Monday, 23 January 2012

Diet Road Test Result!

Last week saw me road test he My Special K personalised eating and exercise plan.

Cost: $0
How? Online.
Variety: Huge variety of foods. The My Special K site asks you to personalise your profile, which I did, and it gave me a weeks worth of menus (as well as a shopping list) which made life very easy. The kids and the lovely husband and I all ate off the menu and so all ate the same, which was great. This meant we deviated from our usual fare, which was great for all of us - I was nicely surprised at some of the really interesting meals that the kids happily ate. The foods and meal plans are low calorie, wholesome, non-processed choices. A wide variety of all foods.
Ease: Easy to stick to, easy to eat.
Did I have to eat nothing but Special K? Nope. Any wholegrain low fat low sugar cereal would do!
Exercise? Yes, daily. (I did two gym sessions and a swim and walked the other days.
Hunger levels/feelings of deprivation? None. I did fancy a glass of wine on Saturday night, so I had one. This is probably the only time I deviated.
Results: I lost 1.4kg (And yes, I am happy about that!) and 8cm all over.
Would I/Could I stick to it? Yes

So there you have it!

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  1. Good on you for your loss Lucy :-) Well Done! I think the special K challenge is great and easy as well.

  2. So good to read this. I have seen the ads and been considering it. Have just signed up. Thank you for the push I needed.

  3. Such exciting news, glad to hear it is going well!

    I looked at it, but since it didn't have wheat free, dairy free, nut free, soy free and fish free options, plus my daughter can't have tomato...I just quietly closed the page and wandered away.

    Great for non allergenics, though!

  4. Woot! That sounds do-able.

  5. Congratulations to you! I'm just starting out on my journey to a lighter me. It's good to read blogs like yours for inspiration! Sharon

  6. That sounds just perfect.
    Well done on your loss too.
    (It's not often we congratulate instead of sympathise with someone's loss - feels weird!!)

  7. thats so awesome! im gonna have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

    Come visit my blog :
    See you there!

  8. Sucking on my protein shake, it sounds just great! Move that ticker along dear Lucy. Another one down. Yay you! x

  9. woohoo! congrats - it sounds like an excellent first week ;)

  10. Congrats. Great result. Love that your family is embracing the meal plan.

  11. Go you Lucy. Fantastic that the whole family eats the meals, as often that's the tricky part.

  12. You look great Lucy, full of life and fun. Sounds great to have a food plan made for you that suits the family. I am on a mission to get my two fussy ones better at trying new good stuff.

    But hubby is a lost cause, skinny vegetarian who needs bulk carbs, fats and protein. Felafel and wraps for him tonight, not for me!!

  13. Good for you. For me? I am allergic to most cereals.

  14. Congrats! Being not hungry I think is the key for most people!


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