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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How we look, versus how we feel...

I found myself looking at some photos of myself yesterday.

They are well taken shots with a good camera.

The photographer was engaging and took a myriad of snaps of me in my natural environment - chatting and laughing and sharing with other women, other bloggers.

My lovely husband and children saw the photos and were singing my praises.(Bless them - such unconditional love!)

I have a niggle in my head though. Fat. I still look fat. Self critical. I still have a double chin. Why does my neck look chubby, still? I have no waist. That incessant insecure chatter in my mind. I wish it would quieten.

I have lost a lot of weight over the past few years. Slow and steady. But I tell myself I still look fat. What's with that?!

As quickly as these insecurities gushed into my head, then I force them to seep rapidly away.

Losing weight, for me, has never been about how I look. It's about how I feel.

So regardless of how I appear in a photo; regardless of how much weight I still have to lose, I will remind myself of how good it feels to lose nearly 40kg.  Nearly 90lbs of weight has gone, never to return. I am fitter and healthier now that I have ever been.

My vitality, now, in comparison to when I was at my heaviest, is so vastly improved. That is what I must recall when I realise that, in photos, I still don't look like a supermodel.

My skin is clear, as is my conscience. Through plenty of whole foods and water, I glow.

My eyes are brighter, simply because I am happier.

I have more energy, more zest for live, more joie de vivre than I have ever had.

So I shall try not to stress over photos that depict me as "cuddly" and still plump. I shall take steps just to remember how much weight I have lost, how much health I have gained, and how amazing this makes me feel.

Tell me, do you like photos of yourself? How do you deal with insecurities? Share with me?

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PS A lot of people have asked me how I have lost weight. I have eaten less, and moved more. But most importantly, I believed I could, and so gradually, I have lost weight. The Think Slim audio series has helped me immeasurably.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Before & During Photos...

I have been lucky enough to meet some of you.

I feel as if I know a great many more, even though we haven't actually met.

And in light of the fact that I am currently enjoying (yes, enjoying?!) a spell of intense calorie counting, I feel brave enough to dig out a few terrible before photographs and slap them side by side with some current "during" photos....

They say a picture tells a thousand words.  The words I associate with looking at these snaps are:

"Thank heavens I finally woke up and took charge of my health......"

This post here details another insight into my "before and after".

I am not done yet. I have fitness and firmness still left to accomplish.


Total calories inhaled - 1381 ~ Exercise calories burned - 268 ~ Glasses of water sculled - 3  - Easter Eggs resisted at work - 4 ~ Hours of glorious sleep - 7

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Before and After.....

As most of you will know, this little old blog of mine supports Nuffnang.

And they are running their Nuffnang Blogging Challenge.

Which I would dearly LOVE to win.

The prize? I could win an iPad for Christmas! Oh, how I would love that.

I have been an Apple user since 1996. I am, as you can see from my blog design, an Apple fan.

And my favourite post from 2010? Another before and after. The True Before and After.

Tell me YOUR favourite post from 2010?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The True "Before and After".....

I am an avid reader, unsurprisingly, of weight loss blogs, weight loss success stories and weight loss magazines and books.

Nothing sucks me in quicker than the "before and after" stories, especially the before and after photos.

They show me the promise of what is indeed possible.

Call me superficial (and I am, at times) but I love to see the snaps from the last decade of the fat bride looking gross and uncomfortable alongside the recent snap of the very same woman looking slimmer and so much happier.

For me, it is totally inspiring. A pictorial statement that someone has made a choice to get from fat to fit, to take control back.

I have very few photos of me of when I was at my largest weight. I avoided cameras. The truly awful ones just got deleted. And these days I generally forget to take as many progress snaps as I should.

So it is with a fairly scared deep breath that I jot down my before and after habits. These tell a far more illustrative tale than the photos ever could-


Two or three cigarettes

At least three coffees with full cream milk
4 slices of toast with butter
A morning full or regret over what I didn't manage to not eat the previous day.

Lumber after the kids all morning, dressed in ugly size 24 clothes. Sneak off for cigarettes.

Get cranky with the kids because they want me to operate at an energy level I just do not have.
Feel guilty.
Sneak off for cigarettes.

Grocery shop and buy a lot of healthy food, as well as a lot of junk food snacks. Suck my stomach in the whole time just in case someone thinks I am pregnant again. Feel so dreadfully self conscious.

Go to the library with the kids and feel very fat and uncomfortable in comparison to other Mums with their kids.

Make the kids a healthy lunch, and then sneak off to eat my lunch in peace. A couple of big fat sandwiches as well as a couple of bags of chippies, washed down with a lot of orange juice. And a couple more cigarettes.

Get cranky with the kids because I feel lethargic and tired. My joints ache and I feel bloated all the time.

Make the kids a healthy dinner and pick at what they are having. Make dinner for me and lovely husband. Big portions of carb and fat laden meals. Lots of healthy salads, also full of cheese and nuts.

Get the kids to bed. Fall asleep on Olivia's bed.

Wake up and have a couple of cigarettes, then cruise the kitchen for snacks.

Chill out with lovely husband, eat half a big block of chocolate. A couple more cigarettes

Surf the internet, feeling guilty at the amount of crap I have eaten. Wish I could find a solution.

Watch some TV and eat more chocolate, even though I feel a bit sick. Feel like crap. Have one last cigarette.

Crawl into bed. Joints aching. Snoring.

Wake up feeling shit.

Note: no exercise at all.


Alarm goes off at 5am and hop out of bed, have one coffee which I enjoy whilst I blog.

6am, off for a run/walk/resistence training/intervals

7am: Make brekky for me and the kids and grab a quick shower and slap some makeup on. My brekky is a protein shake and some fruit.

8am : Start the school run

9am - Grocery shop for fresh produce based on a menu plan: a menu plan that is supportive.

10am Take Lexie for a swim or a play in the park. Fruit for morning tea.

11am Quick chores around the house. Cup of herbal tea.

Make a healthy lunch for me and Lexie: usually tuna or lean meat in a Burgen roll. No butter. Some raw chopped veggies and a diet yogurt.

Whilst Lexie naps I blog and listen to some hypnotherapy and have another cup of herbal tea

3pm School run time again. Take water with me.

3.30 Afternoon tea is fruit

5.30 Dinner. I eat with the kids. We all eat the same thing. Lean meat or fish. Salad or steamed veg. Low GI carb such as Doongara rice or a baked potato.

6pm Homework time whilst I run round doing chores. I am happy.

6.30 Bathtime

7.00 Stories and bed. Cuddle them all, and realise how lucky I am

7.30 Chill with lovely husband.

9.00 Feel "peckish" so have a diet yogurt or some cut fruit or a chuppa chup.


Bed, with a candle and some more hypnotherapy.


(Note: no cigarettes at all.)

And so when people ask me how I stay motivated, I think of this. I think of how happy and guilt free I am now, in comparison to then.

I can never, will never, go back to how I was before. If I never lose another kilo, if I only maintain for the rest of my life, that is OK, I will just never go back to that sad addicted life I had before.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


To be doing such a nice balance of exercise pretty much every day had been a totally alien concept to me up until this past year. I am so so so glad I am finally off my arse really making a difference to my health.

The weather is gorgeous at the moment and I am in a good place.

Recently, a couple of friends and family have asked how I manage to fit in the exercise I do around the kids.

Here is my current plan:

Monday 6am Group Personal Training (Cardio and Resistance). Home by 7am for a shower and this is about when the kids are waking up. (If they wake earlier, Lovely Husband deals with them and slaps ABC kids on for them with a cup of juice!)

Tuesday 6am Group Interval Training: this starts from next term. Again, I know I can be home by 7am.

Tuesday 7pm: I use the time to do "big things" like a huge hill, the Paracourse, a 14km walk etc.
Wednesday 6am: Group Personal Training (Cardio and Resistance)

Thursday 7.30pm: The solitary run, with my iPod. This is the one I have to really psych myself up for. It is only my iPod and its cheesy 1980's dance tracks that gets me out there in Wadmore Park running round in the dark. BUT, funnily enough, once I have done it, by myself, I feel so inspired.

Friday: This is a hard one as I have to do something around the kids. So usually a session with my fit ball and the DVD fit ball routine, or skipping, as well as Lynda's home Resistance workout. Or I run up and down the track at the back of the house.

Saturday: My day off! Although most Saturdays I will pram push one of the kids down to Target/Foodland, which is a lovely walk, and they love it.

Sunday: This is my "lie in" day when Lovely Husband gets up with the kids and makes them brekky and gets them dressed etc. However, I chose to use this time to walk. We meet at 7.30am at Morialta. We walk to the first falls and back, doing the Giants Cave steps on the way, and on the way back. It is one of my favourite times of the week. It is one of my favourite walks.

Even if I never lose another gram, this exercise business gives me so much energy, so many happy hormones, so much more of a sense of peace in my heart, so much more love to give to the kids and to Andrew, it is truly worth it. And so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.

And it had changed me from this:

To this:

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Getting a bit Christmassy.......

Well, we bit the bullet and took the children to see Father Christmas today at our local shopping centre. They were as good as gold, and they all looked adorable, and I just feel so proud of my little family.......

My general sense of wellbeing and loved upness comes from, I think, being in a very good place weight loss wise (I have been an angel both food and exercise wise this week). And for the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.........

Last Christmas (hark of George Michael?! LOL) I was a blimp, and I was ashamed of myself when I saw this photo:

So it is very nice to be in a place this Christmas where I am feeling SO SO much happier in my health & fitness. I am not there yet, but I know I will get there..........

So yeah. Feeling a bit Christmassy..............

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Personal Training Before and After Shots

Well, here we have it.

The before and after shots of my 20 week personal training..............


To be honest, I am not so sure I can see such a dramatic difference.

But I do know for sure that my fitness levels have increased beyond imagination, and that I have lost around 11 kilos in this time, as well as loads of cms.

And learned an awful lot about myself.

And met some brilliant women, and made some wonderful friends.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Before Photos.....


I have entered Body Transformation Challenge!

I figured that I am really driven by recognition and competition, so why not. Let's face it, I have nothing to lose, only my wide arse!

So I have done the big scary weigh and measure.

And found some "before" shots that are truly horrific.