Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Diet Meal Plan...(and diet road test result!)

Last week saw me road test the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program

We ate very well, becasue I took advantage of the Tony Ferguson recipe book to inspire me to a whole load of new low carb evening meals.

I shall be doing the same kind of menu planning this week - using the cook book to ensure a whole range of variety.

Monday - Sirloin steaks with chargrilled spanish onion and tomato salsa
Tuesday - Balsamic Chicken and mushrooms
Wednesday - Lemon and Garlic Lamb
Thursday - Asian Pork Salad
Friday - Prawns with bok choy
Saturday - Spicy Meatballs
Sunday - Roast Chicken

This means I have to be organised, and obviouly I do add additional carbs for the kids in the form of pasta or rice or baked potatoes etc, But the lovely husband and I are avoiding carbs after lunch and I feel so much more energetic as a result.

I have also avoided any late evening snacking. Totally. This is one of my most tempting times. But by eating more protein, it's been easy to avoid habitual picking.

And the actual result from last weeks efforts? I weighed in at the pharmacy with a consultant. Maybe the fact that I am accountable to someone else helps too? Last week I lost...2.2kg

Needless to say, I shall be continuing on with Tony Ferguson for as long as he is working for me...

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  1. Fantastic Lucy, I find the evening snacking a problem too...stopped having a cup of tea which would need a bickie or two and just have a glass of milk...much better :)

  2. Good for you Lucy...sounds like a good recipe book. I will have to check it out. I just started back to low carb way of life and like you, I add a carb loaded side dish for my way too skinny kids. lol Best of luck!

  3. Thats awesome well done you! I think your menu very evenly covers all food groups too, I always find that tricky to do :)

  4. Nice work.
    Enjoy the spoils (of the feeling great kind).

  5. Woohoo Luce!!! Go you good thing!!! (Was about to totally go and have a hot cross bun for an after-dinner snack...now might not...)

  6. Result! Those bloody shakes work huh? I am down another 1.2kg this week. 7.2 in three weeks. I am fading away :-) xx

  7. Oh Lucy, I'm so delighted it's working for you as well. the shakes are boring but I found they actually saved a lot of time as they were two less meals I had to prepare! J x

  8. congratulations Lucy! the T/F program sounds like it's worth a closer look from me.....

  9. dont get me wrong, if you have to loose weight then sometimes kick starting with a diet like this can work... BUT... From personal experience i am sad to say that i now have a strong hate for diets like these.

    Shake diets work because they just focus on the amount on the scales not your actual 'fat loss' and because you are limiting your calories so low your body will not only burn fat, but will burn muscle as well, leaving that flabby skin look and making you feel tired.

    When on the tony ferguson i lost 10 kg in just a few months, but the second i came off it i put it all back on! There are some great principals but i believe (and this is only my opinion) that you are better off working with a long term diet, a diet that you can maintain forever, something that consists of real foods, not replacements.

    My trainer teaches, and has taught me very well, how i can eat lots of food, enjoy the food i eat, not feel hungry, build muscle and burn fat as well.

    Each day i eat six meals. A protein shake after an early workout, an omelet at 8am. 100grms protein at 10.30. 100 grams protein and vegies at 1pm. 100 grams protein and some healthy fats (nuts/seeds/avo) at 4. and salmon and green veg for tea followed by some yummy yummy diet jelly!! I also have a 'cheat' meal once a week to keep me on track.

    I have lost over 15kg and 12% body fat over the past 15 months, and inside i have never felt better!

    Anyway just my opinion, be careful when coming off the shakes and remember that it is not so much the number on the scales but the way you feel and your body composition - muscle is heavier than fat and muscle burns fat!

    also if your going low carb, check out some of these recipes ;o) http://temptyourtastebuds.com/everyday-living/

  10. Great work Lucy. I'm always looking for low carb recipes, as we're trying to reduce our carb intake too.

  11. Hello Lucy, I am drooling just looking at your evening meal plan. I must trade in that veggie husband of mine for a carnivore. Enjoying a glass of wine and a read around some blogs tonight. Great to stop by.

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