Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What I need...

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Need to get my shit together - need to remember -

  • I need to buy Charlie an orange T-Shirt for Harmony Day tomorrow
  • I need to make three platters for the Harmony Day shared lunch at at school
  • I need to go to the Post Office to pick up parcels
  • I need to do the ironing
  • I need to go for a long walk
  • I need to visit my Mum (who is now a little better. Safe and tucked into a nursing home.)
  • I need to remember my #MarchPhotoaday snaps - I am a day behind...
  • I need to cuddle up to my lovely husband on the couch
  • I need to pick up my winter boots from the cobblers
  • I need to chill
Believe it or not, this list habit I have makes me feel less overwhelmed...

Do lists work for you?

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  1. Forget the ironing, babe. One less thing to worry about.
    Glad your Mum is better.

  2. Lists are pretty much my main sense of sanity in life, lol! I feel like writing them down make them seem both more realistic and more attainable when I can see them.

    Good luck!


  3. Get Coles to make the platters for you. Just keep swimming - just keep swimming. Kxx

  4. I make a mental checklist when I exercise of what I need to get done. It soothes me knowing what I can accomplish :)

  5. I agree, get Coles or some bakery to make you the platters. Or throw a few punnets of strawberries on a plastic plates.

    I do make lists, If I don't I can't get by, or even remember what i should be doing most days.

  6. I have times in my life when lists are the only thing that gets me through! From dinner menus for the week, shopping and things to do today to major jobs on the house and garden (so satisfying to tick off!)I must confess I sometimes make alphabetical mental lists of useless things like capital cities when I'm stressed out, to distract me from my worries and help me get to sleep!

  7. Yes! I love lists. It seems to order my mental To Do list. And it also clearly shows me that "fret over those unchangeable things" is not on there. So I ought to drop those.

    Good luck with yours!xx

  8. Absolutely.
    Lists are my sanity saving strategy!!
    I hope you get through yours.
    :-) x

  9. I know exactly what you mean out of your head and onto the paper I make lists too it makes me feel so much better. Your missing one thing though - pour a glass of wine!

  10. i say, one thing at a time.. prioritize, finish one, go to the next.

  11. I am a list writer. I can't remember what I need to do/buy without a list. I love to cross things off. That makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

    Is there still such thing as a cobbler??

  12. Just don't forget that last one, ok?

  13. Oh Lucy! That sounds like my list but mine hasn't made it to paper yet ☺. How's the job going? J x

  14. I think you are having my week. Except I missed Nude Food Day. I remembered our Harmony Day for kid 2 and she had a orange teeshirt but I forgot the harmony snack. Now kid 1 has Harmony Day tomorrow without notice and the only orange thing I can come up with is a witches hat with orange hair...nothing like last minute tasks for mum. Oh and I've made a bee costume for a birthday party on the weekend as well as working outside the home and trying to keep house - insane week. Lists only work for me when I remember to write them down and actually do some of them. Otherwise an endless list is actually more stressful than helpful.

  15. I just love a good list, gives me focus and direction. Don't function without them.

  16. Lists totally work for me. It's the only way.
    PS Today I write on my blog about the home grocery delivery. After all these years Lucy I finally did it. Your encouragement paid off (facial Nair AND home grocery delivery ... what next?)

  17. Oh yes indeedy I do make lists .... of jobs for OTHER people to do! That's a good skill to have Lucy. Try it. And listen to everyone who told you to get the platters made. It's good advice.

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