Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Campaign Trail...

It's that time of year again.

Blogging competitions are out in force.

Some kind people have nominated me for both the 2012 Kidspot Top 50, and also the Sydney Writers Centre Best Blogs 2012

I am not going to bang on about either of the competitions.

I am not going to beg for votes.

If you want to, the buttons are there, on your left. Click if you want to.

And this is where the campaign trail starts and stops...
I would make a very poor lobbying politician, I fear!

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  1. I'd vote for you any day. And I have xxxx

  2. Congrats on the nominations. Well deserved.

  3. Just voted for you in both competitions; I think you're a fab writer :)

  4. Love this, love your style! I too would make a horrible politician! Have already voted for you :)

  5. Well asking for votes is not like begging indeed...It is more a right of our voters to participate in the voting...I will definitely vote for you if I am satisfied with you.....Don't worry!!

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