Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Just keep swimming...

It seems that there are all sorts of dramas going on on the internet at the moment.I am largely oblivious.
Dare I say it, I do not want to expend valuable energy on my computer screen. I'd rather spend the energy on my real world.

I am working, writing, and organising a family Christmas. I choose to be involved, truly involved, in these (perhaps superficial?) activities, preferring such simple pleasures to drama.

I have been writing Christmas cards, listening to cheesy Christmas pop songs, taking the kids to Swim and Survive lessons at the local pool, sunbathing and eating hot chips.

I have written about my love of the local pool before. We are spending all this week at the pool. Best plan ever to ensure tired but blissfully happy and sun soaked children. Lexie's hair turns blonder by the day, Olivia's freckles spread adorably across her nose, and Charlie swam 50m unassisted today and I have never seen him more proud of himself. We have played mermaids and sharks and a lot of floating like star fish and had some very very happy days, with more to come. (And more hot chips and icy poles too...)

This evening the lovely husband and I indulged in a little Christmas cheer in the form of some strong English cider whilst we wrapped Christmas pressies, all ready.

I am panicking over the size of the turkey that we need to cook, and the fact that we go on holidays the day after Boxing days o what will we do with the leftovers.

And the kids? The biggest thing they worry about? Bubble bubble breath and the colour of their swim goggles. There is wisdom in their youth.

That is all.

Hope you and yours are having a good start to Christmas?

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  1. Turkey left overs are easy - what you don't eat, pop in the freezer for when you get home. Your days by the pool sound lovely :)

  2. We have a local pool summer and winter and I am sorry to say I have not been in it at least 5 years. this is the year of the pool.

  3. Your love of the pool leads me to believe you do not have the "Marco Polo" game in Australia.

    If not, don't ask, just count your blessings!

    Merry Christmas

    Cranky Old Man

  4. I keep getting my bubble arm and my breathing arm mixed up ... lots of spluttering going on here.
    Love this post. :)

  5. Love your water babies and words of wisdom. xx

  6. Like Mrs BC - leftovers in the freezer.

    Sounds like you are enjoying your holidays so far. Merry Christmas and drive safely when you go away.

  7. I took my boys to the pool last Wednesday with a friend of mine and her boys. After a year of only having swimming lessons and no play time, they had lost their ability to play.

    They hung around us constantly, and finally once we mums got out of the pool, they found their groove again and played happily for the rest of the time. Apparently it was the mums who were cramping their style. :)

  8. Lucy - you always have your head screwed on right.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. There are dramas on the Internet? I've totssly missed them! We love the pool too. I havent got as much online as I hoped but Like you, I'm busy living in the real world. Dory rocks...

  10. Internet drama's? I'm thankfully oblivious to those :)
    I have great memories of our local pool as a child, even when we had our own pool I prefered to go to the local! Go figure!

    I'm secretly stressing about the Turkey too. I do every year and mostly it is fine. Just part of the build up!

  11. Agree, swim away from the drama!!


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