Saturday, 4 February 2012

Love letters...

The reason for my love letter to my kids? Because I believe the best love letters need to be hand written.

I always write love letters and thank you notes and postcards in my own handwriting, if I can.

I stash handwritten stuff around the place too. For my kids to find.

They don't really care.

They might care, one day.

I have handwritten stuff from my Dad that appears. Appears when I need it.  An old letter that he wrote to me when I first left home to go to uni will drop out of a book. I know every word - it is etched on my memory; but my heart swells as I stop and sit, and read that letter again.

I do not expect that my kids will have the need to find my handwriting for a great many many years. But when they do; when they need a link, a thread, a golden thread to their Mum, to me, they will discover my words, in my hand. I hope it brings them some calm, and some peace in their hearts.

Go over to see Eden? I am linking up with her today. She is a legend. And a blogging legend. I love her and I love the idea of her meme linky thingo...

Do you love your handwriting? What do you still hand write these days?

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  1. Thats beautiful Lucy, you have lovely handwriting and kiddies xx

  2. Reading your love letter put a big, fat lump in my throat, Luce.

    I always find notes from my Pa when I need them. And sometimes when I don't realise I need them.


  3. I have a big lump in my throat too... They will love your notes. Perhaps not now, or even in the near future but one day they will realise just how wonderful it is to have such a special piece of their mum. Handwritten love notes are a physical piece of a person's soul. They are just so special.

    I like anything handwritten and keep all sorts of things my family writes - shopping lists, notations, odd maths calculations - just in case.

  4. After careful study of your handwriting, I have come to the conclusion that it should be made into a font available on all computers. Called Lucyism.

    Just love it, sweetheart. The overflowing love you have for your kids is so present.

    XXXX Thank you for taking part!

  5. I love this - the leter and the handwriting.
    I'm a big fan of handwritten notes - and especially for the kids.
    I love writing Magoo a little love note and popping it in his lunch - even though he won't understand it properly!

    One of our activities on school camp involves asking the parents to write a letter to their child and send it in to us. One evening on camp the children receive their letters and read them. I've seen the biggest bully or toughest kid bawl his little heart out. It's beautiful.
    :-) x

  6. I agree, a love letter must be hand written.

  7. You have beautiful handwriting. I've never gotten a hand written love letter nor have I written one. I have written out cards that express my love (does that count?)

    Super cute :)

  8. Love this. I've saved almost everything handwritten over the years...since I became and adult and I treasure them so. Someone will find them all one day.

  9. Oh Lucy, this is so beautiful. A golden thread. So true. It's so meaningful and special and intimate - our handwritten words for our children. You've reminded me to do it more. Love this so much.

  10. Your handwriting is lovely Lucy! I write hand written letters to people and hide them as well. I also still mail hand written letters. I just think it's more personal than an email.

  11. Your handwriting is beautiful.

  12. There should be a rule with love letters - they must only come from a handwritten place :)

    Beautiful penmanship m'dear! And nothing makes me happier than a blank page, beautiful pen and a brain waiting to download. 2012 is my year to return to the long forgotten art of handwriting!

  13. The sweetest love-notes ever are from a parent to a child. I have a beautiful note my dad wrote me, just saying how much I mean to him, it's one of my most treasured possessions. I framed it after he passed away. Your penmanship is beautiful, Lucy. I leave notes for my kids all the time too. My latest thing is to write messages all over their school lunches. Give this mamma a black fine-liner and you can't stop me from scribbling. x

  14. I love your handwriting almost as much as the beautiful words you wrote to your kids xx

  15. SO important. So, so, so important.

    I love that you do this xoxox

  16. so lovely...

    I agree, love letters need to be handwritten.

  17. Now your handwriting, unlike your voice {how I totally forgot you'd have an accent is beyond ME!} is EXACTLY as I imagined it would be.

  18. Such a lovely thought to write love letters to your kids. They will treasure them one day when they are older! We always give them kids toys but never think of something like this which will keep us in their hearts forever. I'm sure I will do the same for my kids from now on. Thanks for the tip!


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