Friday, 6 April 2012

Garden of Eden...

Eden Riley Edenland World Vision

I can cook, and I can cook well.

Our groceries get delivered and laid out on the kitchen table weekly by the nice people at Coles.

I buy sensational gourmet small goods without even checking the price or availability.

I shop twice a week for the lushest fruit and veg and produce that Australia has to offer. A class.

I can budget, but we generally have a rule that the last thing we economise on is food.

Because we are lucky. So amazingly lucky.
We live in a society, in a country, where food and income are profuse.

We live in a household where my three children have the expectation that brekky is three courses and their lunchbox will always contain home baked treats and fresh fruit.
We live in a home where the kids help cook dinner and they choose daily what they love to eat. (They also have the kid habit of being picky little tackers at time too.)

My friend Eden is in a place at the moment where she is dealing with children and families who are at the opposite end of the scale in terms of foodie luck.

Her posts have made me cry, made my husband sponsor children through World Vision, and made my kids realise how lucky they are.
That all the children in the world could be as blessed as ours.

Eden, thank you.

If anyone is moved to donate to the East Africa Emergency Appeal, just click here.

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  1. A beautiful post Lucy. I agree wholeheartedly of course. I'll be spending some time today reading Eden's posts with Bebito and explaining things to him. I bought him very little for Easter & want him to understand how other children's a reminder to me too after all. So bloody lucky aren't we?

  2. Thank goodness the world has voices like Eden!

  3. I need to read this. I was World Vision President in my high school club in High School. I remember we could "adopt a child" among other things.

    I definitely feel like we live a pampered life.


    Lucy, thank you so very much for sharing this.


  5. So worth sharing. Eden is doing amazing things.


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx