Friday, 27 April 2012

My kids shit me, and that's OK...

things they didn't tell you about parenting an anthology

And whilst you're waiting, I'll add a few more -

  1. Negotiating the shops with three under three is bloody hard. Negotiating the shops with three primary aged kids is worse. At least when they are babies you can strap them in.
  2. Kids do not grow on a convenient retail timeline. If you need school pants in April, forget it - the only sizes left are size 4 or size 16. According to Target and KMart and BigW, kids are only allowed to get new school uniforms in "back to school" season in January.
  3. Nits and lunchboxes never seem to go away. Both are relentless. We have, touch wood, avoided nits so far. Sadly, the lunchbox dilemmas are ever present.
  4. Kids do not care if they get Vegemite sandwiches every single day. They don't eat them anyway.
  5. You can love your kids a lot at the same time that they shit you off entirely.
  6. There comes a time when you have to parent your own parent. This is exhausting and sad and horrible. But it serves as a reminder for us to take care of our own mental and physical health.
  7. Parenting makes you ponder the irony of the fact that when your kids were babies, they wouldn't let you sleep. As they get older, your worries for them won't let you sleep. Hence I am blogging at 3.40am
  8. Kids lose loads of school hats and even more Tupperware. It's just a fact.
  9. My kids behave for others and not for me. That makes me want to shout at them. And I often do.
  10. I love them regardless of all the above. Loads.

This list is not at all the type of glorious content you can expect to see from the "Things they didn't tell you about parenting" anthology. From that you can expect a lot more rich and enticing words...and it's coming soon...

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  1. Love your list Luce - number 9 is my personal fave pet peeve of parenting :)

    I made a list I did myself recently: - the material is endless, cant wait to see what Al comes up with!

  2. Point 7. *wait til they hit their teens...enough said*
    Great post, it took me some years to admit that I love them to death and beyond but they do give me the poops sometimes...and now I can even laugh about it.

  3. :) I became a pseudo parent to my baby brother (11 y/o) this year and thankfully he's not super young so he understands most things. That being said, I'm definitely learning new things every day.

  4. I love your list too Lucy because I can honestly say there are days where my kids shit me to tears.

    Number 9 is a big one in our house. My kids have just been babysat by various people as I was still working 3 days a week in the school holidays. Every single time I picked them up I was told they were well behaved. I seriously wondered if the aliens had swapped them for the day with Stepford kids.....

    And like you I could not love wither of them more if they tried.

    Take good care Lucy, particularly at such a stressful time while you need to care for your Mum.


  5. So exciting to be in this anthology with you, Lucy! Can't wait to see it :)

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  7. Removed for editing reasons. I really need to spell check before hitting publish.

    My mother raised 5 kids under 5 back in the 60s and even she reckons women have it too easy these days.

    No charities to help you, no child care centres, no support network, didn't always have a car, couldn't be there because of work, no welfare.

    Yeah, kids shit me and I don't have any

  8. I have one I actually wrote a post about it today. Terrible two's never go away.

  9. Great list! Are you getting ready for the second edition...? ;)x

  10. that bit about the shops stocking stuff at the wrong time of the year shits me to no end. that is all.

  11. Loving the list Lucy. Number 1 is my biggie, too hard to take 4 kids into the shops, therefore we don't go to town very much at all. I do lots of online shopping!

  12. every point is so bloody spot on. I love it!

  13. Brilliant list. I too am pissed that kmart, target, big w don't have school uniforms in size five/six. FFS. See you soon honey x

  14. I think that number 2 should be: they will only have smaller or larger sizes depending which you are looking for.
    Number 7 is so true and it just seems to get worse as theu grow up. Soon I'll be the parent waiting up for a teenager to come home at midnight or later.

  15. Your fab list helped me a lot today, Luce. Particularly shitty day / week, I'm afraid. x

  16. Aw man, I thought shopping was going to get easier as they get older? I'm going to enjoy those pram and trolley straps while I still can.

  17. As a newbie to school, the uniform thing is really shitting me. WTF!

  18. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    wait till they are 21 and pregnant with twins


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