Sunday, 4 March 2012


#marchphotoaday- Day 4 - Bedside

This particular prompt reminds me of the "show us what's in your handbag" type posts.
I am always tempted to re-arrange and clean before taking a snap.

The above has a lovely grainy filter to hide the dust!

The Ukama sculpture is part of a collection I have -  The figures show many family members, who all merge together at various points, symbolizing the unity and shared spirit of the family unit.

The candle is a lavendar and vanilla soy one that I am particularly partial to. I buy them from a friend, locally, who makes them.

The little dish - this is actually a blue Wedgwood Jasperware ashtray that belonged to my Granny. She never used it for ciggies and neither have I. She used it for her jewellry on her bedside. And so do I.

The coffee cup was full, but I emptied it as I sat up in bed and checked my email this morning, in bed.
(The lovely husband brings me coffee in bed some Sundays. This is why he is named the lovely husband.)

The notebook and pen is so that I can jot stuff down when I am am the only person awake in the whole wide world at 3.30am in the morning.

And the books? Can you spy Career Mums? Written by my friend Al Tait and Kate Sykes. I reviewed it back here. Gold.

What does your bedside say about you?

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  1. I reviewed Career Mums on my blog today!

    I think it shows that we are writer blogs, not stylist blogs - it didn't even occur to me to dust before I took my snap for Facebook. Now all I can see is the fine film of dust on the shot! Thank goodness for instagram filters hiding my slovenly ways! x

  2. Oh this is quite lovely, I feel like taking a picture of my bedside now!

  3. Im awake often a 3ish too jotting a few random thoughts in my are never alone Lucy xx

  4. I think your bedside looks very fact, I wouldn't mind crawling into your bed right now (now THAT sounded far dodgier than I meant...) Because if I were to take a photo, Instagram or otherwise, of my bedside table right now, it would tell the sad, sad story of a lady whose house is packed up, ready to move. And has been, for many weeks now. So the dusty items that were at my bedside, are now packed in boxes that themselves have a growing layer of dust...*sigh*

  5. Cute picture. My bedside table only has a lamp on it so I guess it would say minimalist?

  6. Ha! My bedside is covered in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles. Oh yes and the notebook and pen - a Must Have! And of course a layer of dust x

  7. My bedside in covered in books... and dust!

  8. Lovely Lucy, adore these wee snippets into your handbag, as it were. I don't have a bedside table at all, just a lamo and a pile of books on the (horrible old) carpet. But you made me remember my granny, she always had a glass of water with her teeth in it on her bedside table, and I always thought I would too. But I don't. Not yet!


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