Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mad for it...

You know that feeling you get when you close a book on characters that you have fallen in love with? Characters that you know intimately? Real characters with flaws but you adore them anyway? Characters that have developed, traits that have emerged, histories that have unfurled, personalities that have evolved?

That is how I occasionally feel about some TV shows too. (I cried when The West Wing ended.)

The lovely husband and I have just finished watching, again, all four series of Mad Men. A drama about one of New York's most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm's most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives. (Don Draper, you are my creative hero...)

The series, aside from being brilliant drama about the advertising world it's infancy, is also an enlightening snapshot of all sorts of social issues from our recent history. Smoking, the role of women in the home and in the office, homosexuality, race...all depicted wonderfully.

Last night was the final episode of season four of Mad Men for us. Until I get the next series in my hand, I almost feel as if I am grieving. (Season five is currently in production. It feels like a long long time between drinks.)

I know that, based on my Twitter stream that I am not alone in my adoration of all things Maddison Avenue, Jonn Hamm and Christina Hendricks.

So for the next few months I shall wait, until the next series is released. I shall work my inner Joan Holloway.

Tell me, are there any other brilliant dramas out there? If I love Mad Men and West Wing, what else would you recommend?

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  1. LOVE Mad Men. I've started watching series 1 again: makes ironing tolerable.
    Breaking Bad is probably the best show ever made (will blow your mind!) BUT you must have a strong stomach. It is FULL ON. It doesn't have the class of Mad Men (it's about a chemistry teacher with cancer who turns into a crystal meth drug dealer), but it will leave you hanging.
    United States of Tara; Big Love; these are all great shows, and probably available at your video store.

  2. I don't think we have had Mad Men in the UK, but I have seen the West Wing. My all time favourite has to be Desperate Housewives. It is TV icecream, bad but delicious,
    Wordsmith x

  3. Oh West Wing... I think for me it's time to watch it all gain from the very beginning, I love that show.

    I love Dexter. Love. And am currently watching Breaking Bad. Downton Abbey is heavenly, I just wish they made more episodes per series. On a less high note, I do love True Blood! Vampires... what's not to like :)

  4. I confess that I have yet to watch Mad Men. I know. I started it at one stage but then got distracted by long nights of writing and haven't gone back. My great love is The Wire, though my husband is dragging out the viewing to such an extent I've almost forgotten what it's about. I am liking the look of The Hour. The skinny journalist guy is good TV. And you know how much I love Gene Hunt, Kevin et al.

  5. I'm a huge Mad Men fan too - I channelled Joan for my wedding but added a bit of a california vibe. breaking bad is very cool, as is OZ - but Oz is pretty hard core,a very scary look at humanity!

  6. We haven't watched Mad Men yet either. We have series 1 here on DVD ready to go so we must get to it. I have heard soooo much good stuff about it.
    My favourite recently is 'The Good Wife' I can't get enough and I am still in withdrawals after the last season ended. Next one not due to start until next year here. :(

  7. I have yet to watch the show..... Heard it was very worthy... Looks interesting...


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