Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Evenings...vino and my own body weight...

The kids hair has all been washed.

The lunchboxes are all made up and school bags packed. Readers and library books have been retrieved.

My gym clothes are ready and all laid out for the morning. (I do a personal training session at 6am...)
The weeks calendar is printed out and I am all organised.

And whilst I would love love love to curl up on the couch with my iPad and a little bit of Twitter and some cheesy trash on the telly, my final chore still needs to be done.

The ironing...

Before you all start shouting "What's an iron" or "Who irons" or "I do not even own an iron", I'll refer you back here to this post, where I "came out" about my slightly obsessive ironing habits. I iron, and I am proud!

Sunday evenings are my ironing night.

We have around around 100 items a week that land in the ironing basket. (I am fully aware that it's extremely tragic that I count the items.)

And those 100 items used to take me around three hours. Or, when I had a "lady" who did the ironing for us, I would pay her for three hours worth of ironing.

Three hours a week. Nightmare.

So, when I was asked to trial the new Philips Perfect Care Pressurised steam generator ironing system, and I read that it delivered"ultra fast results" I jumped at the chance, with certain amount of disbelief that it would or could actually do the ironing faster.

It does. It is faster and easier and more effective than any other iron I have ever owned.

Pure and simple. It works by holding enough water to continually steam iron for over two hours. No need to refill. No leaking. No erratic splattering. No need to have an additional steam burst. No need for starching.

I do not iron underwear or sheets, but I do iron linen tea towels, jeans and silks and everything in between. Loads of the kids t-shirts have transfers on them. Some of my work clothes are synthetics and the lovely husbands cricket kit is made of some weird breathable man made fabric...

But with the the new Philips Perfect Care Pressurised steam generator ironing system, I do not need to ever adjust the temperature. Don't ask me how that works without melting fabrics or needing my own body weight to get the creases out of bone dry jeans. But it works. Really really well.

The ladies in the image above look like they are battling with the ironing and they are indeed resorting to copious amounts of vino in order to drive away the mundane nature of the chore.

Not me.

Tonight I did the whole lot, tea towels included, in an hour. I timed it for YOU, so that this review was accurate. It took me one hour and 2 minutes to iron 103 items. A great many of these items were the 100% cotton business shirts that the lovely husband wears. A great many other items were the fairy floss frocks that Lexie insists upon changing into after school.

I love the Philips Perfect Care. My old iron has been chucked in the bin.

The only downside is that it is a little nosier than my old iron - all that pressure and all that steam. But, as Olivia says, "Just turn the volume up on the telly Mum. All that ironing steam smells nice."  She is a wise one, that nearly 8 year old of mine...

So, if you're in the market for a new iron, go for the Philips Perfect Care. I am in ♥

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Disclosure - I was sent the Philips Perfect Care to trial. However, Philips have not nagged me to write this review. The above is entirely my own loved up opinion, and the truth. (If I hated the product, I would not write about it. Enough said.)


  1. Oh Lucy! Can you come iron at my place? I never buy anything that needs ironing unless it is truly exceptional, and even though I only own 3 items that need ironing (yes, 3!!) it still takes me an hour to do it LOL !!

  2. I think i better get hubby to read this Lucy...I have been eyeing off something like this but he scoffed at me when I mentioned the price and reminded me of the fact I don't iron...i suggested it would be cheaper to indeed get a new iron and ironing board in preference to me buying new clothes for work in preference to ironing the ones that have been washed and risking damage with our old dodgy iron :) Have a great week (my gym clothes are in my bag for the mad dash I have been doing suring my lunch hours!!) Tatum xx

  3. sounds like a good investment.

  4. In the house i used to rent, there was an ironing board in the bedroom that was attached to the wall. So you just open the little door and the ironing table comes down and there's a plug right there. So I used to iron. Now? Too much work to go and get the iron, find a plug, and a flat surface. I do sometimes wish my jeans were ironed again, though. And I'm very thankful the rest of the family doesn't want me to iron THEIR clothes as well! haha
    Interesting post though; that iron is a monster!!! ♥

  5. Just stumbled across your blog from your comments on
    Your blog is amazing, creative and very refreshing to visit. Hats off to you and your designer. Now I am off to get a cuppa, so I can sit down and enjoy reading your posts. All the best to you and your accomplishments thus far. Cheers SorrentoMoon

  6. Hnnngh you may convince me yet, Luce. The main reason I don't like to iron is the erratic sputtering (from the iron, not me) and inconsistent hot spots (again, from the iron, although....). Might have to check this one out. What a SHAME they're not giving one away!! ;-)

  7. You almost have me convinced Lucy...and that is saying something!

  8. I think I'm in love.. It's sad how much I enjoy ironing. I literally can't wait for the clothes to dry to get started. All mine was done yesterday before 9am! xx

  9. I think I'm in love.. It's sad how much I enjoy ironing. I literally can't wait for the clothes to dry to get started. All mine was done yesterday before 9am! xx

  10. Just hate ironing but hate wearing unironed clothes more. Anything that speeds up the process sounds good to me.

  11. Sorry ironing is a swear word to me, but glad you found a product to cut down the time...that's a huge difference, whilst you did that I was on the lounge with the laptop and trashy TV :0

  12. I agree with Jen... Ironing is a swear word! If it needs ironing, I don't buy it! I pedantically hang my work slacks from the hems, and all my shirts go on their hangers straight out af a gentle wash. I do my best to avoid ironing at all costs!

    ...that Philips Ironing thingy doesn't even look like an iron. Happy days for you if it makes the job easier! :-)

  13. Joel does the ironing in our home (Yes, I am lucky. I am aware of this. But it's one of those jobs that I can't do because of my back. You don't realise it until you have this kind of damage and try to stand for that long).

    Sunday nights is his ironing night as well. He irons his uniforms, and Alexander's. (I do iron my own things. I can't bear to have him have to do mine as well. I feel guilty enough as it is).

    Might show him this post. He will almost certainly be embarrassingly excited! ;-)

  14. What's an iron? Who irons? I don't even own an iron! x


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