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Monday, 24 October 2011

Cereal Box Craft...

I have no shame in admitting that I once was a lot little bit into the idea of scrap booking. Instead of the traditional baby books, I scrap booked all of the photos of my children for the first two years of their lives. Then, I gave up with a sigh of relief. I have done the odd layout since, but there are huge volumes and hundreds of dollars worth a lot of crafty scrap booking supplies laying redundant in our house.

So, I let Olivia and Lexie help themselves to a whole heap of stuff the other day, and we set about some craft. They had a ball. I turned a blind eye to the glue and the snipping. Even Charlie got a little bit interested. (Only after I tore him away from the Wii. That is a whole other blog post...)

I had scoured Google earlier for some ideas, so here I give you  our collection of cereal box craft:

Cereal Box Gift Bag (which Lexie now uses to cart all her Barbie bits and bobs around in...

Magazine holder made from a Cornflakes box...Olivia now has this in her room to hold all of her various colouring/activity books.

As it was school holidays a week or two back, we indulged in "little packets". And what better way to use the boxes than a hair band tidy in Olivia's room. (Saves me vacuuming the hair bands up. Hair bands all over the floor area constant irritation in my life...)

 For any of these cereal box crafts, all you need is a stack of tape, glue sticks, embellishments and pretty papers. And scissors and a black marker and a ruler too. And of course, a healthy supply of cereal boxes.

And time and patience, obviously.

This fridge file is magnetically stucck to the fridge - so they kids can stick all the school/swimming/netball notes straight in there for me to ignore read.
Olivia and Charlie and Lexie are very proud of their creations. Next on the list, apparently, is a puppet show TV and a filing cabinet for all my crap fadmin paperwork.

And there was no glitter involved. Result.

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PS This post is not sponsored by Kellogg's at all, but I was given a whole stack of Kellogg's cereal as a result of going to a brunch meeting with them.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Colorific Funky Fun Plaster Painting Kits ...winner

Thanks to all who gave me such a giggle with the "what makes you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork" comments on the Colorific Funky Fun Plaster Painting Kits post - hilarious!

The winner (picked randomly) is...

And that means that Karen from The Rhythm Method, who tells us that her fork stabbing moments come when "Walking when your toddler insists on 'walking' too. If we're going on a walk, I like to actually go somewhere at pace, not just toddle-stop-toddle-stop for 20 mins. Meanie. Yes, that's me. I usually end up sticking protesting child in the pram and roaring off at great pace!"

Thank you to all that entered, and keep an eye out for more Colorific giveaways soon...

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Saturday, 1 October 2011

The one in which I DON'T actually stab myself in the eye with a fork...

As you may have gathered from a number of my previous posts, my daughters, Olivia and Lexie, both love a bit of craft. Both are adept.

And I like to be a little bit creative at times too. Blogging, for one, and cooking for another.

But combine children, me and craft, and honestly? I would rather stab myself in the eye would a fork. Before we have even started I am cranky at their exuberance and impatience and messiness.

I am a meanie Mum who sees nothing but the future mess that might get created, and anticipate creations that my kids then claim to be their most treasured possession, so I feel guilty at chucking it in the bin, so it creates clutter. Which also makes me boil over in frustration.

Mother of the year I am not when it comes to children and craft.

But, now that they are a little older, and I am a little more tolerant, it's maybe time to take a deep breath and let them at it? If I can be hands off and observe from afar, so much the better. If the mess is limited, wonderful. If it's a craft thing that is quick to set up, without too many little bits of plastic and easy to clean away, I might even sit down for a coffee and watch them indulge in their little blissed out world of paint...

Colorific were kind enough to send me some samples of their Funky Fun Plaster Painting Kits - they come in three designs (cars, dragons and princess castles...) with the pack containing the plaster shape, six paint colours in little pots, and a paintbrush. Suitable for ages 3-12, Lexie found this a huge amount of fun - her imagination ran riot with the colours and she ended up making a fairy buzzy bee castle...which is now in her bedroom on display. (Olivia cannot wait to get started on hers...)

All up, the little project took no more than an hour and a sheet of newspaper thrown down on the kitchen table - and I enjoyed a very hands off approach, with a coffee.

I have one of these Funky Fun Plaster Painting Kits to giveaway courtesy of Colorific. You can see all the new Colorific products on the Colorific Facebook page...

If you would like to win a freebie, all you need to do is ensure you are following my blog, and leave me a comment telling me which mothering activity leaves you wanting to stab yourself in the eye with a fork...

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Giveaway finishes next Saturday night. Open to Australian residents only. Winner chosen by Random.Org
This is not a sponsored post, but I was send kits to try out with my kids. The opinions are entirely my own.