Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ready to wear...

I had some very exciting news on Thursday, and that is that I have been offered a brand spanking new job role. It's a job I had set my heart on, and I have had to jump through some hoops to get it, so now that I have had the heads up that the role is mine, I am so so so pleased.

As such, one of my first reactions is, of course, that aside from the outfits that I wore to my numerous interviews, I have nothing to wear to my mew corporate gig! Arggggh!

Last night, I asked the lovely Nikki from Styling You, via Facebook, where to start on turning my work at home Mummy wardrobe back into a corporate chick wardrobe.

"I'd head to Sussan, Big W and Target to get basics in pants, skirt and tops to get your started"

And she linked me to these posts here too: Does your work wardrobe need a shake up? and Getting your wardrobe ready for work

Yay! An excuse to go shopping!


One of the first things I needed to do was actually get my existing wardrobe sorted out, cleaned out, de-junked and de- cluttered.

(I am a project manager at heart - it's all about the critical path, no matter how tempting the retail is!)

So, here are my before shots of my grotty wardrobe -

I know it looks like a jumble sale and I know the way I chuck my shoes in on top of my leather bags is a shocker. I know I can never find anything without grovelling and I know I always think I have nothing to wear.

Anyway, a few hours later, I realised I had actually been shopping in my own wardrobe.

I chucked out two bags of stuff to go to the op shop.

I resurrected both pairs of winter boots and they are in my car ready to take to the cobblers.

I have got one beautiful but far too large (size 24...) suit packaged up to donate to Dress for Success

I have a little pile of mending to attend to - buttons here and there - which I will do once I finish this post!

All my shoes and all my bags are polished (thanks to the lovely husband).

And I have a shopping list...

Of nothing.

I need  - nothing.

I have a range of pants and skirts in basic colours already.

I have a brilliant tailored black dress.

I have a number of tops - some feminine, some classic, some funky.

I have a couple of jackets - they are actually a little big, so these may need some adjustment.

I have enough shoes and bags to sink a ship.

And so here are the after shots -

So, no shopping for me just yet - but I am ready!

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PS Upon reviewing these snaps it would seem that yes, I do indeed have a penchant for black and red...

#marchphotoaday Day 9 - Red


  1. Awesome Lucy!! your wardrobe looks great. Wanna come to my place?

  2. Congratulations on your new role! And kinda yay for not having to go shopping!

  3. I looked at the first shot and thought 'god I can't read this. Here wardrobe is far too organised for me to even remotely relate' but reading on I know that my hideous jumble of a wardrobe probably houses some gems that will answer that age old whine 'I have nottttthing to wear'!

  4. Go Lucy! I love when people "shop" from their wardrobe xx

  5. Excellent news about the job Lucy - congratulations! Love the before and after shots too!

  6. Wow, your wardrobe is so neat and tidy. Envious. I also packed up some stuff for Dress for Success today as well. If looking for corporate wear, check out Barkins too.

  7. Congratulations on your new role - and newly found wardrobe.
    I'm more than a little ashamed at the state of mine now.
    :-) x

  8. How cool is that news....about the work you've been given after the hoops you've jumped to get there....and then the wardrobe re-think & re-vitalise. Well done Lucy! Great stuff....

  9. Congratulations! That is really awesome news. Ahh I wish I could reorganize my closet the way you do haha. Your wardrobe looks great. :) I love those tan buckled flats in your second after-shot photo.

    -Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

  10. Congratulations Lucy! What is this exciting new role? Am super pleased its something that has made your heart sing!

    PS - feel free to drop by my wardrobe and work your magic sometime too :)

  11. Congrats on the new job Lucy :)

  12. Love love love this post! I'm off to check out Nikki's blog, and I love her recommendations of Sussan and Target, my two 'go-to" places for ages, must try out Big W...good luck in the new role.

  13. Good on you for being the right person for the right position. I'm hoping for you that it's a match made in heaven. I think you just might have to force yourself to shop for a classic pair of court shoes.. AND, you can not beat a red, black and white wardrobe for work. Congrats on keeping up the great weight loss and fitness regime.

  14. Sometimes cleaning out my wardrobe is lik Christmas for me! Findng long lost items that may or may not be classed as vintage thanks to how long they've been in there!

  15. just a little bit goes a long way. have fun, lucy!

  16. So very excited for you! What a fabulous year awaits for the Lady In Red. xx

  17. Ooh, congratulations! Doesn't a clean and organized closet make you feel like you can organize anything else in your life? It's a lovely feeling.

  18. How exciting, your wardrobe is looking fantastically organised and lots of colour that's what I like to see. I shop at the usual suspects Target, Temt, Valley Girl. I also hit up the op shops occassionally for work dresses. My big tip is accessories, you can make an outfit look totally different by wearing different accessories - say match a black dress with tan shoes and brown necklaces and bracelets or gold.

  19. It's always good to have a wardrobe clean out.

  20. Ah Lucy, now those pictures really do tell thousands of words. And how flabby the wardrobe looks now.

    Many congrats on new job. Hope to natter about that and lots else in Melbourne.


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