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Sunday, 31 October 2010

England vs Australia

I have been thinking a lot, recently, about the town that I grew up in. Arundel, West Sussex. South Coast of England.

It was a town of immeasurable attraction, and still is.

And despite my family's somewhat eccentric approach, I believe I had, in the main, a blissful childhood.

I have been wondering why my memories have been dragged back to Arundel so often recently.

Nostalgia regarding school, perhaps? Or rivers, castles and windmills? Open air swimming pools and bridges and old cobbled streets ?

Or cricket?

My paternal grandfather, my Dad, and my brothers, they all played. Loved the game. And so, I too, through familial osmosis almost, acquired a love of the game and all that cricket encompasses.

The light and the sun and the air that is just summer.

The sounds of the clapping and of the cheerful sledging. The focus and the enthusiasm. The warmth and the pride.

As a child, I would be there, most weekends, all summer. Between the pool and bike rides and picnics, there was always cricket.

And now? And now I am married to a man who lives and breathes for cricket. A man who watches and listens avidly to every available match via radio, television and internet stream.

A man who has played cricket (at varying levels)  for his whole life, a man who coaches under 14's, a man who will umpire. A man who nips to check on the pitch of his local club on the way home from work most days in the summer. A man who keeps wicket and opens the batting and captains his local turf club side.

As my children start their foray into the game they already presume to love, we have kanga cricket. They love it. I can feel my lovely husband thanking the powers that be that he met me, a cricket lover, and that we pass this love of the game onto our children.

Well played.

Friday, 17 September 2010

You tell me........

I have noticed that over the past week or two, there has been a number of brand new followers to this here blog of mine........I'm not sure where from, but I am glad you are here!

If you are a regular, g'day......hello!

And if you are a new follower - welcome!

And now you are here, can you I ask you all something? Please?

What is it that makes you read this blog?

What is it you like?

Which kind of posts appeal to you most?

What do you wish I would post more of? Less of?

Tell me, what you want, what you like?

Be honest......I am really keen to find out what goes down well.

Either comment here, or send me an email?

I cannot wait to hear what you have to say...........

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Justin Langer and a huge Thank You

Whilst kicking up my heels, last week, at my very own pity party, I failed to note that I had hit 250 followers.

And in Aussie and Diminishing tradition, I would like to mark this milestone in my usual sporting fashion.........

(For all my non-Aussie followers, sorry. I know you all glaze over and switch off and bounce away as soon as I mention cricket. But I love it..........)

Humble Aussie cricketer who was the silent achiever?

The steely nuggetty little left handed batsman who had a reputation for grinding away in order to open up for Australia? Some said a plodder, but did those same critics realise he holds a better strike rate than notably "sexier" batsman such as Mark Waugh and  Damien Martyn?

In partnerships he was solid and motivating and unstoppable: so a more gracious and determined and more collaborative batsman you will struggle to find.

His top score of 250 runs against England at the MCG (in the 2002-03 Ashes series) was a record breaker.

He retired in 2007, and I still miss him. I give you Justin Langer.

And I also need to say a very heartfelt thank you.

Last week I felt like shite, and I very nearly didn't blog. But I have made a commitment to blog daily, so that meant blogging about feeling like crap.

The comments and emails and Tweets and Facebook messages of love and support that have I received are just amazing. I am truly touched. So thank you. To everyone who reached out, thank you.

I am gradually getting out of my fog. More on that soon.

In between times:

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New exercise schedule!

Lovely husband is a fit and active person.

He has no food issues. He eats what he wants, whenever he wants. He is the same weight now as he was when he was 18. According to the WiiFit, he has a perfect BMI and perfect balance.

(Lucky bastard, that's all I can say...)

BUT..........he is getting on a bit. He is forty. Old. (Although he is not as old as me. As he will frequently point out!)

And he is still as passionate about cricket now as he was in his teens. (Just not as youthful as agile.)

He plays for our local cricket club, in the A Grade.

He is a batsman and he also keeps wicket. And whilst I don't think Adam Gilchrist ever lost any sleep over the competition, Andrew is, all bias aside, a handy club cricketer.

I suspect, however, that at his age, his is becoming aware that he does not want to become the "fat old git that we keep on the side out of pity".

So, Andrew has taken up with my personal trainer, and whilst he tells me he doesn't exactly enjoy her sessions, he enjoys the results she gets out of him. (I can relate. Entirely.) He wants to really get fit, so that he can play better cricket.

ANYWAY, all this has lead to scheduling tugs of war!

Normally, it is ME that gets pick of all the sessions I want. It is ME that leaves the house unencumbered to run or walk or go to group personal training, whilst Andrew looks after the kids........

But now we are negotiating over time slots!

(And whilst this takes a little getting used to, I am secretly thrilled. I love him. I want him fit, for longevity's sake. He and I smoked for too long and have taken our robust good health for granted for too long. I am chuffed to bits that he has chosen to get really fit.) regime for next term looks like this:

Monday 6am - Group Personal Training (Cardio and strength)
Tuesday lunchtime - At home work out 
Weds 7.30pm - Long slow distance run (half marathon training)
Thursday 6am - iPod intervals
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 40 min swim
Sunday - 9km walk

All this fitness's become a family affair, I tell you.........

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Double Century & a giveaway

I know how you all love that I love cricket comparisons, so here is another one. (Thank you for indulging me!)

See this pic below?

Possibly my all time cricketing hero.

Adam Gilchrist.





Double Century. Adam scored the record breaking fastest double century ever, in the history of the game. How amazing is that? I believe he scored his double ton off just 212 balls, ending up on 204 not out, in the Australia v South Africa 2002 test series. A rare and incredible talent.

He is modest. I try to be.

But as modest as I attempt to be, I cannot deny that I am very chuffed to see that I now have 200 FOLLOWERS!

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you!

To celebrate, I have a little giveaway.

A little bit of pampering never goes astray.

So if you would like to score a lovely pamper package containing all these lovely things, then all you need to do is:

  • Follow me

  • Tweet this post perhaps

  • Write me a comment, telling me why you NEED a pamper

Thank you to the gorgeous Maz of Maz-a-licious I am able to include some soft and gentle washers that are the best facial cleasing wipes in the world. And work perfectly with the delicious Strawberry Body Wash and Body Lotion.

The candle is an Eco-Soya Soy candle which are my perosnal favourite in a soothing essence.

This giveaway is open to anyone in Australia. I will draw the giveaway at random on Friday 11.06.10

Monday, 3 May 2010

Christian Lacroix, Giveaway and Steve Waugh...........

I feel like Steve Waugh.

150 runs he scored once, in one innings. (In Adelaide too, I believe.)

I won't bore you with cricket, but all my followers, in my head, are like runs in a test match.

Wonderful, exciting,  and I am grateful for every single 150 of you!

If you are a regular reader and regular commenter, thank you thank you. You make my day. xx

If you are a regular reader that lurks, please please say hello and comment!

And to celebrate 150 followers, here is a lovely giveaway:

Christian Lacroix Rouge

A set.......the perfume, the funky red cosmetic bag, and a very nice scarf.........

And all you need to do is become a follower and leave me a comment. Or if you are already a follower, just comment.

(Australian or any other international bloggers........all welcome: I am happy to ship anywhere.........)

PS The Baby Guide book giveaway is still open too......

Friday, 2 April 2010

A Century!


In the time since I announced my giveaway, I have earned a further 50 followers.

Thank you thank you thank you!

I have hit the century, and feel a little like Jason Gillespie scoring a very unexpected and unskilled test 100. Amazed and really glad.

SO, the giveaway has been running now for a week or so.

The closing date is Tuesday 13th April

So if you are planning on indulging in plenty of Easter eggs and lots of chocolate this long weekend,  and feel you may want to diminish a little after Easter, this prize is for you.

All you need to do is go to the giveaway post and  tell me why you want to diminish and you're in........