Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fairground attraction...

We are still revelling in all the fun of the fair - there is a traditional carney fest at the back of The Garden of Unearthly Delights as a part of the Adelaide Fringe  - Ferris, Dodgems, Ghost Trains and Fairy Floss machines...and tanned over cocky boys as the attendants.

We indulged last weekend. The kids happily lined up to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a ride that was selected very carefully - after much deliberation they chose the Trampoline Bungee for goodness sake.

They had an absolute ball. They fling themselves high, did flips, and screamed happy with terror/joy/excitement/nerves. And came off grinning and flushed, asking to go do it all again...

I swigged cider from the bottle and was reminded of my Romany roots. And took snaps.

Snaps thanks to PicFrame
We are going again this coming weekend. Because I love it. It's perfect. As is this song. Enjoy!

Do you like fairs? Do you indulge in all the scary rides?

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  1. Evening Lucy, I love fairs and so does my wild Eldest, he's totally fearless. Hubby is major coward though, terrible vertigo etc etc But want to say how much I love that song, go Eddie Reader, I must have been at uni when it came out. All very meaningful!

    Love the photos, enjoy the fair this weekend.

  2. As I get older I like the scary rides less and less and feel sick going on any roller coaster apart from one for five year olds! I love going to the fair with the kiddos though and see them scream their heads off on all the scariest rides.

  3. I have no clue what 'dodgdems, ghost trains or fairy floss' are but I love the fair! We go every year even though it costs an arm and a leg to go. Plus it gives me something to blog about!

  4. Oh, yeah! Love them! We go every year to our community festival (it's massive, even though the word sounds really small). The looks on those wee faces says it all. Love it!

  5. Oh Lucy I know I shouldn't be wishing away the time when my kids are really little but how I look forward to going to a fair with three little people (rather than babies/kids who are too short to go on rides and too young to understand crowds!) Lovely photos :)

  6. Bumper cars...That's IT!!

    Cranky Old Man

  7. I love going to fairs, and agricultural shows. I go to look at the animals and crafts, mostly. My days of daring rides are gone, but I do occasionally look wistfully at the carousel. :)

    The trampoline bungee looks like a lot of fun for youngsters!

  8. Oh yes we love the fair. The fun, the rides, the fairy floss. And I love that song! Brings back memories...


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