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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back to blogging?

I'm losing weight again. (It's a great feeling.) 4kg in two weeks, no less!

I am also working my arse off. (Love my job. it has its...erm...challenges, shall we say, but I do love it.

I have very little spare time on my hands, but just recently I have really missed blogging.

Not the frantic social media whirl that I was once in. Not the sponsored posts or the giveaways or the dramas. I don't miss all that...all that pressure. No.

But the blogging friends I made, and the writing - I miss that.

The comments from readers, and the writing for very public consumption - I miss that.

The self awareness through journalling - and the writing - I miss that.

So should I get back to blogging, d'you think?

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Trial and error, change...

I recently published a post about working with brands. I have been really really lucky. All the while that I needed to be at home around the kids, I have been able to negotiate work from home gigs, and I've managed to slot all of my blogging and my writing and work at home commitments around the kids, the lovely husband, the gym and my Mum. Around baskets of ironing and writing deadly dull policy documents, I have undertaken a whole stack of blogging and content writing.

A great deal of this blogging has been lucrative - my blog has lead me to a lovely amount of writing work off my blog. I've never taken this for granted - but I have worked bloody hard. There have been too many evenings where I have gazed wistfully at the couch and my lovely husband, but I've not been able to join them - because I've been on a deadline.

My youngest, Lexie, is now very much settled into school. Charlie and Olivia are incredibly secure and settled. We have done the hard years of being totally absorbed with little children and their needs. We have managed on one income for over eight years, topped up by my part time income.

And now I am back at work, back to my career.

It is part time - about 30 hours a week - and it is intense. I am loving it. I am working in a marketing role, for a large property development organisation. I feel my brain exploding with the possibilities of the role, and the market I am in. My pride and ownership levels are growing daily - along with my enthusiasm to make things happen in the organisation.

I have, by chance or design I am not really sure, timed it all so that I am totally satisfied that the kids are all at the age and stage that I can work at this level. The past month or so have shown me that I can truly switch off from the kids when I am at work, and not fret. And, in turn, by the time I pick them up from school at 3 o'clock, I can happily focus on them entirely. It's early days, obviously, but I have demonstrated to myself that we can have it all - me and the fab five are making it work. I have no doubt the seams will show the strain at times, but I do not anticipate it all coming apart.

And the result of all this? My blog is no longer my part time job.

Earlier this year, when I was planning on my return to the corporate world, my blogging suffered.

Then I spent a weekend in the company of passionate bloggers - and some brilliant writers, and a lot of wonderful friends. This, as I anticipated, re-ignited my love for my blog.

I have been blogging for nearly ten years. Nearly a decade. Fuck, that makes me feel old.

I am not going to stop anytime now.

But I will no longer be doing many reviews or giveaways. (I will, I hope, still be bringing you cool stuff from Kitchenware Direct, because they rock...)

I will no longer be doing PR stuff or sponsored posts.

The commercial stuff will be very much in the background.

I severed ties with Nuffnang ages ago, for a variety of reasons. I have now also taken myself off the PR Friendly lists. (I am still friendly - I just don't want to be bosom buddies with the endless PR pitches....)

I realise that I am being very long winded about this.

I love blogging. I don't mind the odd fling with Twitter too. Facebook is OK for the occasional one night stand.

Blogging - writing - tinkering with words - is what I like best of all. Sharing stuff with you, my lovely readers, and getting YOUR thoughts and your comments and feedback - that is the bit of blogging I really love.

So, from now on, my blog can go back to being just a blog. And I am very OK with that.

I hope you are too?

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Cobbler's Children


 I am off tomorrow for a quickie break, and I have also managed to figure out how to blog from my iPad!

And I would like to take this opportunity to brag a little and ask you if you knew that you can use your iPhone as a personal hotspot for your iPad? Me neither, but Google knows and now so do I, and fuck me,  I am so impressed with myself for setting it up to pair and tether...

Now, my other technological feat is that, after much debate and inter webbing research, I have finally established how to watch iView on our TV.

We have been watching, and very much enjoying, all the catch up on demand ABC shows we can via iView. The downside is, of course, that watching brilliant shows via the laptop or desktop monitor is...well...small. Anticlimactic.

I am married to an "IT expert". I place that in inverted commas, as the lovely husband is a journo by trade, but has come lately and unqualified to the IT industry. He is, thankfully, very successful. He can create and sell complex IT solutions to big businesses. He has an innovative and strategic artistry to his work, and there is no doubt his customers love him and what he does.

What this means, of course, is that our family IT needs sometimes always get forgotten. O,r he over complicates things. Or he wants to spend a gadzillion dollars on fancy equipment that I am not sure we need. Or he is too totally over all IT to want to start dealing with it at home.

Some random bloke at a BBQ once told me it that iView to TV was not possible. In a fairly patronizing fashion. He was some kind of nerd boy IT expert, from memory. He started blinding me with geek speak and I imagine I would have wandered off, bored.

So, determined that it couldn't be that hard, I Googled "how to watch iView on your TV." A couple of links, a couple of chat boards, a couple of YouTube tutorials later, and I figured it out. All by myself.

I nipped to Office Works and spent $20 on a couple of cables.

Came home and hooked the old crappy lappy up to our big screen TV.

And it worked.

You know the phrase FIGJAM? Fuck I'm Good Just Ask Me? I won't use that phrase. But I am a little bit proud of myself...

So, the old phrase about the cobbler's children being the worst shod?

It doesn't matter.

The cobblers wife (with her handy helper, Google) figures it out...

Do you mess about with IT stuff? Does it scare you witless? Or present a challenge to be conquered?

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

** Update on this post. In true irony, I wrote this post three weeks ago. From my iPad. Then it disappeared into cyber space. And then last night, it reappeared, published, in the archives of January 2001. I suspect that this is a true case of the universe telling me to not get up myself.

Monday, 22 August 2011

31 Days to Build a Better Blog - A Giveaway!

I believe in sharing the love, and I know that everyone love love loves to win.

If you have big dreams for your blog but have been putting improving it in the ‘one day’ basket, then this giveaway is for you!

Have you heard of ProBlogger? Darren Rouse? If you're a blogger, I am pretty sure you have.

Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 on over 30 blogs. He’s been earning a full time living from his blogs since 2005. He is Australian. He is tops. He really really knows his stuff.

Have you heard of his book, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog?

By working through the book, by the end of the 31 days you’ll have:

  • written a variety of different types and styles of posts
  • learned techniques for coming up with new post ideas
  • promoted your blog in a variety of ways
  • built relationships with readers 
  • reached out to and developed working relationships with other bloggers
  • developed an editorial calendar for your blog going forward
  • discovered ways to be more connected to your niche/topic
  • designed a plan for the next month of your blogging

And I have a copy of ProBlogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog to giveaway to one lucky reader!

All you need to do is:

1. Make sure you are following my blog.
2. Leave me a comment. telling me your blogging goal, and include a link to your blog so I can come and visit you!

Open to all bloggers, the world over.
Giveaway closes Monday 5th of September at midday CST
Winner will be chosen via Random.Org
Winner will be notified via their blog/email
Prize will be delivered electronically

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ETA This giveaway is now closed. The winner is announced here.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I have arrived...

That's all I have for today - too busy being spoilt for Mothers Day!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How to build engagement on your blog...

by removing the No-Reply@Blogger addresse in your comments...and enable email replies.

The reason I am going to post this is so that, if you want to reply to blog commenters, via Blogger, you can, directly, via email.

Or, if, as a commenter, you'd like bloggers to be able to reply to you directly and personally, they can.

So, if you are in this blogging game for engagement, for community, for building relationships, this may be useful for you...

How to enable email replies in Blogger

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard, and on the left hand side, go to your profile section, and click the "Edit Profile" option:

2. Go to the Privacy Section, and CHECK the "Show my email address" box

3. Scroll down a little, to the identity section, and add the email address you want replies to go to.  (It's important to note here that you can use ANY email address - you are not restricted to your login email - I use a different one, just for blogging. So you can still maintain security and privacy if you want to...)

4. Scroll right down to the bottom left and hit SAVE PROFILE.

And  it's that simple.

If you enable this, it will mean that when you comment on any Blogger blog, that the blogger can reply back to you directly.

For even more handy hints on how to get the absolute best out of comments, Jane, of Life on Planet Baby, has a wonderfully detailed post here too: Life on Planet Baby: Tutorial: handling comments and email replies with Blogger

I hope that's useful...let me know what you think?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Blogged down...

I am feeling a little blogged down, so will be taking a break for the duration of the Easter holidays.... return with new vigour.

I shall chill with my lovely husband and play with my children and just be, for a few days.

Have a lovely Easter. Tell me, what are you up to?
What plans do you have?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blog Comments 101

Over the past few days I have been immersed in the world of blog comments.

 It seems that comments make the blog world go around, with most, if not all, bloggers telling me that they are "very partial to comments". It seems that "comments feed the blogging soul" and comments validate in so many ways. Blog comments tell us that there is, happily, "someone out there reading".

 We all want comments on our blogs. We know that. (I can only think of a tiny minority of bloggers who turn comments off permanently - usually huge massive money spinning bloggers.)

My blogging friend Allison (of Pink Fibro fame) wondered if I could post a 'difinitive guide' to blog commenting. Sadly not.
But, I will share with you what I have found:

Bloggers -

Love comments
Want comments
Thrive on comments
Need comments

Commenters -
  • Are pushed for time
  • Are often reading from an iPhone or Crackberry, so find it easy to read, but frustratingly tricky to comment.
  • Are dragged away from reading and subsequent commenting, by children, husbands, shiny things and real life. (Real life, getting in the way of blog commenting? Imagine!) 
Sometimes a bloggers ability to comment regularly, feels almost like a chore. Between real life, and actually writing your own blog, commenting can begin to feel a little like "work". The pressure is on to comment. And that in itself draining and anti-intuitive.

 So you retreat for a while, and your commenting falls off. You don't lose blogging friends, because you chat with them via Twitter and Facebook anyway. So it's OK. But they maybe miss the affinity they felt from your regular comments, and in turn don't comment so much on your blog...

 Twitter and Facebook are complimentary to blogging. But it's the comments that miss out as a result. Stand alone bloggers (IE those who do not tweet and do not engage on Facebook) seem to still enjoy a higher volume of comments.

 Blogging and blogging commenters are cyclical it seems.

 The life cycle of a blog (and its commenting audience too) is well outlined here.

 Faithful commenters come and go. Faithful readers seem to stay.

 This, I am lead to believe, is a result, not of the blog itself, but of relationships. We find affinity. We start the relationship via blogs, then get close via Twitter and email and Skype and even real life. And then we take the blogging relationships off the blog, and sometimes for granted, perhaps? The impetus to comment on the blog of a friend is less? Who needs to impress when you're already wed, kind of analogy?

 There are a whole host of practicalities that may mean comments fall away - the time of day seems to make an impact. If you are blogging at the same time every day, and Tweeting links at the same time, comments from "regulars" become, err, regular. For a while. Until your blogging routine, or theirs, change.

 I follow a few US blogs. I notice their early morning blogs coincide with my bedtime. As soon as daylight savings kicks in, however, it all becomes confused. I go to bed BEFORE their posts hit my reader. And by the time I get to them the next day, all relevant comments seem to already have been I don't bother...slackness kicks in...

 In reality, the majority of bloggers are commenters, and the majority of commenters are bloggers. We are mostly both. Supply and demand.

We all want connections, and a real sense of community. We all crave positive affirmation. And we all want our blogs to have a large and engaged audience.

You won't get that without putting out.

Give as good as you get.

You get out as much as your are prepared to put in.

Give consistently good blog content, wonderful posts, and share of yourself and engage your readers by making them think, and you will generate comments.

Visit other blogs and genuinely contribute to their conversations generously, and comment.

Yes, you will run out of time. Yes, real life is more important. If it feels like work, step back.

But if comments are what drive you in this wonderful blogging world we find ourselves a part of, party on, and comment...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Comment love...

On Twitter yesterday, someone made a comment along the lines of how their blog commenters have changed. Evolved.

And it's something that I have noticed too.

A few of us ended up having an interesting Twitter convo about the nature of blog comments (Well, as much as a convo you can actually have in 140 characters.)

I love comments. They are crack to this addicted blogger.

If you are a regular commenter of mine (and you know who you are....) I thank you, very much.

So tell me......what makes YOU comment?

What makes your fingers fly and itch to leave a witty response?

Do you love comments on your own blog? Do you see them as validations?

Do you get less comments that you used to from "old regulars"?

Do you worry about the volume of comments you do or don't get?

Do blog comments build a community? Or a clique?

Is Twitter a comment distraction? Replacement, perhaps?

Do you feel an affinity to other "regular" commenters?

Are there blogs you ALWAYS comment on, regardless?

Do you ever suffer from blog comment apathy? The can't be bothereds?

What turns you OFF - what kind of post DON'T you comment on, and why?

Do you have a favourite commenter?

Do you reply within comments or via email, back to a commenter?

Do you have a preference on commenting systems? (Plain standard Blogger? Discus?  I actually am one of the few that uses Echo - do you love it or hate it?)

What kind of posts inspires you to comment?

Tell me? Share? Let me know your thoughts?


Total calories inhaled - 1451 ~ Exercise calories burned - 0 - too effing busy today ~ Glasses of water sculled -3 ~ Amount of times I drove round in circles with the kids - felt like 10  ~ Hours of glorious sleep - 5

Monday, 21 March 2011

ABC? XYZ? URL? IRL? Either or both - it's all wonderful...

Is it just me, or have you ever come away from a break or a holiday or a course and felt really inspired - so impressed that you have a list of a hundred things you want to do RIGHT NOW.

I have that list - written with a hangover on the plane back from Sydney, where I attended the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference, this weekend.

My list is long, and ever increasing as of this morning.

But my list is contradictory - so I have a lot of pondering before I start making any changes to the way I blog, if, indeed, I end up making any changes.

The weekend, on every level, was a huge success for me.

I met successful bloggers, and I met self professed "newbie" bloggers. They were all gorgeous, inside and out.

I met bloggers who have always utilised pseudonyms, and bloggers who have always avoided real photos of themselves. I have met bloggers who are my heroes.  They were all so amazingly charismatic that I felt more than a little humbled.

I heard stories and words that I had read before, and cried again.

I hugged friends I have made over the past year or so - friends who I suspected would be very real, and they truly are.

I made new friends. Other bloggers who reached out and won me over totally with their charm and their smiles and their charisma.

URL meeting IRL was a very wonderful thing this weekend.

I got to hear the experts and realised a really key thing - from these big engaging popular blogs with amazing communities - there is no perfect "set of blogging rules".

These blogs that are so enchanting, the ones that draw me in with their words and their images - it is the bloggers themselves that share their personalities through their blogs that win us over and make us feel connected.

To advertise or not? Your choice. There is no right or wrong on a successful personal blog. 

Followers or Feeburner? Either works, as long as your content is king.

Wordpress or Blogger? Both do the job brilliantly.

Sponsored posts, or not - your call - make them good and true and folk will love them. Or not.

Just words, or just photos? Or both? Your own images or attributed? Either is great.
Giveaways or not - your call - if it is a win win and it fits, that's OK. Or not. Your choice.

To meme or to not meme - as long as you have fun , there are really no rules.

To blog daily or weekly or randomly - it all works - your voice will be heard.

Deep and meaningful raw content? Versus frippery and fluff? It's up to us, to write and post what works for us, today.

Blogs are the most dynamic of spaces to write in, and I mean that in a literal old fashioned way and in a web space way - dynamic and moving.

And I am so very glad, and feel so very lucky, to be involved in all this Australian blogging business from the early stages of the trajectory....

Monday, 7 February 2011

A fairly special day...

I realise as I sit down about twelve hours late to write this blog post that today is a fairly special day
in the life of this blog of mine.

Is it a year since I started blogging? Nope. She's been going a little over three years, this old girl.

Is it a giveaway? Nope. Not today. (Maybe some time this week though...)

Is is a celebrated amount of followers? No. (Although I am very grateful for every last follower and subscriber. Thank you.)

Is it some milestone amount of comments? No. I cherish every one of them, but I have never counted them.

Is it a certain amount of posts?

Ummm, getting warmer now.

Since February 7th last year, I have managed to blog every single day for a year.

Blogged. Every. Single. Day. For. A. Year.

It was my 2010 resolution. To blog every single day, and I did. Without fail. Weekends, public holidays, school holidays.

Blogged. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes twice.

I blogged through happy and through sad. Through highs and lows. Through joy and grief.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thank you, thank you all,  for reading, thank you for following, thank you for commenting, and most of all,
thank you for sharing.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My blog spot...

One thing I love love love to perve on when I read other peoples blogs is their blogging spot.

Where they surf, where they read, where they create, where they write: where they blog.

I also adore sneaky peaks at other peoples homes and their space. (Yep, I am a sticky beak!)

I yearn to tell you that my blogging spot is a streamlined writers peice of heaven and organisation. It is not.

I actually have two blogging spots. (Greedy, me.)

The first is in my kitchen.

An old laptop on the kitchen bench that lovely husband overhauled. He uses it too, on occasion, and it is fondly nicknamed “the crappy lappy”. It's on all day, and I read other peoples blogs from here like an addict. (As the kids create merry mayhem around me!)

And I try to comment from here too. I also use the “Blog This” tool a lot from this computer, and save all sorts of stuff into my Blogger drafts, as a reminder of things I might want to use or view or reference or link to later.

Then, when the day is finally done, I can retreat upstairs to our haven of calm. We have a spacious and very retro sitting room upstairs which is very much a grown up space.

My desk is by the window and I have a gorgeous view over the trees, across Adelaide, eventually to the sea. It is very 1970′s, in need of time and energy and style to renovate. We will get there eventually.

So there you have it.

And why do I blog?

I have blogged privately for many years: since 2002, when I lost my first baby, and when blogging and my journey to motherhood was truly in its infancy. In those days, it was Pyra hosted and I had to pay for a blogging account and there was no ability to upload photos even! Unimaginable, these days...

I continued to blog privately until January 2008, when I started a new blog centred around my weight loss attempts. Through my activities on a parenting forum I realised that I had shared so much of myself already, I was happy for other people to read my blogging.

I blog a lot more now that I'm working at home. Despite having my children close together, I have always managed to work part time, and now I'm doing some freelance things from home, blogging fits in beautifully.

I love blogging. I love writing. I love the creativity behind it. I love the words. I love the engagement. I love journalling my weight loss experiences. I love to swap tales of family life. I love to influence about everyday health. I love to blog about food. I love to be insprired by others. I love to follow and be followed. I love the challenges.

Most of all I love the ability to share.

This post, about my blogging spot and about my blogging in general, was first published a while back, on the blog of the lovely Sarah at Just Me. Go visit her....she is just about to host an awesome auction!

I've reposted it today, so I can link to Chantelle's Blogversation...

Monday, 22 November 2010


re·fresh | Noun   | riˈfreSH

1. To revive with or as if with rest, food, or drink; give new vigor or spirit to.

2. To give new freshness or brightness to; restore.

3. To make cool, clean, or moist; freshen up.

4. To renew by stimulation: refresh one's memory.

5. To fill up again; replenish

All of these, this last week. Me.
I am lucky.
A week off. A lot of sleep and a lot of rest and a lot of love and a lot of care.
I am feeling totally refreshed.
Thank you to my beautiful blogging friends who guest posted for me at such short notice. Such wonderful women with such wonderful words.
I am going to get back to work now. I have a lot of writing to do, a lot of cleaning up and simplifying to do on this blog, a lot of (exciting) deadlines to meet; a lot of miles to run, and, of course,  a few more kilos to lose.
Thank you, all,  for bearing with me.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Carnival - a virtual stage.......

As some of you will be aware, I am a member of AMB (Aussie Mummy Bloggers). It is the best online network I have come across for Australian parenting bloggers to get together to share ideas and stories.

And AMB is currently holding a blog carnival, to showcase the very best of blog posts by it's members.

The enchanting Kristin over at Wanderlust is hosting the carnival, with aplomb, so go there for a wonderful load of reads.........if fact, if you click the wonderful button below, it will take you straight there.........enjoy!

AMB blog carnival button

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Double Century & a giveaway

I know how you all love that I love cricket comparisons, so here is another one. (Thank you for indulging me!)

See this pic below?

Possibly my all time cricketing hero.

Adam Gilchrist.





Double Century. Adam scored the record breaking fastest double century ever, in the history of the game. How amazing is that? I believe he scored his double ton off just 212 balls, ending up on 204 not out, in the Australia v South Africa 2002 test series. A rare and incredible talent.

He is modest. I try to be.

But as modest as I attempt to be, I cannot deny that I am very chuffed to see that I now have 200 FOLLOWERS!

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you!

To celebrate, I have a little giveaway.

A little bit of pampering never goes astray.

So if you would like to score a lovely pamper package containing all these lovely things, then all you need to do is:

  • Follow me

  • Tweet this post perhaps

  • Write me a comment, telling me why you NEED a pamper

Thank you to the gorgeous Maz of Maz-a-licious I am able to include some soft and gentle washers that are the best facial cleasing wipes in the world. And work perfectly with the delicious Strawberry Body Wash and Body Lotion.

The candle is an Eco-Soya Soy candle which are my perosnal favourite in a soothing essence.

This giveaway is open to anyone in Australia. I will draw the giveaway at random on Friday 11.06.10

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Does blogging help weightloss?

"Question: to what extent do you think that blogging has contributed to your weight loss to date?"

The lovely Tabitha over at Small Things asked me this question.

And it's a question worthy of my thoughts and time, I think?

If you look back in my archives, you can see the months where I "switched off" from the business of dieting.

There were lots of reasons for me taking the foot off the pedal in terms of my weight loss efforts and my blogging.

Life sometimes just gets in the way. (This, incidentally, is irrelevant really. Life doesn't just stop, just because I'm on a diet. I need to stop using life, and it's tricky bits, as an excuse.)

It's always very easy for me to lose track, to lose focus, to drop the ball, to lose momentum.

It takes a lot of emotional effort to remain on the dieting grind. It takes even more to get back on the wagon.

It only takes a bit of a holiday, a bit of a family drama, a bit of sickness, a bit of an upset, and I am hurtling right back to where I feel "comfy", and that's in a "mindless switch my brain off please, stuff my feelings down with food please" type of eating.

It is horrible.

It is, literally, an addiction.

I am aware of it, aware totally that it is all to do with deep seated emotional and mental needs and triggers. Mad.

I have spent a lot of time and energy try to establish links in my past as to why I have tendency to do this ridiculous emotional type of eating.

My awareness is so much greater now, over my emotional eating tendencies, that I am generally in control. I am the stronger opponent. If I can identify the emotion, I can usually not resort to eating. And I am also fairly pragmatic about it. I remind myself, a lot, to just get my head out of my own arse and just eat right.

But whilst I am battling along, whilst I am struggling, my tempation is not to blog.
Or, if I do blog, I tend to avoid posts about diet/exercise and weigh ins...and as such, my family and my life get a lot more airtime  blog space.

Interestingly, last year, the year in which I finally gave up smoking, I felt no need to blog at all. I maintained my weight and just whittled away the months until all the chemicals and all the habit left my system. I was cruising. Cool.

I maintained my weight by increasing my exercise, and I maintained my weight throughout the whole of 2009.

(But I will admit that when I wasn't blogging, I was probably exercising to eat. That is such a wasteful habit.)

I have made a commitment this year, to myself, to blog honestly about my journey.

If I am not blogging about dieting and weighing in, you can guess that I am cruising. Or worse, eating crap.

One thing that I come across all the time on the blogs of those folk that HAVE met their weight loss goals is the fear of "putting it all back on again".

I can totally relate. I have had, in the past, true actual nightmares about putting 35kg back on.

Interestingly, those nightmares and the accompanying daytime fears surrounding weight gain and weight maintenance have diminished greatly this year. I am ready to step forward to lose the last 20kg, knowing that there is no fear ahead of putting the weight back on. I feel confident in that now.

And so yes, blogging helps.


It helps me focus. It helps me plan. It helps me believe. It helps me visualise. It forces me to remain accountable. It helps make the journey an adventure rather than a chore. It has given me a momentum that I want to continue.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Extreme Blog Makeover

Coming Soon!

Is Complete!

Let me know what you think? Better? Worse? Love it? Hate it?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

1000 Followers and Ricky Nelson.....


I have hit my first half century! (Can you tell lovely husband is a cricket fanatic?!)

And in honour of 50 followers, the whole giveaway project is totally underway and I am excited about it! LOADS of cool stuff coming your way!

So, if you are a lurker, who follows but doesn't comment, PLEASE comment.

Or if you are a lurker who pops in occasionally, can you "follow me" officially? (On the right hand side, third widget thingo down. The one that says Follow on it.)

Talking of followers: here I am getting very excited over all 50 of you, but...........

Here's a man who has a weight loss blog which is not only an utter delight to read, but he has also just hit 1000 followers! See, it is good to know Jack Sh*t!

And last but not least, here is a little musical memory lane in the spirit of followers and lurkers everywhere............


I need to ask all 49 of you out there in my BlogLand a question.

A wishlist quesion I guess?

If I were to do a giveaway, what would you want it to be?

I see a large variety of gorgeous things being given away recently.....handbags and iPods no less!

I do have a few ideas, but I guess I am a fair newbie at all this flog a blog bizzo, so big item or small item? A package full of lots of things? Weightloss related? Fitness related? Or just good old pamper me senseless luxury related?

You can see why I need your help! I have the bright idea of running a giveaway, but then I want to do it really well, and garnish loads of new followers, so I had better make it a GREAT giveaway!

So tell me , please, if I were to do a giveaway, what would inspire you to enter? Which rich pickings would motivate you to link madly to my blog?!

Or a better question might be, what would you really love to recieve in your real life snail mail letterbox for free from me?