Thursday, 8 March 2012


Over the summer, the fab five travelled home on a road trip. One of the long stops was a few days in Canberra. Specifically to take the kids to the War Memorial Museum.

Canberra was a revelation to me. I had been before, years and years ago.

But this time around, as a part of a long and exceedingly relaxing holiday, with sensational sunny weather, I appreciated it a whole lot more.

The museum was amazing: humbling, loyalty generating and made me extremely proud to be of Australian stock. My Grandpa saw active service in WWII. It made the visit even more personal.

The kids loved it. As a civic landmark & memorial and as a tourist attraction, it was delightful.

I took snaps, as you can see. Lots of them.

One was this one...which I am now revitalizing for the #marchphotoaday prompt of "window".

#marchphotoaday - Day 8 - Window

None of my windows are as impressive.

Have you been to the Australian War Memorial? Did you love it?

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  1. Yes and yes!
    I know i'm not sposed to admit this - but when Hubby worked in Canberra and I played visiting tourist - I loved the place.
    Stunning pic.
    :-) x

  2. OMG I'm with Mum on the Run! I just LOVE Canberra. Why do people give it so much crap?? (a bombardment of reasons always ensues whenever I ask anyone that) Great window picture! Best/closest I can come to is a pissy little replica stain-glass set in our lounge room - very kitsch and now matches nothing since we updated the whole place.

  3. I haven't been, and I must get there. Both big boys have been but not the rest of us. Time for a trip to Canberra, lovely visual prompt Lucy.

  4. Yes, but a long time ago. Looking forward to revisiting and seeing the new additions, love a bit of history.

  5. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, war memorial window... sorry, my yippee was for something else.




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