveraging myself, my whole still fairly large self, onto a little platform, and then jumping off First of all the adrenalin thing was amazing. So similar to the post birth hormone rush, it was incredible.

Then since then, daily, as soon as my mind tells me "I can't", I can hear myself immediately say, to myself, "Shit Luce, if you can jump out of a tree, I am damn sure you can resist a chocolate biscuit."

I have also started walking pretty much daily with a friend, and she herself inspires me. She has a lot more weight to lose than me. She is a beautiful soul, who has so so much potential. But, regardless of what I say, she cannot yet connect or believe in her own potential. (I wish she could.)
It has also made me realise that I CAN ALREADY SEE AND CONNECT MY OWN POTENTIAL. That is the major part of the journey already accomplished, surely?
If I can visualise the huge amount of potential I have,  if I can already "feel" how even more brilliant life is going to be once I have finished losing weight, it is almost at its reality?

Which is pretty inspiring.


Monday, 2 June 2008

A Safe Place

A very wise and good friend suggested that I picked up some books, "books that you know inspire you" to help me get this self sabotage thing under control.

So I did. I dragged out my "Confessions of a Reformed Dieter" and my "Think Slim" and "Body Clutter".

It was therapeutic.

I also went back through this blog to remind myself of all my ramblings from when I started.

And this morning, determined to break the spiral, I got on the scales.

I have still lost over the past 10 days.


I feel like I am at the stage now that I am encountering so many emotional road blocks to all this.

But it's worth it.

And I am the best person to deal with them for myself.

And I will.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Personal Training...........

I met with my new personal trainer, Lynda, this week. She is totally lovely and we really clicked.

We chatted a lot about my "ideal weight" which I have always set to around 55kg, based on my height.

But she suggested that due to my build and already high muscle mass, that this would make me look anorexic.

I am in two minds to be honest: I would rather get down to 50- 55kg and then make the decision to rest it at 60kg. But I don't want to just get to 60 and then give up, IYKWIM?

Anyway, no point in stressing about that too much I guess......still a fair way to go yet!

One of the other things Lynda and I discussed (and I have made a total commitment to!) is the daily recording of every single item of food that I eat on a daily basis. When she first said this was a requirement, I must admit, I shuddered cynically inwards, for a few reasons:

1. Do I have to give up Kate Morgan? It is working for me, and I love my shakes and my phylissium and I am not ready to give up on them yet!

2. If I have to write everything down will I get jacked off with it all? Isn't a bit old hat?

But I have been thinking long and hard about both issues. And Lynda also explained how I won't have to write it all down, more like enter it all in to a website! Ha! Now THAT is more my style.........ridiculous how the medium makes a difference to me, but it does.

So, welcome to Calorie King! It is SO funky. I have played around with it a lot and it makes me realise the balance of my diet, even on a good day, is a bit out of whack.........

As a result of all of the playing with Calorie King, I think I have decided to STAY with Kate Morgan for breakfasts and work lunches, because it is quick, easy and requires no decision making. Plus it means that my phylissium intake will remain consistently high, which I really want to maintain from a cholesterol reduction perspective. And not forgetting the delightful effect the phylissium has on my bowel!

So that means some "normal" lunches........obviously aiming at low fat/high fibre/low GI. I must investigate buying Burgen bread again........."Your body works better with Burgen" a la Biggest Loser works for me as a concept, plus it really is yummy bread.

And normal dinners, with carbs! YAY! But obviously low fat, high fibre and low GI too.

So it looks like this really is the next step.

I am excited.

The personal training in earnest starts on Tuesday 29th April, and I am REALLY looking forward to it, and REALLY dreading it all at the same time.......

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Well........make or break....

I actually ended up losing 1.1kg on the scales.

Relief, total relief.

And I guess from there I realised I have a choice. Either give up now or forge on.

And I spoke to Tony a lot about this fork in the road and got some issues clear in my mind, and I am going to go for it.

That said, I ate a bag of chippies in the car on the way to a hair appointment as I was so hungry and running so late!

But as we know, I can chose to beat myself up about that or simply move on.

So I will weigh in again in a fortnight, and for the next 2 weeks I am determined to not bend the rules.

The lady in our local Post Office has lost a shed load of weight (about 38kg I think?) and she was telling me that some months she only lost 1kg but refused to get demoralised about it, as she figured "Even if I only lose 1kg a month, in a years time, I will still be 12kg LESS than I was"

Ummmmm, good point babe!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Give me 10 good reasons...

Here goes: 10 good lose the lard. 10 good reasons to diminish. To diet. To eat less and move more. To gain slimness. To stop wobbling. You get the drift...

  1. I would like the reality to match the image in my my head I have a sexy figure like Cat Deeley. However, when I catch a look at myself in the mirror, I realise the Dawn French (bless her) look is closer to the mark. Just not as funny. At all.
  2. I have a gorgeous and slim husband. I want us to "match"!
  3. I really want my children, particularly my girls, to grow up without any food issues. I need to shift this weight now so that Olivia and Charlie and Lexie can grow up with memories of a healthy Mummy who is active and happy.
  4. I want to just get the weight loss thing DONE.  I just want to move on already. Thinking about & getting cranky about my shape is just such a waste of time. I just want to change that, so I can focus on more fun stuff.
  5. I want to be able to move to my full potential......I am sick of my saggy "3 babies in quick succession belly" restricting me!
  6. I am vain...I hate photos of myself with a chubby face...I want to upload to Farcebook gorgeous pretty snaps of myself!
  7. So far, through my whole life, I have achieved everything I have set out to achieve. I do not want health and my weight and my body shape to be the thing I "failed" at.
  8. I want to like food again, rather than seeing food as "the enemy".
  9. Sex is bloody fantastic, but sex is even better when I am happy about my body...
  10. I love a project to work on....what better project than MYSELF!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Mini Goals?

95kg ~ Mainicure
90kg - Pedicure
85kg ~ Eyelash Dye
80kg ~ Spray on Tan

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

My Best Year Yet...

I just did my "Best Year Yet" goal setting for the year.

It has to be done. It all points to one thing. I think it's finally time to really get serious about losing weight. Gotta lose the lard!

I have had 3 babies in 3 years, and for the first time in what feels like ages, I am not pregnant or breastfeeding.

So I have the perfect excuse now to diminish this ample frame of mine.

I was tempted to do some before and after photos. I still might.

I have a stack to lose.

I just worked out from "The Biggest Loser" website that, for my height, I am most definitely obese (like I didn't know that?!) and I need to lose about 55kg.

I would like to end up at 70kg.
I kind of think that if not now, then when?

The time will pass regardless.

I think I just need to finally acknowledge that I am an intelligent and beautiful woman. And that I am perfectly capable of losing weight. I just need to get on with it and do it.

I just need to make the choice to lose it, to gain my health, and to begin to live life to its full potential. It's a mental game.

A mental game that I will win. Hopefully blogging about it will help?

Edited to add - since writing this post back in 2008, I have lost around 40kg. I am currently maintaining rather than losing. But not gaining either. I am happier than I have ever been.