Sunday, 11 March 2012

Breakfast for dinner?

Breakfast for dinner - an idea way to use my new Scan Pans from Kitchenware Direct!


I had a clear out of my freezer the other day - it's a large and capacious thing, my stand up freezer. There are things lurking at the back, that whilst I am sure are food safe, have been in there a little too long.

And on investigating, it seems that 16 loaves of bread is a little excessive.

And bacon? We don't actually eat bacon all that often - so I am not sure what I was doing hoarding over 3kg of best short back?

As a result, we had a huge cooked "breakfast" for dinner the other night. The kids loved it for it's novelty - they are partial to bacon and eggs, I realise. So a fry up is a thing I must indulge in a little more often!

The first thing I realised as I was cooking the eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast - the timing is crucial.

Scan Pans from Kitchenware Direct
How I love a cooked mushroom - even better in a Scan Pan from Kitchenware Direct!

And the second vital element to a good cooked brekky? Decent pans!

The lovely husband and I had soldiered on with the same cheap and nasty pans we bought back in 1998. They were rubbish. So a few months ago, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in some Scan Pans.

Initially I was reticent - could any saucepan or frypan be that good? Was I being wooed by the marketing that is Masterchef, who seemed to have Scan Pans on product placement and ads every two minutes?

Let's face it, $899 for three pans is a frightening large amount of money.

But I also need to acknowledge that I am more that happy to pay for quality kitchenware products if they do they job brilliantly and if they last.

Then Kitchenware Direct had a deal on their scan pan range that was too good to resist - half price Scan Pans. So as a birthday present to myself last year, I bit the bullet and purchased the Scanpan IQ 3 piece Set with Frypan and Saucepans.

I'll be totally honest here - I did not dare tell the lovely husband about the price. That said, in just a few weeks after I bough the pans, he was declaring himself in love with them. I have never really heard him was lyrical over cookware before, but he is seriously impressed. We have not used any other pans since. (Which reminds me - my pot cupboard really needs a sort out! I can turf the old crappy pans now!)

Cooking is a pleasure for me, mostly. But it can feel like a chore. And I realise I am enjoying cooking more, now that I have decent equipment - the quality makes all the difference. And that I scored the Scan Pans for half price makes the purchase a sweet one.

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner?

Do you think quality kitchen ware makes all the difference?

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I purchased the Scan Pans all by myself, from Kitchenware Direct. They didn't send me any freebies.This post is entirely my own opinion.

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  1. Sunday night is normally fried egg in the hole, sausages, baked beans and Chios here!

  2. I love breakfast for dinner - it's almost comforting.
    I also love, love, love my Scanpans. No turning back (once I got over the $$)

  3. I made the kids weetbix for brekkie last week because I couldn't be bothered... Not really the same thing, is it. x

  4. That looks absolutely delicious! Just looking at the bacon makes my mouth water. I actually have tomatoes and eggs for dinner often along with rice and some other dishes. On the flip side, I also enjoy pizza for breakfast :P

    -Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

  5. Breakfast for dinner is totally normal here. 2 weetbix, toast and yoghurt has to be better than other crap you can give them on a tired Sunday Night hey!

  6. ooh that fry up does look enticing! I used to eat that every weekend for breakfast back when I lived in UK. Now in USA I find I cannot get decent we do sometimes have breakfast for dinner but it is pancakes!

  7. There's nothng wrong with a fry up. I love fried mushrooms!

  8. Breakfast for dinner is a great idea, actually breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner would suit me. That is a great deal on Scanpans, they are supposed to be just the business aren't they? I am still using cheap frying pans from the supermarket. They work fine... But not for long !

  9. I love Scanpan and my sister in law was generous enough to gift us her scanpan pans when they got an induction stove. Squeeeee. Free scanpan's are EVEN better!

  10. Hello! I just thought I'd pop in, I came from your Instagram :o) thank you so much the link to the kitchenware direct website, I'd always thought scan pans were way out of my price range but they are so well priced at that website! I see scan pans in my future :D

  11. We don't get time for breakfasts in the morning, so every Monday night we have "Breakfast Dinner Day", sometimes eggs, baked beans, toast, sometimes pancakes, that kind of thing. The kids love it.


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