Monday, 16 April 2012

Trial and error, change...

I recently published a post about working with brands. I have been really really lucky. All the while that I needed to be at home around the kids, I have been able to negotiate work from home gigs, and I've managed to slot all of my blogging and my writing and work at home commitments around the kids, the lovely husband, the gym and my Mum. Around baskets of ironing and writing deadly dull policy documents, I have undertaken a whole stack of blogging and content writing.

A great deal of this blogging has been lucrative - my blog has lead me to a lovely amount of writing work off my blog. I've never taken this for granted - but I have worked bloody hard. There have been too many evenings where I have gazed wistfully at the couch and my lovely husband, but I've not been able to join them - because I've been on a deadline.

My youngest, Lexie, is now very much settled into school. Charlie and Olivia are incredibly secure and settled. We have done the hard years of being totally absorbed with little children and their needs. We have managed on one income for over eight years, topped up by my part time income.

And now I am back at work, back to my career.

It is part time - about 30 hours a week - and it is intense. I am loving it. I am working in a marketing role, for a large property development organisation. I feel my brain exploding with the possibilities of the role, and the market I am in. My pride and ownership levels are growing daily - along with my enthusiasm to make things happen in the organisation.

I have, by chance or design I am not really sure, timed it all so that I am totally satisfied that the kids are all at the age and stage that I can work at this level. The past month or so have shown me that I can truly switch off from the kids when I am at work, and not fret. And, in turn, by the time I pick them up from school at 3 o'clock, I can happily focus on them entirely. It's early days, obviously, but I have demonstrated to myself that we can have it all - me and the fab five are making it work. I have no doubt the seams will show the strain at times, but I do not anticipate it all coming apart.

And the result of all this? My blog is no longer my part time job.

Earlier this year, when I was planning on my return to the corporate world, my blogging suffered.

Then I spent a weekend in the company of passionate bloggers - and some brilliant writers, and a lot of wonderful friends. This, as I anticipated, re-ignited my love for my blog.

I have been blogging for nearly ten years. Nearly a decade. Fuck, that makes me feel old.

I am not going to stop anytime now.

But I will no longer be doing many reviews or giveaways. (I will, I hope, still be bringing you cool stuff from Kitchenware Direct, because they rock...)

I will no longer be doing PR stuff or sponsored posts.

The commercial stuff will be very much in the background.

I severed ties with Nuffnang ages ago, for a variety of reasons. I have now also taken myself off the PR Friendly lists. (I am still friendly - I just don't want to be bosom buddies with the endless PR pitches....)

I realise that I am being very long winded about this.

I love blogging. I don't mind the odd fling with Twitter too. Facebook is OK for the occasional one night stand.

Blogging - writing - tinkering with words - is what I like best of all. Sharing stuff with you, my lovely readers, and getting YOUR thoughts and your comments and feedback - that is the bit of blogging I really love.

So, from now on, my blog can go back to being just a blog. And I am very OK with that.

I hope you are too?

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  1. Yay! Lucy I am so happy for you. You sound like you are in a wonderful place at the moment with everything in your life. You deserve it. And I am looking forward to your blogging and work tinkering to come x

  2. Congratulations for reaching such a fabulous place for you and your family, Lucy. After so many years of hard work, you certainly deserve it. I hope this next chapter continues to be as lovely as it sounds.

    And i'm so looking forward to reading more from you!

  3. That's awesome. Sounds like you are in a great place! Xx

  4. We will all still read your blog, sponsors or no sponsors xoxo

  5. So very okay with that lovely Lucy! And also very happy that you are in the midst of such success at present xx

  6. Just sounds very wise Lucy, working with brands must take lots of time and you've got other priorities. Like 30 hours a week work sounds pretty full-time to me!! It's a lot and so rather than getting too stressed out, you're going to blog simpler. Good... cos we need you around for a long time Lucy!

  7. Goodluck with your new journey.I hope it brings you and your family much happiness.Good on you for doing what is best all of you.Takes courage to make life changing decisions.I am so happy you are also still keeping your blog.xx

  8. I could not be MORE ok with that. I love your blog when it's writing, blogging, just YOU. You are what brings me here, not competitions or giveaways. (I think I've only ever entered one. Funnily enough, it was a Kitchenware Direct one. :D )

  9. Sounds like things are going well and that's the way it should be! Congratulations.

  10. A natural progression, by any account. I am SO pleased you are getting back to blogging in a way that you trly feel whole and heard. For my own selfish gain reasons, I say..... YAY FOR US!!! xxxx Love you.

  11. Love this post. Love. Thanks for writing it, Lucy.x

  12. excellent, every blog has a purpose, than things change and so does the purpose, blogs are a living breathing changing beast, and that is the best bit about them.

  13. Absolutely.
    Your blog - your way.
    :-) x

  14. It's lovely to hear how excited you are about your new job. I think you've made a great decision.

  15. I'm always the first to say that as soon as you bring in ads and posts and other such commitments it's a job. Otherwise how can you charge people for something that all over the shop otherwise? I think to some degree people assume that it just falls into your lap without effort to work. It doesn't.

    I think you should do what you want. Of course. Enjoy your blog now as a sometimes, funtimes thing. And kick some property ass!!

    Turns out you're not the only one going on. :P

  16. Lucy, I am so proud f you. Not just for going back to work full time now but for your last 8 years of dedicated writing on the blog, trying to make ends meet with one income and bringing up 3 kids. I know, it is a lot of work and many times under-appreciated. Under those circumstances to lose the weight that you have, and kept it off, is AMAZING!!
    I am sure, as you say, even if the strains show, it will NOT fall apart now. Congratulations on all you have done! And enjoy the blog as a passion now, not for work.

  17. Love the way you think things through. You are a wise wise woman. Much love xoxoxoxoxo


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