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Friday, 7 May 2010

Future Me

If you look back here,  you'll see I like the idea of visualisation, to help me believe in this whole fat to fit caper.

And I mentioned I was going to use Future Me to write an email to my future self?

I spent some time today writing this out. The below is an email I have written to myself that will be delivered to my inbox when I have completed my half marathon and shed the final 20kg.

And who better to share it with, than you lovely lot........

Dear Lucy,

I am so bloody proud of you. I'll bet you are tired today, hey? The half marathon: I knew you could do it, and you did a brilliant time! Well done. All of that money that you raised for Captain Starlight: your a legend. Well done.

Doesn't it feel brilliant? Not only the running of the half marathon, but more the way that you now know you can truly do anything that you set your mind to, and finish it with such an amazing gesture.

You decided to believe you could move to a place of physical instinctive eating, and you have. You have made it happen. Well done.

Now you eat like "normal" people eat. Just from hunger. The only thing that prompts you to eat is genuine physical hunger. The only time you think about food is when your stomach is actually rumbling! How cool is that?!

You know how Lexie eats? And how Andrew eats? How they totally do not think about food at all, until they are genuinely hungry? THAT IS YOU, NOW! How liberating is that?! I know that you feel totally free, and relaxed around food now. Wonderful.

Lucy, the way you have tackled this weight loss and fitness thing has been phenomenal. I know it has felt as if it has taken a really long time, but it is only three years.

Three years, and you have not only got down to your goal weight of 65kg, but you have done it properly. No fads. Just eating right and moving more.

I know how challenging it has been to address the more emotional side of the journey. Tough.

But rest assured that you booked yourself in as a huge project and you have completed the project with grace and dignity and integrity. On budget and on time, to the highest quality standards. That in itself is a remarkable and inspirational achievement.

Hold onto this now. Treasure it, and the way it feels. You have the absolute right to feel this good, this free.

I know you know that you can maintain this weight and this fitness and this body shape and this clothes size SO easily.

Remember the time between January 2009 and May 2010? When you gave up smoking and all the dramas with your Mum? Then Charlie had his accident? In all that time, you maintained your weight. That is amazing! You are a master at the maintenance. Have no fear on that score.

And now that you only ever think to eat with physical instinct, maintaining this weight will come absolutely naturally. You will not have to even think about it at all. It's a breeze!

Because it is second nature to only eat when you are truly hungry, and because you love exercise, and because you are in such an unconsciously competent space with regard to intake and output, your weight will always remain stable at 65kg, or even less. You're a comfortable size 10 now, and this is the size you will always be. A toned and beautiful and confident size 10.

OH! I forgot to remind you: good luck with your surgery! It was such a good move to plan this surgery when you had lost the 20 kilos through 20:20:20. And now that additional lose flappy skin will go, and your recovery is going to be an utter doddle for you! What an amazing and tangible reward.
Congratulations. You have done it. I am so very proud and happy for you.


And Happy Flog Yo Blog too!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

20:20:20 .....Week 1 Weigh In

Weigh in for week one of my 20:20:20 challenge is done!

Last week was 86.8kg
This week is.............85.4kg

So a loss of: 1.4kg

I have stuck to my eating plan
I have exercised to my plan
I have not been drining rnough water. And one plan to fix that is to switch from coffee to peppermint tea after midday. (I drink far too much coffee.)

It is Mothers day this Sunday, which means I will not be able to do a long walk on Sunday morning, and also means I have three tempting celebration treat meals to contend with.

So, I need to make sure the rest of next week is angelic.

(Although I am not making Mothers day an excuse or an obstacle. I believe I can breeze through all three meals without allowing any sabotage.

I think I need to do some visualisations around being comfortable enough to say a polite NO to all the fat arse foods that will be available to me.)

So, there you have it.

Happy with that.

And also............I have a very exciting thing to share with you that I can announce come back later?

Saturday, 3 April 2010


So many times, over the adventure of my losing weight, and through the activity of blogging about it, and through the delight of reading other weight loss blogs, I come across, time and time again, a similar problem.

In myself and in others.

In others it is frighteningly easy to pick up on.

In myself it is harder: the realisation is a lot slower.

And that is this: If I do not believe, it will not be.

If I do not believe that I can and will lose this weight and be the person and the figure and the size and the energy I want to be, if I cannot feel that belief, if I cannot visualise it and feel its magic, it simply cannot happen.

If I am not truly excited about the result and the required activities and  tasks required to get to the result, it will never happen.

If I truly believe, it can and will happen.

So, how can I get myself to a place where my belief (and so my activites and drive and motivation) are so strong that nothing can shake that belief?

Googling "goal setting" and indeed reading up on the thousands of articles available on "manifesting your future" will help.

But I need it to be all about me me me me me me.

I create vison boards through an image mosiac maker that helps me visualise and feel good about a future outcome.  More details here. It is a lovely activity that aids me to really focus my brain and explore how I want to feel. Well worth a play.

I create future statements. I write down how I am going to be feeling when I have achieved something. I learned this 'trick' a long while ago when I wanted to remain really focused on some huge targets at work about 15 years ago. It was amazingly effective then, and it still is. I write out those statements, and they still work. (Interestingly, my personal trainer makes us do them too.)

Recently another beautiful blogger pointed me in the direction of a very cool site that kind of automates this and makes it very official, so I am going to use that next. It's called Future Me, and it allows you to write out an email to your future self.......and delivers it at a set date. (In fact, I should do this soon......I may even copy my "future me" email in here............)

I use the hilarious and useful Face In Hole so that I can create acurate images of my future self. You have no idea how this transforms the level of belief I have. (Or how much fun you can have with it!)

And the best tool? The tool that requires nothing more than for you to just lie back and drift and dream. No internet connection required. Just brain space and a little peace as you drop off at night, to dream to visualise and to BELIEVE that you can do and be anything: anything you want to be.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


A huge key for me, in this whole diet and body transformation bizzo, is the ability to believe that I can actually do this.

My brain is so very powerful, if I cannot visualise it, if I cannot believe in somthing, if the activity required doesn't excite me for its future potential, if it doesn't inspire me to feel positive, I know that I probably won't succeed.

Hence I love love love this mosaic maker thingo!

The creation fo the below, the activity of choosing images, makes me really still as I search my heart for how I want to feel.

This is what the below represents.

If I lose lots of weight and get to goal, I will feel as good as all these images look.

If I can believe in it, I can be it.