Monday, 16 January 2012

Keep Calm...

Back to reality today. I am ashamed to to admit that I have been as slack as with my usual healthy eating during my holiday - a road trip is so not conducive to a diet. Would anyone like some hot chips with their chips? I feel quite revolting to be honest - fat. But, relieved to be back in a place (mentally and literally) where I can implement my own momentum, my own motivation, my own routines, my own grocery shopping and my own cooking.  One of the (many) keys to my ability and willingness to maintain a healthy eating plan is organisation - which is a whole lot easier at home rather than that from the front seat of the Captivator...

So, today sees me:

1. Weigh myself for the first time in months (eeek!)
2. Start back at the gym
3. Follow week 1 of My Special K personalised diet plan (Next week I shall report my thoughts and results)
4. Engage in a whole stack of weight loss hypnotherapy and some early nights!

Can you tell I love a Monday and a new start?!

What does this new week bring you?

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  1. Hi Lucy! I was thinking of trying the special k diet too. Curious to see how it works for you. Here's to fresh starts! Thankfully, we can have as many as we like.

  2. This week I am building good habits both in health and home.
    I wish you all success with your goals.

  3. Mondays are great like that :)

  4. Go Lucy, good luck to all in their weight loss endeavours for the New Year- I'm 21 kilos down from July last year with about 10 to go!

  5. I am all over the ThinkSlim book right now, Lucy (thanks to you!). I'm trying to be more mindful in my eating and, to be honest, stop eating like a fat person and start eating like a thin person. Seems to be working a bit for me so far. Good luck with your goals!

    And to all the weight-loss gals out there: this is our year. Right now.


  6. Organisation is not my strongest point, so that is one aspect of my life that needs a lot of improvement. So far so good, yesterday saw my ironing "caught up", fresh sheets and grocery shopping done with some healthy meals planned for the coming week. Holidays are great, but it's nice to be home.

  7. I've commenced day one of my healthy eating and excercise plan today too! Weighed myself this morning and I actually felt relieved to finally know how bad the holidays were (not quite as bad as I thought) and so now I'm looking forward to weighing in next week to see my results. Best of luck and keep inspiring :-)

  8. You're not fat. You're magnificent. So what, you ate some chips? Did you enjoy them? When your sprogs are all grown up, and you're remembering your holidays with them as little kids, will you remember what you ate on that holiday? Pfft. Chips. You're beautiful. OK?

  9. This new week brings a visit t the Nutritionist for an extra boost and some accountability that I've been lacking. Looking forward to a good start to the year.
    Chips are a must for a family road trip, so don't beat yourself up too much.

  10. This month is all about making exercise a habit, and so far so good. Next month is making healthy eating a habit. I'm not looking forward to that one. There are so many conflicting ideas about what is healthy to eat. I've always been a fan of Weight Watchers, but then there's low-carb, now there's no-sugar, and a new one high fat-no sugar, or is that the same one? I'm so confused. :-S

    I've signed up with Special K, but will look at it more closely in a couple of weeks when my eating habit changes begin.

  11. Welcome home Lucy, and I think you are writing for so many of us. It's really hard as mums to eat ideally when away and, as I just had, when people are staying... actually I find it hard in the school holidays altogether as I am feeding so many hungry mouths all day long.

    But like you, not having fits about it, just accept... went back to gym yesterday for first time this year, it felt great.

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  13. I started my new program tomorrow. Hard core but so very needed! Good luck. I am right there with you x

  14. Right there with you Lucy. x


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx