Friday, 20 January 2012

Who's the boss?

I am not a big fan of soft drinks, but on the odd occasion, I can be tempted by a can of icy cold fizzy pop.

The hard stuff for me - if I ever do indulge, I like full strength - none of the diet kind with the fake sugar - give me the real deal!

And I was amused the other day to realise that the can I grabbed from the servo fridge all had names on.

(I ducked into the servo whilst leaving my kids in the car in the sun like the perfect mother I am not - but I would rather stab myself in the eye than take them all into the shop to pay for petrol and have them nag me to death for ice cream and lollies....)

Anyway, here is the name I was lucky enough to see on my can -

I love this so much that I am keeping the can to recycle it as a pen pot on my desk.

The kids think this is very funny - that Coke made a can specially for ME, because I AM the boss.

The lovely husband was mildly amused by it, and of course questioned the kids. "Is Mummy the boss? I thought I was the boss?"

Charlie cocked his head to one side and said, kindly, but with a little bit of uncertainty -  "You can be the boss, if you want Dad?"

Olivia looked very worried by this stage. "But Dad, you do know that Mummy really is the real boss? Maybe you should just be the boss of the garden?"

To which Lexie added - "You can be the boss at the weekends Dad. If you want? Then Mum is always here to make sure you are doing it right?"

My children know the score, evidently. They understand the hierarchy!

How about you? Who is the boss at your place?

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  1. I love this!

    And I want one of those cans. What a good idea about re-cycling it.

    I have had one with my daughter's name on it, and one with my partner's name on it... but no boss.

  2. Yep, the same understanding here!
    Hubby said something to little Magoo about "just do as I said because I'm in charge".
    Without skipping a beat Magoo piped up with a big laugh and "no woo not. Mummy de boss."
    Damn straight!

    I applaud the marketing exec at Coke who initiated this campaign. One of the cleverest (and most profitable, I'm sure) ever.

    Shar :-)
    P.S. My naturopath would say go the full strength over the diet crap too. The poison in diet is far worse than the sugar in the full drink.

  3. I do love this can. Hubby and I always have little tussles over who is the boss or thinks they're the boss. I think he's starting to realise that while he thinks he's the boss, I really am.
    Happy Friday. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Bwhahahah!! Yes that right - Daddy can be the bossy when Mummy is home to make sure he does it right. :)

  5. Taken the kids awhile but they are getting the hang of me being Boss and no partne so no competetion...hehe... I love a cold can of coke and yes full strength all the way :0

  6. So Mum is here to "make sure you are doing it right" made me laugh out loud! Too cute!

    No more softies for me - I do the 'zero' thing but it is water all the way on the Food Patrol program. 'Tis okay. I have had more than my fair share already! x

  7. Love it! lol

    My daughter thinks she is the boss in our house... she's only 6 so I'm giving her a few years before I reveal who really is the boss and squish her hehe xxx

  8. I think this is true in most families - it is in ours !
    Have a great weekend, Boss !

  9. You could point at the can and say "You arent the boss of me" He he.

  10. That is so adorable Lucy! The coca cola company sure picked a winner with that campaign. Pure genius... except I haven't see my name yet. Maybe I should just look for BOSS, because I am! :-)

  11. hi lucy.

    well, i'm the boss, of course. (i think! :D)


  12. My second son used to say very adamantly: 'You are NOT the boss of me!' And he's taught the twins to say it now.

    But my husband doesn't....

    I'm a diet soda girl, but not toomuch, I'm sure it's bad for me... but have to admit that I did hugely enjoy a diet ginger beer tonight- scrumptious!!


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