Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've got the painters in...

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No, really!

We're renovating another little chunk of the seventies monstrosity that is home.

Easter is a time when we tend to get around to a bit of tarting up of our house, and this Easter is no different.

When I first ever viewed our house, back in late 2006, the first thing I knew I wanted to change was the hall.

It is big and spacious but as a result of a timber staircase and slate tiles, it is gloomy. Despite it's huge size: it's dark.

The previous owners had done clever things with mirrors, I'll grant you. They even left us with some sensationally tacky mirrored wall tiles in the stair well (which Lexie dances in front of - she likens it to a ballet studio, apparently...)

My lovely husband, for all that he is a geeky IT nerd boy, is a dab hand at painting and decorating. If he had ever taken up a trade, I daresay it should have been a painters apprenticeship. He is a perfectionist who is totally anal committed to intense preparation.

In relation to other tasks, I have heard him utter, many times, "close enough is good enough". But in relation to P&D? Nope. Skirting boards have to be removed and numbered. Vermiculite scraped off the ceilings and then same ceilings painstakingly replastered.  All of the door frames sugar soaped and sanded. Every tiny scrap of wallpaper stripped. Light fittings removed and power point plates lifted.

I groan and complain, but the truth is that I love him for it. We have renovated (and as such, painted) a great number of houses since we have been together. We work well as a team. He cracks the whip, I cut in. He rollers the ceiling whist I get to grips with the high gloss. He starts the second coat whilst I make lunch, and run the rest of our lives.

Now, excuse me, whilst I get him his tool belt, and myself some paint charts...

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And as we renovate, I realise beer and wine glasses around the mess of drop sheets is a big no no. So I am looking at these very coounbreakable plastic glasses - score!


  1. mirrored wall tiles - grooooovvvvyyyy!

  2. Gotta love a Hubby with an urge to prepare before he paints. When I painted my office wall with black chalkboard paint Hubby freaked out for daaaaaays. Haha.

  3. You paint such a charming picture of domesticity - and isn't that what life and marriage is all about - working as a team? Please make sure you post and 'after' pic.

  4. Cheers to team work, good marriages and a fabulous paint job.


    PS - I'd play that drinking game with you any day!

  5. We're doing some minor bathroom repairs and retiling over Easter, always a great time for work around the house. I just wish my hubby loved painting as much as yours!
    Such a sense of accomplishment to work on the house an garden together.


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