Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tell me what you want...

We are back.

As always, one of the loveliest things about being away is coming home.

Back home, back to work, back to routine, back to blogging, back to writing, back to the gym, back to life. (And if truth be known, back to a mountain of laundry!)

We have had a brilliant holiday away - the time we spent in Sydney was spectacular, with hot sunny weather, and the kids had days and days of beach and sun and cousins and fun.

We are all rested and very happy. Our pace slowed properly and the lovely husband and I feel very much topped up and re-charged.

And whilst I have truly enjoyed my bloggy holiday, I have really missed the sense of community and I have missed the interactions. I have missed YOU! I have missed the purpose that blogging gives me.

This year I will be posting about my personal diet road tests, some domestic goddessness, some foodie temptations, and a little family stuff.

Tell me, what do you want to read here on Diminishing Lucy? Tell me which kind of posts you like best from me?

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  1. I have missed you so much!! I am so glad you've had such a lovely break. I am greedy so I want to read your blog every day. Pressure much?? xx

  2. Welcome back and happy new year!! Missed you too :-) I actually just like reading your general posts which show an insight into your personality, you know, the stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork ones :-) they're all good! (sorry not very helpful :-))
    Mel xx
    Ps was wondering if you may be free for a quick catch up when we hit SA??

  3. Welcome Back, here's to a great 2012!

  4. Welcome back lovely Lucy! I adore all your posts - bring on 2012!

  5. Whatever you're serving, I'm eating up, Lucy!


    PS - you were in Sydney!?!?!?!?!? x

  6. Welcome back hun. Write whatever you want - we will read.

  7. Tomorrow I start the 12 week body transforming thing.

    I am going to need all the encouragement I can get and will be hoping for posts along that know that type, just do it, get off your butt and do it, shut your mouth and stop eating chocolate Claire!!

    Oh dear, fear I may have a long way to go.

  8. glad to hear that you had a truly relaxing break!


  9. Glad your back and that you had a lovely break...I like reading whatever you wish to share Lucy :)

  10. Welcome Back. Glad you had a lovely relaxing time.
    I'm happy for you to keep blogging how you have been, no new ideas from me sorry. Imay feel differently after I start my women's boot camp and nutritionist visits, but for now just enjoying you as you are.

  11. Thank goodness you're back!!!! (Can you tell I missed you?) If I could just jump on the bandwagon with the other lovely chicks above and say I don't care what you blog about - just blog!! I just like hearing your voice. And next time you're planning a little family refresher, maybe think about Melbourne...??? xxxxxx

  12. I hope this year to read posts lol. I am fairly new blogging so I am glad your blog is interesting and pleasant. Anything you post is nice.

  13. Welcome back Lucy!
    It's already been said but I'm happy to read anything you write. Your conversational writing style is easy to read, regardless of the topic!

  14. Hooray! You're back. Whatever you've got is fine by me. x

  15. Ummm - I just like you & hearing your voice lovely! X


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