Monday, 11 June 2012

I’m getting of the diet merry-go-round and I’m still fat.

Today, a guest post from Melissa of Suger Coat It.

Melissa was my first ever follower. Imagine! You crank up a blog to write out your weight loss journey and write in it every day for years, and then all of a sudden someone follows you and she actually comments! She and I have since become blog, Farcebook, Twitter and Skype buddies. She rocks. She is also the girl who designed my blog. ♥. If you are not following her, you should.

I'm getting of the diet merry-go-round and I'm still fat.
I was on a treadmill next to my sister the other afternoon and we were talking about diet and eating and exercise and weight loss and dieting AGAIN. We had been on a diet for about a week, restrictive and supposed to work wonders. In a moment of clarity we turned to each other and said;
I’m just so sick of this.
Sick of the weighing.
The planning.
The wondering.
The hoping.
The frustration.
The crime and punishment mentality.
Sick to death of the merry-go-round.

So I got off. I went home, looked myself in the mirror and congratulated myself on all the hard work, requested that I make some good choices from here on out but told myself that I was setting myself free. It was over.
You see I eat well and exercise often. I’m fitter by the day and doing a raft of great things when it comes to my health and well-being. And yet, it wasn’t enough. Until I was thin enough, until I was close enough, until I was normal it wasn’t enough.
And that can only be detrimental, right?
So I’m letting go of the need to do anything. I am committed to making good choices. But I will no long restrict my food groups, eat to a schedule or punish myself for the odd treat. I’m turning over a new leaf.
I’ll stop eating when I’m full. Not eat when I’m not hungry. Work out when I can and continue to enjoy it. But I refuse to give into the pressure from myself to fad diet or pressure myself into making this work. My world won’t certain around food and weight loss anymore.
I’m starting to think like a skinny person I think.

Now... Let’s work out.

Mel lives the sweet life here, here, and here. Go look her up - you'll be glad you did...


  1. Good work Mel, I think we spend so much time 'trying' we lose sight of ourselves xx

    1. Thanks Jen. I think you're right.

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    good on you, Its not about dieting but leading a "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE"

  3. I hear ya! I've been writing a bit about this myself lately... the 'not-dieting' concept. Mindful / intuitive eating etc etc. It's a journey though and I'm only just starting off. (Drowning a little!)

    But I completely understand what it's like when life becomes all about food, dieting and weightloss.


    1. It certainly does become an obsession at some stage. It's a journey for sure. :)

  4. Love it Melissa!
    The merry-go-round is a terrible place to be...
    I have decided to hop off as well...
    To eat better all the time, not 'diet'...
    To enjoy exercising, pushing those limits, not boring myself silly on a treadmill...

    Enjoy the more mindful relationship your brain and body have found :)

    1. Thank you Meegan. Ditching the diets is ridiculously liberating. It has made a difference in my view of things, that's for sure.

  5. I've been off for a while. I worry that I haven't learned enough and will just get bigger and bigger until I AM the freaking merry-go-round. But so be it. Dieting is just so dull and all that thinking is much better served (!) elsewhere. x

    1. Much better served elsewhere indeed. You won't end up the merry-go-round, your body knows better than that. You know, if you listen. Haha.

  6. I quit 'trying' and went from a size 16 to a size 8. I eat right and get some exercise every day. That's it. I figure when my body is happy with the way it looks, I'll stop shrinking.

    1. Well done Kat! That's so great. My Dad always says a similar thing; A healthy body will find it's healthy weight.

  7. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    I am a believer of what Dr Rick Kausman says...

  8. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    Gotta read his bok or google if not dieting, self acceptance etc etc and taping into our intuition, its the only way in this mixed message culture of diet/slim=happy for girls and women

  9. Do not let down here...keep your efforts on for loosing your weight just overview your diet chart again and also closely deliberate on the exercises you are doing till now, a bit of research & I am quite sure the results come your way...


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