Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I promise...

This time two years ago, we were finally walking wheel-chairing away from a very long stay in hospital with my gorgeous son, Charlie.

He had been in traction with a broken femur, flat on his back, in traction, in the Adelaide Women and Children's Hospital, for weeks and weeks. It was horrible. Truly - I wouldn't wish such an experience on anyone. The whole period was, without a doubt, vile.

Charlie finally got out of his horizontal position and was in a wheelchair and a full hip spica - a plaster cast set around his entire body, to maintain a rigid healing position for his leg and hip.

One of the first things Charlie was desperate to do once he was in his wheel chair was get some fresh air. So our first "date" away from the ward was to the hospital Play Deck.

The before shot of the Women and Children's Play Deck - nice, but needs improvement!

It was enticing at the time - fresh air and autumn sunshine on his face - I remember seeing him close his eyes and smile in relief and literally suck up mouthfuls of fresh air. His wheelchair had loads of streamers attached to it and they blew and fluttered in the breeze like a paper rainbow. I cried.

So when I was approached by Meadowlea, with regard to their Plant Seed Promise, I was thrilled to find out that they have made a commitment to build new gardens throughout major hospitals throughout Australia, including the Adelaide Women and Children's.

The first garden is already opened and established -

Sophie Falkiner and  Karen Kingham, at St Georges, NSW
As you'd imagine, I am careful about the fats I use in my diet and also in the food that I cook and serve to the rest of the family.

I am aware of the nutritional differences between margarine and butter. But I'll be honest, I have always opted for butter on the basis that I eat so little of this kind of spread, that it makes no difference.

But then of course I realised I have to be more aware of what the kids are eating. And that by switching from butter to a spread like MeadowLea, I can save the kids 7.5kg of saturated animal fat a year. (Yes, you read that right. Just toast and sandwiches saves 2.5kg of saturated fat per person...)

I was also a little cautious - would the kids even like a spread like MeadowLea after eating butter their whole lives? Only one way to find out - I bought some MeadowLea and tried it on them for a week. And you know what? No one noticed the difference at all...apart from the fact that Lexie found it easier to spread on her toast...

I can't quite believe that after a lifetime of eating butter, I have made the switch this easily!

MeadowLea have developed the Plant Seed Promise - which is based of families committing to switch to MeadowLea - the more families that switch, the more gardens will get built.

For recipe ideas, go here.
For more details on MeadlowLea and the Plant Seed Promise, go here.

Butter or margarine?  Is it worth switching, do you think?

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Disclaimer - sponsored by the lovely folk at Naked Communications.  But, I would have blogged about it regardless - I am appreciative of the information and particularly impressed by the way MeadowLea have approached this initiative. So I am doing it for the love of the blog, for the love of good sense, and because hospital gardens are a topic close to my heart...


  1. I am sorry to hear that your son had to go through this. I was also in traction for several months as a toddler due to a misalignment of my hips. I remember the hospital stay quite clearly.

  2. Wow I am a new blog reader so didn't know about Charlie's accident. Those scooters have a lot to answer for!

  3. We spent seven weeks at that hospital waiting for my second baby. Our first baby was three years old and as we live in the country husband and first baby stayed close in the city, living out of a suitcase in a motel. That blessed play deck saved our sanity. I will be forever greatful for the fantastic foundation that built it there. I'm glad it helped you guys too.

  4. We have just returned from a holiday where my friend's son fractured his tibia and fibula. It was an open fracture and all very scary - he got evacuated by RFDS and has just got out of the childrens' hospital in Perth after a week. It was traumatic and horrible for everyone but obviously most of all for him and his family. They sent a gorgeous photo through of him in a wheelchair on his first day outside. I think those sort of spaces are incredibly important in hospitals. Thank you to Meadow Lea and to yourself Lucy.

    I hope your son is going well and has no long term sequelae of his accident.


  5. Your poor little fellow... has it really been two years? We are going back a way now, Luce!

    That's a lovely program that MeadowLea is running. Marketing at its most altruistic and best.

    I'm a butter girl. I can't help it.

    I've been thinking of you ALL week, click-clacking your way back to the good stuff. I hope it wasn't too terrifying (the organising!) and you enjoyed yourself.


  6. Fantastic initiative! I understand the importance of these hospital havens. A month of only bland concrete to look at was not terribly inspiring for me and I was a parent! Thank goodness I had no little ones to try and entertain while I was there with my NICU baby, seriously.

    I'm a butter girl too. I make no apologies! But hmmmmm. now you have me thinking carefully. Really? Really?? We are taught to avoid margarines..... this deserves some more consideration, I value and trust your opinion on such things as spreads!

  7. Lucy, it’s great to see you have made the switch from butter to margarine! As Australians we are eating almost double the recommended amount of saturated fat each day and making this small change is one of the easiest ways to reduce your intake. Butter contains around 50% saturated fat, while margarine is a much healthier choice and contains a maximum of only 20%. It’s a small change that really adds up!

  8. Your son Charlie is looking very good in the photos....and I always like your sharing and the detailing aspect always amuse me a lot...well as far as the butter is concerned I must say that I usually afraid of the Calories aspect but love eating too... :)

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