Monday, 26 March 2012

How's it going?

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I have had a great many texts and emails and messages over the past week or so, wishing me luck for my new working week. Lots of you have asked me how it's all going. So I thought I would do a quick update -

  • The job itself is HUGE, and exciting.
  • Working in the city is a buzz.
  • Forcing myself to have a shower every morning and put make up on is a shock to the system - I had not realised how, as a work at home mum, I had always put off my grooming 'till later...90% of my showers were taken at night. So leaving the house first thing in the morning, all clean, is a revelation!
  • I like dawdling in the car in traffic - I love listening to the radio in the mornings, alone in the car.
  • My lovely husband is tops. He is currently working full time himself, as well as being a painting and decorating demon, who has also become the drop off Daddy. He gets the kids to school much earlier than I ever did, and is apparently very organised.
  • We have eaten a proper meal each night.
  • I like working. Really really like it.
  • The kids are all happy and settled and they think its funny that I clatter into the school playground in my heels a few minutes late every day to pick them up.
  • Other school Mums are sensational - they have told me to send a group text if I am going to be late and not to worry.
  • I like wearing corporate attire every day. I also love getting into my trackies the minute we get home.
  • I love watching crap on the telly after a mind boggling hard days work, with my head in my lovely husbands lap.
  • Diet and exercise? What's that?
  • My blog is suffering at my lack of time. (This will sort itself out, I am sure.)
And so starts another week....

I will, however, be at the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne on Friday, which I am looking forward to a great deal. (And huge thanks the team Kitchenware Direct and particularly Brad Russell, their SEO and E-Commerce Manager, for sponsoring me to attend...)
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  1. Lovely to read this Lucy, as I had been wondering how your re-entry into the big bad corporate world was - though it sounds anything but big and bad! Looking forward to seeing you this week x

  2. Just fabulous, Lucy. I'm so delighted to hear how well it's all working out. Bravo, my friend! J x

  3. Exciting! I don't miss that wonderful world/life (yet), after 8 years out of it I wonder if I ever will now. And now thanks to the Barbie illustration, I can totally picture you as a sassy smart Joan! Go the red lippy ;-) I loved the clothes and stylings of the 50's/60's.

  4. Good on you! I have to admit, one of things I'm really looking forward to next year (after the baby is born and I've spent a few months in the cocoon with him) is getting back into REAL clothes and spending my days with adults. Wonderful!!

  5. I love being alone in the car most days, me a travel mug, the radio...

    And see you in a few days! xxx

  6. Was wondering how you were getting on! Sounds like you are loving every minute of the working life. One question I have is do you find it easy to keep eating healthy lunches while you are working or do you cave and grab a packet of crisps from the vending machine? Do you have the time to pack a healthy lunch? Let us know your strategy for not packing on the pounds at work and trying to avoid eating all that cake for people's birthdays.

  7. Glad work is going well for you. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts, so there is an award for you on my blog; you can pick it up anytime from 10:00am (BST) Friday :)

  8. This sounds lovely, and to think when we were in the corporate world pre-kids we never stopped to appreciate the little things. Whoever thought one day that we'd see time in traffic as bonus time spent alone listening to music?

  9. Lucy, your perspective is so positive and refreshing! Good on you for juggling a massive double life and being so excited about it - it's very inspiring.
    I have just donned my heels for one day a fortnight in the office (two days a week from home) and my son is 17 months old. I know what you mean about enjoying the commute because it's alone time. Isn't it wonderful to notice the small things, as Shelly said.
    And although I truly believe our role as mums is the most rewarding and earns the most important results one could ever hope to earn in the long term, the short term work results we earn in our jobs each day are certainly a great feeling of professional accomplishment and even pride. I like being part of something corporate again. It IS exciting. And running to my car to get home at the end of the day, and watching my little boy running towards me with two arms wide open, and my hubby smiling at me as I got inside was just about the best reward possible for reentering the workforce.

    I look forward to following you as you continue on the working, mothering, living kind of life. You are an excellent read. Please keep writing when you have time (don't mums say sleep is really overrated anyway?)

  10. Look at you! I take off for a couple of weeks and you get a job! How exciting! I am glad you are dealing with the juggle. Lovely to be back. Enjoy the conference and let us know how it goes x

  11. How exciting for you! It's wonderful that you're so happy to back at it.

  12. Wow, what a massive change for you. And it fits you so well. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. :)

  13. This is fantastic Lucy. So pleased you're loving it and the family are adjusting so well.

  14. So glad you enjoying the new job and your Hubby sounds like a gem :)

  15. I love the part about school pick up!! I work 3 days a week in the corporate world and those things you mentioned do make you feel good and professional and put together!!


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