Friday, 13 July 2012

How to get calm...

I use a little tiny studio gym at the bottom of road. It's joined up to the local footy club, on the oval where the schools and big boys play cricket and football and soccer. The local council have a playground and a couple of tennis courts along side, and there's a scout hut too. From the gym at 6am on a Monday morning, to the 18th birthday party hosted with bunting in the hall on a Saturday night, to the sausage sizzle on the sidelines on a Sunday, it's a hub of activity, quite literally.

And on Thursday nights there is a new session. Pilate's. Run by the lovely and very funny and evidently most experienced Melanie, who is a scream, it's a new venture. I was tempted by the idea for no other reason that they were offering a free trial to try and russle up participants.

The Pilate's classes are held on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm, so I have half a chance of persuading the lovely husband to be home by then to take over the kid wrangling.

To be frank, I honestly thought I would go along to the freebie session and then move right along.

But when I got home from my first session, where it was all blue Pilate's mats and balls and bands and circles and core strength, I was mildly surprised and impressed.

The lovely husband asked me "Are you all pilated now?" I am not sure how I was supposed to feel, but all I can compare it too is like doing the biggest most sensational stretches, all over your body, for over an hour. Not scary hurty undignified weird positions. Just nice comfy sensation stretching - releasing and pinging all my muscles, and sending me to a nice calm place.

Now I sound like some ol' hippie, don't I?

But, after the first evening of Pilate's, I realised I truly WAS more calm, and that night I slept and slept like a baby. No 3am wakings, for once.

So I went again. And again. And again.

I bloody love it! The calmness stays with me for more than a few days. All that stretchy stretching good vibe feeling remains until Monday! (And lets face it, aside from A class drugs, I am not sure that any thing can really send anyone calm into a Monday morning?).

So the problem is only this - what to wear to Pilate's?

Initially I just rocked up in my usual tracksuit, t-shirt and very very supportive knickers and bra and sneakers.

Then I realised the vibe was so much more chilled than that.

Bare feet.

Comfy stretchy clothes are needed for my comfy stretchy calm making Pilate's.

Now bear in mind, whilst I have lost a load of weight, I am not a skinny minnie. So my criteria for gym clothes are this:

  • Comfy
  • Flattering
  • Not too synthetic sweaty stinky
  • Flattering
  • High quality - faded and saggy after three wears is no good to me
  • Flattering
  • Supportive but not restrictive
  • Washable without losing their shape
  • Flattering
Did I mention flattering?!

Anyway, Melanie at Female for Life showed me her range, and immediately I was keen to try the all in one yoga suit. It didn't disappoint.

But more than that, the site itself is very user friendly - you can see the clothes on real normal sized women. Go and have a look. The models are bloody gorgeous and every day, with real curves and healthy fit bodies of normal women, just like you and me. I am SO comfortable to shop with these chicks! There is a very cool body shape calculator too, which makes me feel like a goddess.

All of the stuff from Female for Life fits the bill - including the bill. The prices have NOT been hiked up as a result of the carbon tax...more like reduced to become global financial crisis friendly! Value for money...PLUS they have a competition on at the moment too....go have a look!

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Disclosure - this is not a sponsored post at all. But I was sent, at my request, an article of clothing to try, for free, from Female for Life. However, all of the above is my very own unpaid for opinion. As you all know, I never blog about a product unless I genuinely love it. And I love Female for Life. I have since happily ordered more stuff from them, at my own cost.


  1. I have been considering pilates for a while, the idea of it really appeals to me, I think after reading how much you love it I will definitely give it a go. Thanks!

  2. Clever and comfy!
    Happy pilate-ing!!
    :-) xx

  3. You look fantastic, and now you have me thinking about how much I miss yoga.

    1. PS - just been over to look at the Female for life site - LOVE it. xxx

  4. I love Pilates. It has saved me many many times xo

  5. Woot woooooo! Look at you rocking an all-in-one skin tight suit. Love it!! (Am also a big pilates fan). x

  6. I love pilates! Especially after my 2 children, it's really helped get me back in shape.

  7. My sis in law and I did Pilates for about six months after I had Doo Dah. It took me about that long to learn the 'roll up'. Ouch! Since I no longer have any stomach muscles, I haven't been back post twins. Maybe after my surgery? Glad you have found your inner peace. Most handy that it is only at the end of your street! x

  8. I like your idea to spend time at at gym to stay far as the photos are concerned I must say you are looking so attractive in that workout dress... :)

    1. I love what you have got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having important information about many thing.

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