Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wife swap...

I woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I enjoyed sipping it, in peace, whilst I checked the news and my email.

Heading for the shower, I stretched and kissed my gorgeous, newly woken, children as they greeted me.

With the bathroom door firmly closed, I relished a long hot shower in peace.

As I dressed, selecting crisply ironed work clothes, I realised my lovely husband had already made the bed.

As I put my make up on, without children bothering me, without attempting to apply it in traffic, my only disturbance is my husband asking me if I'd like him to make me a salad to take to work for lunch.

Grabbing a matching bag and shoes, and my car keys, I kiss my children and husband goodbye for the day. They are still in their jammies, hair not yet brushed. I have no idea if the kids have clean school uniform for the day or not. I presume they do?

Similarly, I have no idea is the dishwasher was set to run, or if the kids beds are made, or if a load of laundry has been hung out to dry. None of those domestic chores are my issue.

I am busy at work, all day. But I am not distracted by phone calls from school requesting me to pick up sick children.

I come home from the office when, and only when, my key tasks for day are done. I am not tethered by my watch.

It's late. The kids are already bathed and in their jammies. They have eaten dinner. The youngest is waiting for me to read her a story, whilst the elder two are with Daddy, finishing their homework.

They fall upon me and shower me with kisses and news of their day. Happy, clean children. Untainted by my nagging.

After getting changed into clean trackies, I tuck them into bed and catch up on their goings on.

Eventually I curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, poured by my husband. He cooks me dinner as I blog a little and catch up on emails. I think he may do some other chores too. Another load of laundry? Take some meat out for tomorrows dinner? Some ironing? Dealing with the dishwasher again perhaps? I am not sure.

We watch some TV together and then to bed. I sleep like a log. No worries. Tomorrow is another day. Another convenient day whilst I work and do my thing,  and the rest of my life just gets organised and taken care of around me.

Truth, fiction or fantasy?

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  1. God I wish, but even if I was the working parent and husband stayed at home those chores would be at the back of my mind, I can't just switch off like that.

  2. Hmmmmmmmm. All i know is that if you went and got yourself another wife and you didn't pick me, I will be very pissed off! xo

  3. Hang on, I see what you did there...

    Wouldn't that be wonderful?

  4. Love it Lucy!! I know you are not smug enough to write this if every single detail of the account was actually true!! Are you? I like to think that some of it is true. I'm sure your hubby is capable of a lot of that good stuff but the kids not bothering you while you put your make-up on? Never!!! xx

  5. Haha fantasty ... Partners making the bed for us while we're enjoying a shower. I always hope it will happen but it very rarely does!

  6. I love a good 'opposite day' fantasy ... ;)

  7. Ha ha - wouldn't that be the perfect day!

  8. It sounds like a lovely day. I hope it's fact.

  9. Wow, sounds bliss - I guess it may be fantasy or are you really this lucky(?)!

  10. My Hubby needs to talk to your Lovely Husband...

  11. Do thank your best half, without him this wouldn't have been possible.....

  12. It is the truth I create every day in my role as nanny/housekeeper/cook. But I get paid for it, so I can't complain. Then I come home and do it all over again for nothing but love. xx

  13. OMG... I could actully got out and do a real hard-working paid job if my life was like that!! This post also makes me think that, for my husband when he was working in the city and I was being the housewife, things were never that smooth!! A lovely idea tough... you've prompted much food for thought, Lucy.

  14. Sounds a little like my husband;s hard life lol

  15. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    Haha thats great! I was a bit slow to get it though..

  16. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    Only in a dream.


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