Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What NOT to do before a blog conference...

In time honoured fashion, I squeezed in the usual hair/nails/wax appointment in today, all organised before skipping onto a plane tomorrow, to head to the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne.

I am lucky - I have my girls who "do me", so to speak, in Paradise - and they know me well. My nails -  I get them done regularly by the very lovely Claudia. and she and I enjoy an hour over my refills, of coffee and gossip and acrylic. (My au natrel nails are actually lovely and long and strong - I get a coat of acrylic slapped over the top out of habit - Charlie's eczema used to bleed with my nails - falsies are a lot softer.)

Claudia also casts her eyes over my toes (which met with her approval.) Bright red "toe paint" as the kids call it.

My top lip also gets some attention from the hot wax...I am a furry Mumma - as I get older, my top lip gets hairier and darker. Off with it, I say!

All good.

I should point out that I never ever spent any time or attention on myself or my appearance when I was grossly over-weight. Now that I am a little bit slimmer, I do care, and I do like to bother. I do enjoy pampering myself. I am not vain, but I revel in making the best of what I've got. And I like to feel groomed. I suspect I never did before because I was reticent to try and make a silk purse out of a cows ear or whatever the analogy is. But these days, whilst I am still on the chunky side, I do believe I am worth the effort.

That said, I am shamelessly shallow and ALWAYS make an effort when heading to a conference. It's my confidence trick. If I know I am all groomed and taken care of, I fret less. Simple as that.

Until I let my hairdresser lose on my hair.

It was long and dry and frizzy and I wanted "A CHANGE". Oh fuck, why did I say that out loud? To her? MAD!

I am now sheared. Shorn. Short hair.

The lovely husband loves long hair.

If I was dumb founded as I peered at myself in the hairdressers mirror, he was struck dumb as he came home tonight. Eventually, he just squeaked "What happened to you hair?" What indeed.

I was aiming for a sexy kind of Meg Ryan tussled just got out of bed sexy look.

My aim was poor.

I just look like a boy.

(Never mind. Only five weeks between a bad haircut and it getting better?)

Only I am going to a conference tomorrow, to speak in front of a gazillion faces, about blogging and my about my self image.


So, if I do see you at DPCON12 and you are tempted to say or think "who is that bloke?", please tell me my hair doesn't actually look as bad as I fear?!

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I am attending DPCON thanks to Kitchenware Direct. They are lovely. Go have a look?


  1. Oh Lucy I think it's cute! And you'll be gorgeous. I know how you feel though - remember I had my colour 'done' before last year's conference and ended up bemoaning it's brownness? Horror for a redhead. But you are not your hair and you're going to be great!

  2. Not too short at all! It's fine Lucy, fear not!! But it's always a shock getting a different to usual haircut, and takes a while to get used to. You'll be right by Friday. Happy travels.

  3. I always really does take like a month to get used to new hair.... and by then it's grown out :P FTW in ironic terms.

    Stop by...

  4. I really thought your hair looked fabulous! I definitely think every time though it takes me a while to get used to it. I've learned not to do it RIGHT before a major event. I try to schedule the appointment 2-3 weeks into it so I can "grow" into the look.

    I think you look so chic. I agree with you that when I'm slimmer, I take better care of myself on all aspects!

  5. I havent seen you with short hair as Im new to your blog and I think you look gorgeous. I used to have my hair cut really short and if you look like a boy its a long haired boy. Have a great time at the conference for the rest of us who wont be there and dont worry at all about how you are looking. You look fine lady!

  6. Actually I think your do suits you! I am totally obsessed with having manicures and pedicures. It is much cheaper than psychotherapy and the only risk you run is contracting a toe fungus.

  7. Yup, got my furry caterpillars waxed off yesterday, but didn't get around to getting a haircut. I think your hair looks nice, not so different from your avatar really. Hope to meet you tomorrow. x

  8. I think it looks lovely and there is def a meg ryan vibe going on there. And I hear ya on the getting hairier as we get older, whats up with that?? Enjoy the conference and hold your new hair up with pride!

  9. I like it, can see that gorgeous face of yours underneath, and I think with a few highlights it would be smokin' hot! Have a fabulous time over the next few days, you deserve to let your hair down!! Ha! xxx

  10. I think you look great. It's a shock having hair cut short, what you need to do is spend some time trying out different ways of doing your hair and find a few ways that you like. All will be fine. You are fabulous.


    PS - just don't look closely at my regrowth or the silver er, highlights I have OK? See you soon x

  11. "Who's that bloke?" Ha, you're too funny!
    You're totally rocking the short hair look.

  12. You DON'T look like a boy! A bit of product will style that into something manageable. Besides, there are women out there who have shorter hair than that and don't look like boys. Like me!

  13. First off you don't look like a boy!

    But I do know how you feel. Last November just before I headed to Melbourne for a bloggers brunch I headed into the hairdressers just to get my sweeping side fringe trimmed, well the hairdresser proceeded to give me a mega short blunt fringe! I was mortified!

    The words oops ever came out of her mouth....

  14. I think it looks great! My Hubby loves long hair but I can't cope with it, so always cut it off after a while, each time though it's a shock and then because it's so easy to manage I love it very quickly.
    Have fun at the conference!

  15. I think you have a lovely hair cut! This happened to me once, the woman simply just did whatever she thought was best and I ended up with no hair. It didn't look as bad as I thought that particular cut would look on me but I certainly didn't go back to that salon again. I wish you luck at the conference!


  16. You had me worried for a minute there - hot wax before a conference I thought that was going to end in tears! But the hair rocks you totally can pull off a short do :)

  17. HI Lucy, I'm new to your blog. I LOVE your hair!!! You look fantastic. Have a great time and the conference.

  18. You DO NOT look like a boy. I may not have recognised you right away but that was more to do with the fact I was finally seeing you in 4D for the first time. So pleased I got to cuddle you this week. You were my conference highlight...


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