Sunday, 20 November 2011

Scars remind me that the past is real...♫♫

Well, actually, stretch marks remind me that my past pregnancies and my past jelly belly were real...

And scars too.

I have scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, as well as dehydrated skin .
I was going to get all brave and take snaps of my stretch marks, but to be honest, who needs to look at that as they read my blog over their morning coffee?

But I do have a scar on my leg which I hate.

We are coming up to summer and I live in shorts.

And my scar annoys me. It is red, but does not tan, so in summer when my legs go brown, it stays pale but red and, well, just...noticiable. (The scar is from a fall from July 2009 - over two years ago, that became infected. Nice. Not.)

So I decided to complete my own 28 day trial of the "clinically proven"  Busby Pure Tissue Oil.

I was sent some Busby Pure Tissue Oil to trial. I could think of no better use for it, for me, for my leg scar. (I am cheerfully resigned to the stretch marks and the wrinkles...)

Cheaper than a dermatologist appointment or plastic surgery Busby Natural Oil retails at only $17.95 for 100ml. Available at most pharmacies nationwide - just call 1800 655 841 for stockists.

It smells divine - so I have used it as a body lotion on my legs, rather than a medicinal style cream or oil. It doesn't feel greasy and it comes in a pump pack. It contains only naturally derived oils, and no petrochemicals. It's actually really lovely to use, on my legs and on my arms.

And the results?

See for yourselves - here are the before and after shots:

It's a bit tricky to really see the massive difference - taking a snap of my own leg at the best angle is hard enough! But there has been more improvement in appearnace in one month than there has been in the previous two years. I have used another brand of oil before - it did nothing. The Busby oil has most definately made a dramatic improvement. More than enough evidence for me to continue using it.

I have another five 100ml bottles of Busby Pure Tissue Oil to give away. All you need to do is make sure you are following my blog, and leave me a comment telling me why you need to try this liquid gold. Winner will be chosen this time next week.

Open to Australian residents only, and the winner will be picked by

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  1. Sometimes I think the universe is sending me messages! I have a scar on my arm from my last pregnancy - I put my arm through a farm fence to close a gate to stop an errant goat from getting me and caught it (my arm) on the only spiky thing on the whole darn fence. It didn't look like much, just a little scratch, but clearly the combo of scarring easily and pregnancy have now left me with a scar. I want it gone! Or at the very least a bit faded!

  2. This sounds great!
    I would love to try it on the scar thats on my finger from jamming it in the car door a long long time ago!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I had two moles removed from my chin two years ago - they were large and "bulge-y"(?) of them got infected, and I've never been able to reduce the scar that was left...I find even make-up doesn't cover it up - and I hate wearing foundation anyway, I think I'd like to give this a try...even if I don't win your giveaway.
    Very impressed with your leg!

  4. Oh my! What a massive difference!!
    I'd love some to try out. I have an appendectomy scar on my stomache that is 3 finger widths long and very noticeable. You can still see the little dots from where the stiches were and I had this operation 17 years ago!
    It's insane.

  5. I am not so cheerfully resigned to my stretch marks! Does it work on them??
    Anyway, one of my daughters has a nasty scar from a hip replacement operation so I'd love to give her some to try. She's still a young person so it would be nice for her to feel more comfortable being seen in the summer.

  6. I have a bucket load of the stretchies. I don't hate them because they have meaning and purpose - but I'd like to cheer them up a bit :)

  7. I would love to try this Oil. My 15 year old daughter had reconstructive surgery on her legs when she was 4 & has some pretty wicked looking scars that she is embarrassed to show. I'd love to see if the oil could fade them...even just a little! :)

  8. Oh wow, I have a few scars and marks I would try this on. I have a really bad scar from a botched mole removal I would use this on first.

  9. My skin is a hazard zone. I need this to cover all my horrible scars

  10. I have so many scars I lost count and as for the stretch marks on my stretch marks!! My daughter 15 has lots of stretch marks already on her hips from a big growth spurt at11 she has tried the other oil with no benefit maybe this would work for her??

  11. Currently 38. Weeks pregnant.... Stretch marks are here and I would love to try this product !

  12. Lucy, I'm gonna need a barrel full. Can you tell me where you can buy this stuff from. I will go get some to save my vanity.

    Leave me out of the giveaway please. Sounds like there are many more deserving people out there.


  13. Great work on the diminishing scar! I don't have too many scars - only an old tattoo but I don't think this product would work on that :-)

  14. I have an awful raised scar on left my arm after a biopsy went wrong (they cut away too much of my skin, and when they tried to stitch it up, the wound didn't heal, resulting in a swollen, itchy, red scar.) I am currently using a silicone based gel from the pharmacy which is so expensive, $60 for a tiny tube, but it isn't effective at all. I am very paranoid about the scar and wear long sleeves even in warm weather. I would love this product to give me back my confidence. Thankyou for the opportunity.

  15. Would love to try this. My daughter has extensive scarring from multiple ops. Have tried so many things with limited success. Your leg looks great!

  16. I heard this product is great for scar healing and did clinical trials. Would love to try it for a scar on my chin. Had a terrible fall from the bike last year. Everyone makes fun of me saying if the scar was the be on my forehead, I could be Harry Potter! lol!

  17. From the comments this oil will become very popular. I would love to win it to help heal tiny bite marks I have on my lower legs from tiny ticks that live in the grass and crawl up until they reach some resistance and then they dig in and itch like hell. It is a strong woman who can stop scratching them. Aloe Vera will sometimes stop the itching!

  18. Years ago while working in a kitchen i burned the side of my face taking a tray out of an oven at face height. Its not a huge scar but its definitely there all those years later. I would love to try this on it.

  19. My spider veins would definitely appreciate this!!

  20. Thank you for posting this article, I had not heard of Busby Pure Tissue Oil. I would like to try some, it is hard to imagine anything diminishing ugly scarring but it is definitely worth a try.

  21. I volunteered for a service called 'Flood Aid' to help Victorians who suffered badly from the floods this year, but when I was helping out on a farm, I stuck my arm through a barbed wire fence and cut myself real bad. Now it looks like I'm a 'cutter'. I really need something to get rid of the scars!!!

  22. I would love to win this for my daughter, lahni. She's a teenager at the moment, but she had pyloric stenosis when she was a baby. As a result she had an operation but her scar has never faded. It's coming into summer and I would love to give her this to try so she can be confident to step out in a bikini. Thank you and good luck!

  23. Aren't stretch marks a drag! I have stretch marks in places I don't care to mention! I can't see them but I know they are their, lol. Doesn't make me feel so sexy, that's for sure!

  24. I would like to try this product because I have bad strech marks on most of my body due to losing weight quickly.

  25. I honestly have a stretch mark in the shape of Devil Horns above my belly button from the skin stretching where my belly ring was... I am so self conscious of it and my partner constantly laughs at it, it's horrible.

    It was the ONLY stretch mark I got from being pregnant yet it is ugly enough for me to never be able to wear a bikini ever again :(

    I would love to try this oil and see if it could fade it a bit.. I currently use Bio Oil and it hasn't done a thing!

    Thankyou for the opportunity!

  26. I'd love to be scar-less and maybe I can try it out on my age spots too... :-)

  27. I'd like to try this on my stretch marks which I got when I put on weight quickly.

  28. I would so like to try this oil! It would look amazing on my skin in sunshine!

  29. I would gift it to my mum - she's just had a thyroid operation and has a hideous scar on her neck - she needs to look after it so it reduces asap.

  30. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Thanks for the post.

    Scar Treatment

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