Monday, 30 January 2012

This weeks plan...

I am juggling back to school with studying with my Mum's ill health at the moment, so as I promised back here, I am planning out meals to save my sanity.

On this weeks menu, we have -

Beef Burritos (low carb, served in lettuce cups rather than a tortilla...)
Crunchy Lemon Spice Chicken Salad
Glazed mustard pork steaks
Chicken Schnitzel
Pan Fried Fish and veggies
Shepherds Pie (low carb version)
Coconut Curry and cauliflower rice

Tony Ferguson Beef "Burritos"

Sound OK?

My last two weeks weight loss enjoyed as a result of My Special K will be built upon too. I am road testing a new eating plan - for the next three weeks I shall be following and road testing the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program.

If you go way way way back in my archives, you'll see that when I very first started to lose weight, I was on a shakes program. The lovely husband and I were chatting about this a week or two back, and saying how very prescribed plans do actually work well for me. It takes away choice and temptation, keeps me highly motivated, and shifts weight quickly. I am lucky that I am already educated about food and intake. I am also lucky that I maintain weight well. So a program that involves shakes that is low on carbs is an effective plan for me to follow in the shorter term.

The meals above are all from the Tony Ferguson Cookbook - all are low carb and low GI, and are my evening meals. For breakfast and lunch I shall be drinking shakes and enjoying fruit for morning and afternoon tea.

So, I shall let you know how I go!

Tell me - shake based diets - are you a fan, or skeptical?

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  1. I hope your mom feels better. I do better when I plan ahead also.

  2. I've been a fan of them in the past. All healthy eating plans work on a calorie plan, and this is the same concept. I think we all know if we consume 1200 cals and burn off 500 cals we're well on our way to losing up to a kilo a week. Hope you get some time for yourself amongst this busy time. xx

  3. They all sound delicious! Planning your meals in advance is a great way to make sure you eat well even when you are extremely busy. Love it!

  4. I found the Tony Ferguson shakes to be pretty tasty and definitely filling enough to keep you going until your next meal time...
    My favourites were the choc and the mint choc!

  5. not a fan. i've found in the past, once the shakes stop, the weight goes back on.

    i'm plugging along with my weight loss this year, so far down 8kg since the second week of january just by introducing portion control and generally cutting out the crap and eating a healthy diet - very pleased.

    good luck!

  6. Go Lucy! I can completely understand using a shake programme (or anything else) in the short term to get a bit of a kick start. Once the initial pattern is set and results are rolling in, I find it much easier to then slide into a normal pattern.

    Long term though, as you probably know, shakes are not flash. Have had a family member and some friends who had scary medical side effects.

    So short term is my thing too!

  7. I've never done the shakes but often wondered how they work. For the first time ever I'm contemplating Lite N Easy as I am clueless when it comes to cooking the right food...

    Best of luck with your busy week - hope your mum is ok xx

  8. Far out, it's like you've got a chef on board! Yum!

    Hope your mum is doing ok, Lucy. x

  9. Oh Lucy, I hope your mum feels better soon. As for Tony Ferguson, he was my saviour! I lost 24kg in just over a year. I swear by the man! J x

  10. I lost 8kg on the Celebrity Slim shakes program last year and maintained it for a good 8 months or so, prior to falling pregnant.
    It was quick, that 8kg loss happened within 3 months for me, whereas it had previously taken me more than 2 years to lose 16kg wtih Weight watchers.
    But it did take a bit of concious of effort to maintain - you can't just go back to carbs full on, or you will gain it back.

  11. I have never done 'shakes' before this current Food Patrol gig. I am surprised by how well they are working for me. Stinkbomb's comment about maintenance is the only thing that scares me... do I need to have shakes for the rest of my life now? Eek! Good luck with the Tony F plan and I hope the home life settles a bit. Love to your Mum x

  12. Hello, I haven't tried shakes and don't think I'd like it but go you for the three weeks. You know wat works for you. Do you get Amanda S-S's newsletters, the last was about research she is doing.

    I'm a believer in lose-maintain-lose-maintain and this year is more about maintaining than losing.

    Unlike you I eat when I am sad and especially when I'm overwhelmed, overloaded and agitated, so am trying to live a much simpler, slower life... not my personality but feel I have worn myself out!!

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