Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thank you notes...

Thank you notes...

A Hallmark card chosen for a thank you note for my friend who cycles everywhere...

One of my favourite things is love letters.

Another one is reading handwritten recipes and diaries

Another is remembering to write thank you notes.

I know some of my "busier" friends and family think this is corny and unnecessary, but I like to say thank your properly. Sometimes it IS just a text or an email.

But other times, for certain people, I am drawn to take pen to paper quite literally and write a real honest to goodness handwritten thank you note.
My blogging friend Clairey is passionate about handwriting.

I have posted about the importance of handwritten notes before.

And so today all these things combine, with a mini handwriting challenge.

My school mum friend Karen deserves more thank you's than I can ever give her.

She is the Mum at school who ALWAYS looks out for my kids. She sweeps Lexie into her arms for cuddles all the time. If I am ever late, I know Karen will always keep an eye.

Karen is the school Mum that does volunteer reading and craft with the classes They adore her.

Karen is the school Mum that has, at lightening speed, developed gardens in all the spare pockets of earth around the school and has groups of kids involved in watering and picking of produce.

Karen is the school Mum that scours the op shops for costumes and craft stuff for Olivia and Lexie and Charlie.

Karen is the school Mum that brings extra snacks on a Monday afternoon as she knows the whole netball team and their siblings will get peckish.

Karen is the school Mum who scores at netball every.single.week.

Karen is the school Mum who asked me, a few weeks before the Easter holidays, if Olivia and Charlie and Lexie would like a full days play date at her house, to save them and me a day of vacation care. And planned so many activities for them, that the kids were reticent to come home!

Do you know a Karen?

Do you thank her enough?

Do you ever write handwritten thank you notes?

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  1. 'Karen's are worth their weight in gold.
    But so is a decent thank you.
    Beautiful note - that I'm sure means the world.
    :-) xx

  2. What a beautiful note and what an even lovelier person this Karen is

  3. Ah yes. My best friend is a 'karen' x

  4. Thanks for joining up, Karen sounds amazing and certainly in need of a fact she could get one every week for six weeks!

  5. That's beautiful Lucy. and has been the inspiration for me to write my own thank yous, to my "karens". Thank you. x

  6. That's so funny! I am HUGE into Thank You cards-I even wrote a blog about it!

    I've been using them a lot lately to thank the staff I work with for helping me with my thesis. I think it really makes me stand out and shows my genuine gratitude for the help.

  7. I'm a big note writer and am happily joining in with Clairey's challenge.

    I send a thank you after every BBQ, party, afternoon tea or play ate we attend. I like o find or make just the right card or postcard. It gives me great pleasure. x

  8. I write notes frequently. I also send paper cards. There's nothing quite like a handwritten note. Glad you brought this up.

  9. Yes, I know a Karen. Her name's Karen! (no kidding) Unfortunately, our daughters don't go to the same school, though they have been firm friends since they were 3, but she's in my street and it's good to know.

    I am really loving these Hallmark cards. And sending them (although it's been more like 1 a week for me).

  10. We have a Karen in our life too. She is amazing and always does the right thing at the right time!

    Handwritten notes are frequently sent from our house. I love to receive them so I send them lots.

    I've posted about it too. More and more often I find I attend weddings and people don't write notes afterwards. I find it incredibly rude and wonder what they're thinking...

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