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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Get a Jon...

This is so totally NOT a sponsored post.

But I wanted to include the below clip, which, to my mind, is hilarious and effective TV advertising. And so true to life...

The lovely blogging sisters, Multiple Mum and Maxabella have both recently posted about DIY, Hire-a-hubby issues and jobs that need doing around the house.

I am sure I have shared with you the fact that I live in a 1970's monstrosity of a house? One that needs a lot of of time, money and inspiration?

And that my lovely husband IS indeed very handy? As I said to Multiple Mum recently -

Lovely husband is handy. He is a geek with bricklayers arms, which can be wonderfully useful (and economic). He can build and tile and plaster and is particularly adept at high class painting and decorating.

Sounds just wonderful, doesn't it?

But its only ever any good IF HE HAS TIME.

No time. Between his work, us, the kids, the garden, and cricket, there is no time left for me to exploit him.

So what is a girl to do? When she has a list of jobs undone?

I have Jon*.

Jon is a jack of pretty much all DIY. He is a chippy by trade, but also has a general builders licence. He can turn his hand to electrics, and has no problem at all with plumbing. Tiling? Consider it done. Tree lopping ? Easy. Gutters need cleaning and fixing? In the blink of an eye.

And he is a darling. The kids and the dogs love him. He is smiley and cheerful, has a cool tool-belt, and he whistles whilst he works.  He drinks his coffee with six sugars, but I forgive him that as he always rinses his mug out. He cleans up after himself and nearly always turns up on time. He never blocks the drive with his van, and can turn his hand to anything. His long ladders are a godsend. Fast and clean...

Jon comes at a price. He invoices on time, and whilst not exorbitant, he is not cheap either.

He is utterly gorgeous and single.

He is a (harmless) flirt.

He is my age and has more than just a little bit of silver fox about him.

The value of Jon?

When I am desperate for a job doing, when its been on my nag list for a year, and my handy husband has still not managed to attend?

When I am frustrated at lack of activity, and when my critical path is getting congested.....

"Lovely husband of mine, shall I call Jon around to give us a quote?"

It spurs my resident handyman into action every. single. time.

Just like the Selly's ad a the start of this post.

Works. Like. A Charm.

Get a Jon.

So worth it.

On every level.

* Not his real name, but he is as gorgeous as Jon Bon Jovi was in Moonlight & Valentino....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

At my house, on my desk

I have been spending a little more time with my Mum. She has lavendar growing in her garden and all along her drive. It is profuse. I love lavender, and always have.

I have asked lovely husband to plant me some lavendar bushes in our front and back garden. And he has.

But I need to remember to water the fragile little seedlings.

So I cut a load of lavender from my Mum's driveway, and have this on my desk as a beautiful reminder to get off the computer and go and water my plants!

What is going on at your house this week?

Monday, 26 April 2010

At My House - De-cluttering....

I am playing At My House again, thanks to Buttons by Lou Lou

I posted earlier about how fragile I am feeling, and how I have a need to declutter my mind and my body.

And what better way to start that process by some actual de-cluttering.

When I need to feel in control, I clean. I organise my space. And then I clean some more.

So whilst lovely husband entertained various children, I de-cluttered our upstairs retreat.

It is a gorgeous big room, which I work in a lot.

But it accumlates a lot of crap.

But it is done. All squeaky clean and lovely, and organised. I shifted furniture, and got rid of three bags of junk.

It is now the haven that I need it to be.

And I feel a bit better. And that is good.

All this labour gave me the opportunity to chew over in my head what I need to do in order to take this diminishing lark to the next stage.

My weight loss ticker is back, up the top there.

I have reset some goals.

More on that tomorrow..........

Monday, 12 April 2010

Give me a P......

We have had a peaceful at home day today.

We have pottered around the house doing.....well.........stuff.

Productive stuff.

I have had my pinny on all day.

I had all the appliances going strong by 8.15am, and no plans, and nowhere to be.

So we made soup with left over pumpkin from yesterday. (Recipe here)

We made a pullapart loaf thing to go with it, for lunch

We made & played playdough.

A nice pottering around kind of day, getting stuff done.........

And this post is bought to you by the letter P, courtsey of the lovely idea of  At My House, hosted by Buttons By LouLou

Buttons by Lou Lou

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Charlie's Room is complete!

Following on from this post here, Charlie's room is done!

It still smells a bit of paint, but nothing a good dose of lemon essential oil won't fix.

For those who wanted to see more pictures, of the finished room, here we go:

(Makes me realise that I should never embark on a career as a real estate agent photographer!)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Smalls, smells and melt overs.....

Upon trying to force encourage my three children to eat something other than chocolate, this lunchtime I made some eggy toast with cherry tomatoes.

Delish. I even had some myself.

But Lexie, my threenager, could only bring herself to eat such wholesome fare if it was smoothered in tomato sauce.

AND she wanted white chocolate to go on her plate as well.

I can handle the sauce. But not more chocolate. Please. No more.

So I said no.

She fixed me with a stare to end all strict stares, and said to me, in a very frustrated fashion, through gritted teeth (ummmm, wonder where she gets THAT habit from?!)

"If you don't give me chocolate RIGHT NOW, I am going to have to have a total melt over, and I mean it Mumma."

Unsuprisingly, I had to take refuge in the fridge to giggle over this pearler. Bless her, and her melt over melt downs.

ANYWAY, that brings me nicely to a question I have been pondering. I wanted to ask all you classy chicks out there in blogland....................

What do you use to make you house smell nice?

What do you use to create sumptious fragranced atmospheres in your home?

Are you an incense stick kinda girl?

Bog standard air freshners from the supermarket?


Essential oils? (And if so, how? Oil burner or spray?)

Candles? Which type?

Melts? Wax tarts? Any particular brand?

Tell me......share with me how you infuse your space with a beautiful aromatic vibe? How do you get rid of bad smells, and create invitingly scented rooms?  

Monday, 5 April 2010

At My House...

Inspired by Buttons by LouLou via Megan at Writing Out Loud, I am going to play "At my house......"

For anyone unaware, my son Charlie had an accident recently that left him with a broken femur, 4 weeks in hospital and 4 weeks in full body cast.

Not fun.

But he has been totally amazing through the ordeal.  So, as a reward (and to celebrate him coming out of cast on April 19th!) we are totally redecorating his bedroom. (I say "we". Mostly lovely husband, who is a demon painter and decorator!)

Out of my three children, Charlie is the one that, in sickness and in health, seeks his own space the most, and looks for the solitude of his own room the most. He loves to listen to music "in peace, in my bedroom, wivout the girls talking". He is the one, who, if I cannot find him in the garden, will be the one sitting on his bed cross legged reading books.

So his space is being transformed.

Lovely husband has stripped and re-painted. Skirtings and cornices done in an accent blue. (They are so beautiful.)  New light fitting. New curtains. His furniture (all timber) will remain, and he will need some new linen.

I have found some gorgeous blue papers and some funky frames, so we will hang those for him too.

I hope loves it.