Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stop the nagging already...

I saw a lady in the supermarket last Thursday - her trolley was filled with chocolate eggs. I am not sure how many kids she had, but her trolley was chocablock full of shiny foil covered chocolate eggs - the big ones in the cardboard boxes, smaller cream filled ones, and a load of bags of little solid ones.

I love a bit of chocolate just like anyone else. Lindt is my personal fave. I digress.

The lady was moaning at the checkout guy - over how her kids go feral on chocolate. She went on to say, in a tired fashion, how expensive all the Easter Eggs were.

She then ended up chatting to me about how they were having an Easter Bunny hunt in the garden. And how her kids always bickered over who got what eggs, and how they argued if one child got even one little egg more than the other.

"And then I spent all day wiping chocolate from their faces and fingers before they spread it around the walls."

I smiled at her - I get this, I really do.

"I hide their Easter Eggs at the top of the fridge, once the egg hunt is done, so that they don't eat too much chocolate. But my kids get the chair and try and get to them anyway..."

I smiled, as sympathetically as I could muster.

And wished she would hurry up already and pay for her Easter Eggs and let me pay for my milk and apples.
"And then I spend all day nagging them to stop eating so much chocolate. It ruins their appetite!"

No shit, Sherlock.

Eventually she grumbled her way out of  the supermarket.

The guy at the checkout raised his eyebrows. I grinned. Nothing else needed to be said.


"Maybe we should only just buy the kids the amount of chocolate eggs that we're happy for them to eat?"

Wise words indeed.

This year my kids are having an Easter Bunny Egg hunt in our garden.

My Mum is coming for the day - the first time she has been well enough to visit our house for three years.

We will let the kids gorge themselves on the modest amount of eggs they do find. If they eat no lunch, no biggie.

They will also be indulged with a treasure hunt for a few small Easter pressies - in the form of books and glow sticks and stickers.

I love Easter. I hate nagging.

How about you?

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  1. When it comes to our daughter A she will get 1 or 2 small eggs (no more then 200grams each), plus she gets a present that she can continue to use for ages.

    This year her present is a compact digital camera that cost $82 as she has expressed an interest in photography & This years the eggs are 120 grams each and she gets 2 (as we haven't seen her for like 13 months as her mum wouldn't let us till we won our case in court).

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. The easter bunny is leaving some eggs out for my boys. From us, they get a book, a matchbox car and an egg cup. I think it's a nice way to control the flood of sugar into our already excitable household.
    Happy easter to your fam Lucy! Enjoy the time with your mum. Glad she's on the up. x

  3. Love your post Lucy! So goes for so much of parenting, so much of teaching our kids and learning as a parent. How else do you expect your kids to learn moderation, some self control, some self discipline...these are all good attributes to learn. Saying no and setting boundaries is good and normal...and so is having the occasional blow out and bit of fun...nagging, not so much. Have a great Easter! xxx

  4. People like that woman drive me crazy. I worked in a grocery store for a while and dealt with these things often. I amazes me how people just create their own problems for themselves. You don't want your children to eat so much chocolate? Don't buy it for them. You don't want your children to be so spoiled? Don't give in to their every want and desire. Good grief. It sounds like you will be having a delightful Easter holiday! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Same same Lucy. We let our youngest go crazy on chocolate today but have not gone overboard in how much he has to go crazy with. We also have a bit of a tradition of the kids getting new winter pjys for Easter.

  6. Before reading this I was sitting watchIng my children eating proper breakfast or chocolate breakfast with their 4 little eggs and one big one surrounding them and thought to myself...that's just enough. Sure they'll get more from family and another egg hunt tomorrow and I'll hide some, but I sure won't bitch about it. When they're gone they're gone. I agree with her grumbles, but I think someone forgot to remind her that she is Infact in control of her own spending and future! ;). Have a lovely Easter Lucy, so lovely that your Mum will also be there :) xo

  7. I'm the same Lucy. My kids would love more eggs/bunnies at Easter time, but this year they had a choice between me buying them some goodies or giving them the money to add to their savings or buy a toy or whatever. They chose the money. They still got given eggs and a bunny from the Easter Bunny, but just enough that they will enjoy and eat. Silly woman.

  8. I love Easter! Definitely nothing to grumble about especially coz I have this amazing ability to control what the Easter Bunny brings. Perhaps I have a better relationship with him than most? Anyway, my kids get one larger egg (this year it was the large Kinder Surprise), one medium egg (a small Cadbury bunny) and a hand full of tiny eggs (6 in total) from the big fluffster, then we give them their winter PJs for Easter and they get money off the grandparents. Everyone is happy! Perhaps this lady in the shop needs to take control of her inner lupine ....

  9. My son is not even 2 yet so his 3 plastic Easter eggs are full of craisens, banana chips, and peanut-butter pretzels. The eggs from the hunt are going to be full of, well... eggs!

  10. If I had a dollar for every version of this lady I have seen in the past two weeks I would be good to retire! Buy what you're happy for them to eat, simple practical advice. Do that, seriously.

  11. You just have to smile sometimes, don't you?

    This story reminds me of the childless Aunty that I used to be, the one that would rock up to Easter with HUGE bundles and baskets and bags of chocolate for my toddling and preschool nieces and nephews. Much to my siblings horror, I'm sure.

    Now that I've got my own little one I keep things a lot more civilised. Just a little (really little!) basket of eggs for each one.

    My sister had a great idea this year. Her children had a great time hand decorating shoe boxes for their cousins. Inside each one she put some crafty bits and pieces and just one chocolate egg. Beautiful!

  12. Couldn't agree more! We have a similar rule for Easter and Christmas - less is more. However, grandparents don't always have the same idea. Sigh.

  13. It always amazes me when people go to all this trouble, buying a million chocolate eggs, cooking a huge feast for Sunday lunch, and then spend the entire time nagging and whining about how hard it all is. For heavens sakes if it's that hard, don't do it! Make it about fun, give people what you're *happy* for them to have and enjoy the day!

    Same thing goes for Christmas.

  14. No shit sherlock indeed! I dont have kids myself but I gather they only learn from what you teach them .. right?!

  15. Anyone who is having an Easter egg hunt obviously does not have a beagle! We came home with 4 large eggs and a bag of small ones from London - so far the beagle has demolished two and I've made my way through a few too many of the little Kx

  16. I got limited eggs as a kid and as an adult I only have two rabbits and two bags of eggs and spread that out over four days. It's a helpful way of doing it. I don't have kids, and if or when I do, I'll be limiting their stash as well.

  17. Geez, some parents just don't get that they have to control their children. THEY decide how many eggs the kids get AND NOT the kids! Some parents just don't bloody get it.

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