Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Just do it...

You know when you used to have homework lurking? And you used to forget all about it, or at least try to, and then on Sunday night you'd have to do it? And it was awful?

And you wished you had just got on and done it earlier?

Or, you know when you get a toothache and you finally go to see the dentist and it costs a fortune and it's embarrassing because you put it off for too long?

And you wished you had just done it earlier?

Or, you know when you skip a car service in order to save some money? And you leave it so long that your warranty expires? And you kick yourself and wonder why you didn't just get the bloody car serviced when you shoud've done?

And you wished you had just done it earlier?

And you know when you know the dishes are all lurking, needing to be done? And the thought doing the dishes is just so boring and yuk, you just don't wanna?

But then you finally get your rubber gloves on and just get on with it and do it?


You know all those situations.

So do I.

I used to waste so much energy and time and emotion putting weight loss off.

I used to waste so much time worrying about the fact that I wasn't getting any exercise.

I used to waste so much emotional juice by all my negative self talk.

The doing of a thing is so much worse, so much more ick, so much more time consuming that the actual doing of the thing.

If you have something niggling on your mind - just go do it?

Whether it's losing weight, decluttering your home, starting an exercise plan or fixing a relationship, just do it?

Whether it's drinking more water, going to the dentist, making an awkward phone call - just do it?

Are you putting something off?

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  1. I need to lose 30 kilos. Whilst I have stopped most alcohol (for the first time in 6 weeks I allowed myself a few glasses at the dinner), my diet still sucks and exercise other than cleaning or gardening, has not been started.

    It is not vanity it is my health and doctor's orders. As a mother you'd think it would be at the top of my list to be here for my kids, yet I still stall.

    Travelling does not help, but it is still no excuse...

  2. ahh lucy! this is just what I needed to read at 8 in the morning when I am starting to worry about all the things that need doing. THank you for the motivation. x

  3. Filing paperwork away. AM GONNA DO IT THIS WEEKEND. Am gonna get it out the way early so I can get onto another task I've been procrastinating about. You can hold me accountable please.

  4. All. The. Time. But definitely getting better with it all now. Just doing stuff, even if mentally I'm fighting it.

  5. I put off exercise. All the time. I need to prioritise it, highest of all because it makes me feel so darn good but I just can't get off my bum and get my shoes on.

    Last night I did something I've been putting off for ages - I got piles of stuff ready for my friend to sell on ebay. I feel energised and as though I've actually achieved something. It's a nice feeling.

    Thanks for the little reminder to stop procrastinating.

  6. Yep.
    Anticipation, planning, procrastinating, making excuses - it's just exhausting.
    The actual action is usually a lot less painful than the lead up!
    Better get off the computer and get moving then!!
    :-) xx

  7. I so needed to read that today. How did you know?


  8. I totally agree! I sometimes almost talk myself out of exercising but find myself sticking through it once I physically put on the clothes and move my butt!

  9. So true and so very inspiring.Thankyou x

  10. Ha! You have described me to a T! I kick myself SO much cause I put off even simple tasks! I don't know why I do it! Thanks for the reminder to get up off my butt and Just Do It! bx

  11. Tee hee - read this just as I was about to put off starting my 28 day baby weight loss program for another day!

  12. Hi Lucy, I am always saying to the kids: 'What is the thing you least want to do today? DO IT FIRST.' I really try to do this day to day... that must be why I always get up and unload the dishwasher first then put on the washing!! AND... just thinking aloud... when I sometimes get up at 5am and do MY DESKY STUFF, I really love that, starting the day with something for me.

    Having said all that, there are still things I do procrastinate about, but lets leave the garage door closed for the moment.

  13. Big sigh. Yes. The only thing I struggle with actually DOING is vaccuuming and exercise. Right now I am contemplating getting my exercise gear on and going to PT. I soooo don't want to go. But I will suck it up and just do it ... (sigh) ...

  14. I put my BAS off until I got a reminder letter from the ATO. Sigh. Yuck.

  15. KisforkathrynApril 04, 2012

    Wow!! You are clearly in tune with what so many of us need.

    Me included.
    I have been waiting too long to (a) service my car (b) lose those 5+ kgs that are making me uncomfortable (c) return to regular exercise (d) organize care for my children for next week - and that's all without me even need to think about what I'm worrying about instead of doing.

    Blergghh. I should just do it. There's nothing more to it is there.
    K xx
    Ps. I used to think I had a serious procrastination problem. I love that blogs show me I'm not alone (with my problem!!)

  16. Funny you should write this today - my new mantra of late is "Do Something"...and so far it is working...I got a new 'hairdo'(2 years later), sold stuff online(cha'ching), and made those calls I hate to make. I so totally agree with you. Don't sit by - "Do Something". Cheers SorrentoMoon

  17. I am definitely putting a lot of stuff off but the most urgent is writing tomorrow's blog post. I've been doing everything but that. Your post inspired me and I'm going to go get it finished. Right now.

  18. Yep!...been "meaning" to get back into some weight training, but SO MANY excuses find their way into my thinking...Let's all do "it". Today. We know we'll feel so much better once we've done "it".

  19. I attacked Charlotte's wardrobe today, folding and stored the old too-small clothes and refolded and put away her current bits and pieces. That's been on my mind for a while now, driving me nuts every time I need to find something that actually FITS her. Ahhhh, feels so good to have it done. Why did I wait so long?! LOL
    Next job, my clothes!


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