Thursday, 10 May 2012

About wobbly bums...

Today I am over at Bianca's

I have written an open letter to her three girls.

About bodies. About Mothers. About love. About confidence and wobbly bums.

Go have a read and leave us some comment love?

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  1. wobbly bums?... I'm there!

  2. Visit my blog:

  3. Ah! You under-rate yourself. You post is so much more than wobbly bums. You are a darling x

  4. I liked your letter Lucy. However, I feel a bit picked upon. Hard work brought me back to...size 8 - which is appropriate based on my height and bone structure. I like to 'keep it real' just like every other Mum and encourage every other mother on this planet to embrace health over an unrealistic clothing size, I really do. But don't discriminate against me because of my size....

  5. Hey there,

    Just checking in. Everything okay? xxx

  6. I tagged you in the "Get to Know Me" Tag!

  7. Wooaaw hold up, whats this?
    Forum dedicated to Wobbly bums ... Am i dreaming or is this for real?? I would love to comment on ur wobbly bum thoughts lucy.. ;-)
    Im not going to let you know my honest opinion on a public blog sweety, i might offend one of these lovely ladies with my enthusiasm haha ;-)
    In a nut shell girls.. Love em!!
    Serious, i dont want to sound rude but ye...... Wobble it good girls, be proud ... Its hot !! ;-) if u wanna hear what i really think lol ...
    Cheers lucy ... Hear from you soon maybe?


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