Monday, 23 April 2012

The game...

It's been a rainy stormy weekend here in Adelaide. And the last weekend of the holidays. A weekend for pottering around the house. A weekend to spend time together. A weekend to haul out the board games...

Back in the 1930's, my Dad was given, as a birthday present to his young self, one of the first Parker Brother Monopoly board games.

It became a family heirloom.

In the 1970's, my siblings and I played with the same set.

The box was long since spoiled or lost and the whatnots of the game were all stashed in a large biscuit tin. The paper money, it's colours taking on a browning of age, were thinning and well used, secured with perishing rubber bands. The ivory dice, smoother further by use, were solid. The counters - familiar icons of boot, racing car, thimble and little Scottie dog, were soft lead, and the grey battleship squashed.

The cards - property sets and community chests - all dogeared from hundreds or trades and desperate bargaining. The prized navy blue and the slummy maroon - just a couple each at opposing ends of the board, with the wealth of the $200 between them - close, but so far apart.

The houses and hotels - no plastic detailed bits - just solid wood, stained on purpose red and green.

The board - hard folded leather backed, no creak in it's spine, weathered from years of family use. Ring marks from wine glasses and a translucent greasy blots - candle wax - the 1970's was the era of the strike and the power TV lead to Monopoly in the dark, light by a flicker of a candle...

This old set now belongs to one of my brothers - still housed in that same old biscuit tin.

A wet weekend over a decade ago saw the lovely husband and I seek out a Monopoly set of our own. I yearned for wooded properties and lead counters - we found one. The set we play with now, with children of our own.

And the deal was then as it is now.

Use you allocated cash wisely but know that property is king and developing upon land will always, despite cash flow issues, ensure future security. Do it tough at first, as you invest, and weather the ebb and flow of circumstance and chance. Continue to watch your properties, act with integrity in business and keep your eyes to the ground to reap the eventual long term rewards of capital growth momentum.

I love this game.

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  1. I'm a Monopoly lover from way back. I have three sets at home, two of which are commemorative editions in tin boxes. I may just try to con hubby into a game this week! (I took your advice and moved blogging homes too) xx

  2. Oh how I love Monopoly! As a kid I played my Dad's set just like yours. We still have it in the box. The box is stuck together with browned and brittle sticky tape. I am searching for one the same for our house for when my kids are old enough.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane Lucy.

  3. Do love Monolopoly and we have traditional , star wars and childrens but mine are not quite at board game level just yet.... one day ;)

  4. Oh Lucy! What memories you've brought back. We had the exact same set. It's my grandmother's so about 100 years old. It has a stock exchange instead of free parking. I love it, too! J x

  5. I loved this game too, and loved visiting the real places when I backpacked London the first time.

  6. Last weekend, we played for the first time with our boys, on the set my husband played on over 30 years ago. I was planning on blogging it this week, seriously! Such a co-inky-dink.

    Ours has plastic bits and almost two sets of everything, so I think that two sets were combined to make up an old one. I was hoping it would have the lead pieces, because nothing is ever made of anything but plastic these days. The kids loved it, and I realised that in play as in real life, I suck at money management.

  7. Lucy, we LOVE Monopoly and have recently graduated to the "real" version, previously playing on the fabulous Hannah Montana mini board, until Bell was old enough. We often have a day-long Monopoly championship on rainy weekends.

  8. Mad for it. We'll have a game together some day.

    Love the sausage crockpot meal as well. Ta, Lucy!


  9. Love Monopoly, haven't played in years but still have the board and all the bits in the box (with the sides taped up) stashed in the cupboard!

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