My name is Lucy and I blog about juggling family with health, weight loss and exercise, kids, a career, love, and all that good stuff.

I blog about life, love, and all its happiness, and all it's ups and downs...

I am a wife, a mummy, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I work nearly full time for a property development company as their sales and marketer.  I blog. I write, I am on a weight loss journey, I exercise, I run a family.

I also flirt and day dream at lot.  
I am six years into a weight loss caper. And the greatest secret to weight loss, for me, is realising that is that whilst it is certainly about about eating less and moving more, it is also a lot about the emotions that drive our relationship with food.

At the start of 2008 I made the choice to take back my life and to transform myself from an obese 126kg goddess to a lithe and supple goddess of healthier proportions. I still have a way to go...

It is a never ending journey of juggling health, family, career, love, friendships, creativity and life. And blogging. 
It's a tasty slice of life.