Thursday, 5 April 2012

Do’s and don’ts...

Do’s and don'ts...for Easter

DO -

  • Take time to chill
  • Rest
  • Play with a cuddle the kids
  • Make love to you partner
  • Eat outside and drink good coffee
  • Take pleasure in the change of seasons
  • Enjoy a four day break
  • Empty the kids school bags 
  • Read books
  • Have long showers
  • Eat fish on Friday
  • Have a glass of vino, if you want to
  • Catch up with friends - even if its just by 'phone
  • De-clutter a little, but then again, no worries if you don't find time
  • Go for long walks
  • Breath deeply
  • Spend time with your Mother...

  • Stress about your mother
  • Forget to enjoy the fresh air
  • Worry about your exercise routine
  • Stress about the kids bedrooms that are full of crap
  • Feel guilty about your friends - they understand
  • Get hung up if you sink a whole bottle of wine
  • Fret about religion
  • Niggle about saving water
  • Forget to introduce your mother to the books you love
  • Have a meltdown over lost school hats
  • Stress about your work to-do list
  • Worry about the autumn plantings that will possibly wither - there's always next weekend...
  • Rush so much you forget to just enjoy waking up and smelling the coffee for once...
  • Criticise the bits of your body you still don't like - he doesn't care - he loves you anyway.
  • Forget that often the very best parts of your kids day is when you sit down with them for a smooch and a cuddle and a chat about not much at all. They love that. Don't put those moments off in favour of chores.
  • Cram so much in that it feels like you need another holiday
  • Eat too much chocolate.
Have a wonderful Easter everyone...

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  1. Happy Easter, gorgeous! I've every intention of taking your advice!! x

  2. Happy Easter! Love the list! Sounds like a plan xx

  3. KisforkathrynApril 05, 2012

    Oh, such a blissful guide for a long weekend.
    K xx

  4. Love the way you write and uplift us as we read.Have a wonderful Easter lovely lady x

  5. I like that! Especially about spending time with the kids... :)

  6. Love #1 on the Don't list. And #4 on the Do :P

  7. Empty the school bags alright. I thought is was done, but no Mr H, just left it there and I found it by following my nose.

    Happy Easter!

  8. Happy Easter! Have a wonderful weekend. Great reminders :)

  9. Oh Lucy, that is such a wonderful and wise list!! I need to print it out. Will have problem with making love to hubs as he's in the Middle East. Tricky! Planning to make my own choccie egg tomorrow and to wear pyjamas all day!

  10. I've got two weeks of your 'Do' list coming right up! Except the part about kids school bags, I am a bit beyond that these days.
    Have lovely Easter! x

  11. Some great advice.
    Enjoy the break.
    :-) xx

  12. Have a great Easter Lucy!!! Mel xx


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